Current Beauty Favourites | February 2018

Hey guys! Me again. Yet again I have been a rubbish blogger and haven't published a blog post in a couple of months but I am back and ready to tell you all some of my favourite beauty products I have been loving lately. 

It took me ages to cut down my big ol' list of product loves but some how I managed to slim it down abit.

Keep on reading to hear about some of my favourites from the past couple of months..

Colourpop Brink Lippie Stix & Lippie Pencil

I've had the Brink Lippie Stix from Colourpop in my collection for a while now but as a beauty lover I am forever buying new stuff and neglecting the old ones I already own, which is already enough for one person to have! I just can't help myself, I'm not the only one though right

I dug it out of my stash and fell back in love, so much so I have ordered more Colourpop goodies from eyeshadow pallets to highlighters. I will have a whole haul post about that abit later so keep an eye out for that one.

The formula is creamy but matte. Not drying at all and I have to say, the staying power of these guys are pretty amazing. So comfortable and the pigment is spot on. Glides on smoothly and even when the formula does start to fade throughout the day, it looks great. None of that flakey, patchy mess we all hate. 

The colour differs from person to person but on me it's a gorgeous rosey, mauve shade, perfect for everyday wear.

As for the lip liner to go along with the lippie, again it is very creamy and helps the formula last even longer. I think the pencil helps to make the lippie stix look alot nicer when it's faded too. 

Retails for $5.50/$5 converted £3.90/£3.55

Nars Soft Matte Concealer

This concealer seems to be the only one I reach for these days, even over my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection which has never steared me wrong & was always my go to when I need abit more coverage. I use the lightest shade, Chantilly and it matches perfectly.

I always try keep away from pot concealers, I tend to think they are too drying on the skin and makes me look 20 years older than I am but with the Nars one, not the case what so ever. 

The formula is so creamy which makes blending effortless, I apply it with a flat concealer brush then blend out with a beauty blender. I was so surprised to see how much this smoothed out my skin, making it look poreless and flawless. Coverage is fantastic, I suffer with breakouts & scarring often and this helps so much to cover that and gives me that little bit more confidence in my skin. 

A little goes a long way too, not much is needed at all to conceal my many blemishes and imperfections. Need to get my butt in gear and order another one before this one finishes, I can't be without this in my collection. 

Retails for £24

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub

Being in winter has those harsh effects on my skin but not only that, my lips start to suffer ALOT! I have to exfoliate my lips pretty much every other day or they get so cracked and flakey, not a good look for someone that loves to wear a matte lipstick on a day to day basis.

My go to used to be the Lush bubblegum lip scrub but it seems to have gone for a walk about. I decided to go for something different and while scrolling about on Beauty Bay I came across the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrubs. 

The packaging is what drew me in to begin with, pink and sparkly? What's not to love?! Not to mention all the scrummy flavours he has to offer. I went for the Lemon Icebox Cookies from his holiday collection which smells and tastes exactly like lemon drizzle cake. Yum!! 

It's more of a harsh scrub compared to the Lush one but I find this works so much better for me, makes my lips feel so smooth but not irritated which is the perfect prep before applying lip products and the pot is huge too! You get 30g of scrub which is amazing, this is going to last me ages. 

Retails for £12

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter

One of my favourite Youtuber's, Kathleen Lights talks about the Colourpop highlighters all the time and I have always wanted to give them a go from her recommendation. 

I was browsing on Depop and found quite a few sellers that sell Colourpop products which are all genuine and quite affordable. I took full advantage and came up with a 'wishlist' of products I really wanted to try. Super shock Highlighters being at the top of the list.  

Colourpop is a US brand so with that comes high postage and custom fees to get it sent to the UK. Ordering from UK based sellers seemed the best way to go. Obvously, I had proof of postage from the sellers to make sure it's legit.

I honestly can't get over how amazing these highlights look and feel on the skin. The formula is like a powder but cream at the same time, so smooth and buttery. Nothing like I've tried before.

I use a Beauty Blender to apply the product to the skin but you can use your fingers or a dense brush aswell, all depends on how intense you want it. The formula isn't glittery or sparkly in any way, more of a soft sheen. The shade I have is Smokin' Whistles and It really does look stunning on my pale skin, it is a soft pinkish champagne colour? (I'm pants at describing colours.) I also have Lunch Money on the way too.

Using a Beauty Blender gives a subtle glow, perfect for everyday but the formula builds up really easily for a more intense appearance on the skin if that's what you prefer. Would 100% recommend if you hate glitter and the fall out you can get with powder formulas. 

Retails for $8 converted £5.70. I paid £7 for Smokin' Whistles including postage & £5 including postage for Lunch Money.

Too Faced Hangover Primer

The cold weather has really took a toll on my skin, usually my skin type is combination but lately it's turned so dry, making my makeup look dry and cakey so it certainly needs a little help when it came to applying makeup.

Last year I picked up this travel sized Too Faced primer from but never thought much of it since my skin type didn't REALLY need it, the hype made me buy it, now I am so glad I did.

The consistancy is like a thin lotion which smells faintly of coconuts (it is infused with coconut water.). It feels so smooth and hydrating on my skin providing the best base for my foundation. It dries down a little bit tacky so that makes my foundation cling to it abit better and has proven it makes a difference in longevity. 

My skin never looks dry when I use this along with my #1 foundation, Revlon Colorstay. If I skip using this primer in my routine then I really notice a difference in appearance and how long my makeup lasts throughout the day. 

I love that even though it's a travel size, the packaging is still the same with a pump which is great for sanitary purposes and ease of use. I believe the 20ml travel size is only available in the US which sucks but I need to get my hands on the full size ASAP, woth the money 100%.

Retails for $15 converted £10.69 (travel size) or £27 (full size)

Glamglow Supermud Mask

If you have problem skin, prone to breakouts like me then this is the mask you need in your life. Whenever my skin is looking angry from eating way too much sugar or it's that pesky time of the month, then this is the mask I turn to for a quick fix. 

I like using this best as a spot treatment. I just pop a little bit on each blemish, go to sleep with it on and the next day the redness and inflamation of my spots has reduced so much. Works so well with those horrid under the skin spots too, y'no those really sore, hard boil like bumps that haven't appeared yet...Perfect for them!

I've gone through so many Glamglow masks which is abit of a sting to the bank balance but I feel it's so worth it. You can get travel size versions of all the masks though which cost £16 each or you can find them for cheaper from independent sellers if you don't want to pay the full size price and try before you buy. The hydrating mask in the blue tub (ThirstyMud) works amazing alongside this also.

Retails for £42 for 50g

What products are you loving so far in 2018? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading,