My Colourpop Collection (so far)

So I've had a week off work and thought I'd put my free time to good use and write a post talking about some Colourpop goodies I've picked up in the past month or so. Colourpop is starting to become my go to brand right now, if you know the brand then you'll know how inexpensive it is. It does make me wonder why some more expensive brands are pretty basic and boring with a higher price tag compared to Colourpop who produce fab quality stuff at a low price to suit everyone.

It's pretty expensive getting Colourpop shipped to the UK, with postage costs and custom fees on top it does add up and can end up costing a bomb. I much prefer buying my items off Depop from UK sellers that have had it shipped to them, yes the price does end up being a little higher than the converted RRP of the products but once you take the postage, customs & royal mail handling fees into consideration it's not that bad. I managed to bag some good deals on everything I own so far. 

When ordering directly from the website you will have to add 20% of the order total onto the checkout price and a £8.20 Royal Mail handling fee aswell.

Buying from sellers online can be dodgey but I always make sure the condition is good and that the seller has proof of postage from Colourpop aswell just to prove authenticity. It's a much cheaper way of getting some US products easily, you can find anything from Kylie Cosmetics to Wet and Wild on Depop but do make sure the seller is genuine and has lots of positive reviews to back them up aswell.


Eyeshadow Pallet

Eyeshadows are a fairly new release from Colourpop so I was interested to see how well they perfom compared to some of my favourites brands like Morphe and Anastasia Beverly Hills, both are from different ends of the price spectrum but both still amazing. 

The pallet I decided to give a go first was the Double Entendre pallet, packed full of warm neutrals and metallics which is my ideal colour pallet, placed nicely into rose gold packaging with the names of each shadow printed on the back of the box and on the pallet aswell.  I just can't stear away from these sort of tones.  

On first impressions I was surpised at the size of the pallet, I don't know why but I was expecting the pallet to be bigger than what it is. I was thinking the pans were going to be more Morphe size but in reality they are more comparable to MAC Cosmetic shadows but actually I don't mind the size, I prefer it because it is the perfect size to travel with and it's pretty hard to get through a whole pallet. I've had a Morphe pallet for a few years now, using one particular shade nearly every day and I've only just hit pan on it so size isn't the issue, especially with a low price point of $16. 

All the mattes, satins and metallics really pack a punch with pigment but with that comes fall out and kick up in the pallet. Not something I really mind but it can be messy. The formula blends nicely, they are rich and buttery and the colours work really well together but also work nicely with other pallets I have too. 

I'm a sucker for rose gold packaging so that makes me love the pallet even more.

Whether I want a simple neutral eye, or a more warm smokey look then this is the pallet I reach for. I would 100% recommend their shadows and already have the Dream St in collaboration with Kathleen Lights & the Give it to Me Straight pallet on my wishlist. 

$16 converted £11.41. 
I paid £18 including postage.

Lippie Stix

These Colourpop lippies are becoming some of my favourites in terms of formula and pigment, leaving me lusting after more in my collection. I even featured them in my latest Current Beauty Favourites post.

I have the shades Lumiere which was created by Kathleen Lights, one of my favs from Youtube, it's described as a dusty mauve rose but on me it has more of a purple/mauve tone but still very pretty and also Brink which caught my eye while browsing swatches one day, described as a terracotta rose. It's also my everyday go to shade right now. Both are very wearable, pigmented & comfortable and I think would suit every skin tone out there, very versatile.

When it comes to lipsticks I will always reach for a matte formula over any other, I think they suit me best and me being utterly lazy most of the time, I'd rather something that will stay put longer so I don't have to touch up a million times in a day or have to worry about product smearing all over my face with a creamy or glossy formula.

I can't fault how amazing Colourpop's matte formula feels & looks on me, they aren't that overly drying matte that makes you look like you need a pint of water or two. Very creamy, all their mattes are infused with shea butter, vitamin E, mango & avacado (this makes application a dream) but still stays put for a really long time, especially if I take time to prep my lips properly with a lip scrub and lip liner for extra wear time. 

I really love the sleek, simplistic packaging and the gorgeous cake scent makes application that little bit more enjoyable. I need to venture into more colours to add to my ever growing collection because these really are lovely and a stand out Colourpop product for me.  

All lippies are paraben & sulphate free. 
$5.50 each converted £3.92. Bargain.
I paid £5-£6 

Lippie Pencil

Just like the Lippie Stix formula, the lip pencils are just as creamy and comfortable to wear. They are meant to be sharpened which I kinda don't like, I much prefer retractable liners just because it's easier and no mess but that's the only down side I have. 

I have the colours, Brink which matches the lipstick mentioned above, the colour is exactly the same so not much to say about that one and also Bichette which is described as a deepened red but I find it more of a bold red/purple colour on my lips, still lovely & pairs well with every red lipstick I have. I don't wear reds TOO often, but when I do a red lipliner is a must to get the perfect outline so it doesn't look messy and uneven.

These create the best sharp lines without feathering and makes each lipstick last longer too, it feels weightless on the lips and the pigment is incredible so I can even get away with wearing these without anything on top. 

$5 each converted £3.57. 
I paid £5-£6


Blotted Lip

The blotted lip is my most recent purchase and I love just popping this on really quickly and chucking it in my bag for the day. These aren't as pigmented as the lippie stix, they are a sheer matte formula but there is by far enough pigment to get a even wash of colour to the lips. 

I have the colour Sucker which is described as a soft coral, and it is exactly that. Perfect for everyday and it is one I am reaching for more and more. You can apply very little for a subtle wash of colour or it is builadble for a more intense colour without looking or feeling heavy. 

It is matte in formula, I personally find it pulls at my lips a little when I apply it, I often use a lip balm before any matte lip though so it doesn't bother me. 

Throughout the day it can fade but it doesn't turn patchy or flakey on the lips, it leaves a lovely stain to the lips so I can get away without having to reapply in a hurry, but if I do want to reapply then it is so easy to pop back on and it doesn't turn heavy or chunky. I can't fault the blotted lips, I need more!

I find the blotted lips very comparable to the Glossier Generation G lipsticks in formula and packaging is quite similar too.

$5 converted £3.57. 
I paid £6 including postage.

Super Shock Highlights

Colourpop's highlights have always been my most wanted product for sooo long and I am so pleased I finally have some in my collection to play with. Again, Kathleen Lights is the one who made me want to try these so bad & you can also find them mentioned in my Current Beauty Favourites post.

I am quite fair and struggle to find highlighters that suit my skintone without leaving streaks on my skin or looks too dark, I also don't like overly blinding highlighters either. I have the shades Smoke N Whistles & Lunch Money. Both are quite similar in colour but Smoke N Whistles has a slight more pink tone to it compared to Lunch Money which is a little bit more champagne.

If you don't like glittery highlighters and prefer a sheen to the skin then this is the product for you. The formula is so strange though, its like a powder but cream at the same time? Really moussey and buttery in consistancy which I haven't tried before in a highlight. 

With application I prefer using a Beauty Blender to apply to my cheeks for a sheer, everyday glow but if you want a little bit more intensity then using a dense brush or your fingers is a great way to build it up. If you want an even more blinding glow and to be 'seen from space' like they say, then this works really well with a powder highlight applied on top for high impact. 

The formula doesn't interfer with my base and is just naturally stunning on the cheeks, finally I've found my go to highlighter that suits me perfectly! Mixing them both together looks really pretty on the skin too.

$8 converted £5.71 
I paid £5-£8 including postage.

My Colourpop collection is forever growing these days and I'm excited to try more from their range, especially their new LUX lipsticks.. They look stunning!

Have you tried Colourpop before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading,