Finding the perfect glasses with Glasses Direct

Hey everyone, today I am writing a post for all my fellow spectacle wearing folks out there that like me, struggle to find glasses suited to them. This is a lengthy one so make yourself comfortable.

**The glasses I ended up getting were gifted to me by the company but this in no way reflects my experience or opinions.**

Firstly, I have pretty bad eye sight that seems to get worse each year. Personally I don't like wearing glasses, I don't like the expense that comes with it and I don't enjoy the process of eye tests as well as the struggle of finding frames that suit my face shape and getting the correct size for my rather petite face, which believe me is a nightmare!

So for me, having a good set of stylish glasses is the perfect way to make good out of a bad situation.

I spend a fortune on glasses, although having bad eye sight is something I can't control, it can get quite pricey. Typically I spend between £100 - £200 on glasses each time my prescription is renewed so I have been on the market to find a cheaper alternative than what the high street has to offer. 

I've had so many people recommend different places and websites to try but the most common was Glasses Direct. I've seen their adverts on TV so I decided to look abit more into what they have to offer.

Researching on the website I was surpised to see how much they had to offer, a huge variety of designers ranging from Ray Ban, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo and a ton more, with their home brand Glasses Direct on offer too at a more affordable price. 

The website has a range of tools under the 'Help Me Choose' bar at the top of the page to make your choice abit easier which I used myself to help me decide what would be best for me. Follow the links below to learn more..

First thing that intrigued me was the 7 day free trial, something I feel like all retailers should jump on! It's a great way to try on frames at home with different hair styles and makeup looks to see what suits best (yes, I did this.) You can pick up to 4 frames to try (as long as they qualify for the trial) for free but you must return within 7 days or you could be charged. 

Before I chose which frames to trial I used the Virtual Try On & Best Fit Machine features which was a huge help to me.. 

With the virtual try on you just use your webcam on your computer to snap a clear picture of your face and then you can easily select glasses on the site to try on so you can see what they would look like on you personally rather than a model. I did have to do a couple of attempts to get the position right but overall I think this was a good idea. 

Virtual Try On - Aspire frames.

The best fit section is where you input the measurments of your current glasses (if you have them) to find frames the same size or the closest match. For me this was a very important feature since I do struggle with sizing and the Ted Baker glasses I currently own is a pretty good fit for me and I needed something the same or very similar. The measurements can be found on the inside of the arm of your glasses and should have 7 numbers (lens diameter, bridge width & arm length), my current ones are 52-15-135. Sadly nothing on the website was an exact match to what I have but I did find a few styles that were only a few mm off. 

After using these features I had a number of pages worth of options for me, personally I like the cat eye style, a style that I currently have and feel like suits me well. I am always getting compliments so that must mean others think so too, so I decided to stick with what I know althought that did slim my options quite alot. 

After having a good browse, I found 4 pairs I would like to try and added it to my trial list. After placing my order it was at my door within 2 days, I was surpised at how quick they arrived and it was completely free. I could tell that the frames I chose were tested quite alot with other people because the clear lenses were quite scratched and the arms were abit stretched too so I had to look past this and remember the frames I would choose would be a more tight fit and not scratched. Not a big deal.

Below are the 4 I tried so I will talk more about how I felt on each pair and include images but right off the bat I have to say the pairs with more plastic do feel more cheap and flimsy but honestly that is something I expected. After a couple of days I decided on the pair I liked best, following advice from friends and family too and popped the trial back in the post, within 2 days Glasses Direct had received my order back and emailed me to confirm. I can't fault them on service.  

(please excuse the poor quality of photos, lighting hasn't been the best and my camera isn't working its best. waaah.)

London Retro - Chelsea Red/Havana - £89

The first pair I came across were these gorgeous Chelsea glasses by London Retro. I loved the style, the colours and the shape. This style comes in a range of colours.. Black, phoenix and the colour I had to get was red/havana. (some frames don't let you choose a colour to trial)

Sadly this pair was way too big for my face, the worst fitting out of the 4 and they did feel cheap like I mentioned before. The colour wasn't suited to me either. 

If you don't have trouble with finding frames to fit you or you like the larger style, these might be a good match for you but for me this was a big flop but nevermind, still 3 more pairs to try..

London Retro - Piccadilly Horn - £89

The next pair I found was again by the brand London Retro in the style Piccadilly. These caught my eye the most out of the ones I chose, they are similar to the Chelsea style but a tad smaller in width. Not the exact fit but not far off what I need, I can work with it.

These come in a number of colours aswell.. black, gold, sunset and the option I went for, horn. I wouldn't say these were much of a cat eye style but I liked that they were still big but they didn't stick out too much at the sides like the Chelsea style did, making it a good fit for my small head.

I will admit that these did feel flimsy like the previous pair but still felt comfortable, light and I think they look the most flattering on me.

Aspire - Alana Purple - £69

Now this is a style I would never usually pick but they were the closet size match to the current glasses I own so I thought I would just give them a try. Aspire is a new brand to the site. They come in 3 colours.. Brown, navy and purple, I trialed the purple ones.

I did like these and the fit was the best out of the 4 but I felt these were abit too heavy to wear, I wasn't too keen on the metal purple colour they came in and also the top of the frame sat too low to my eyelids which felt annoying for me. 

They didn't look bad and like I said the fitting was great but not a style for me, if they had the Piccadilly style in this size then it would be perfect for me.

Scout - Alex Blush - £69

I have a pair of sunglasses in the same style as these Scout frames so I figured these would suit me well as a pair of everyday glasses but sadly I was disappointed because the fit wasn't right. 

As stunning as they are, and the colour is beautiful I found these were too wide for my face and the bridge was too big aswell. Such a shame because I found these the most comfortable to wear and the most flattering on my pale skin.  

They come in 2 colours, sorbet and blush which is the colour I tried. Both really pretty and unusual to what I have seen before. The quality felt nice and sturdy too.

After testing all the frames with my hair up and down, different makeup looks and different clothing to see what was best fitted, I decided to go with the London Retro Piccadilly glasses. Everybody I asked said these looked the best on me aswell. 

Thank you to the team at Glasses Direct for the glasses and the excellent service I received throughout. All I had to do was tell them my prescription and style I had picked. You would do the exact same when ordering online, it's so easy. Within 2 days I had my new glasses, much quicker than a high street store where you have to wait 7 days usually. Seriously, their customer service is incredible. I can't fault them.

London Retro Piccadilly Glasses

It's taking me a little getting used to since the frames are a little darker and different to what I previously had with my Ted Baker ones but I love the style I chose, just like when I trialed them they feel comfortable and easy to wear. My prescription is perfect aswell.

If like me you struggle with finding glasses to suit you and you want to make a decision in the comfort of your own home rather than being rushed in a store to pick some out then I would highly recommend taking a look into Glasses Direct and their free trial they have. As far as I know you can do the trial as many times as you like aslong as you return within 7 days to avoid charges. 

Glasses Direct often have discounts and offers on their website so it's worth taking a look to see what bargains and great deals you can get.

Current offers on the site:

2 pairs from £19

My experience with the company has been great, the prices are affordable and the service is fab. I am already looking for my next pair of sunglasses to match my new prescription I have. I'm so pleased I discovered Glasses Direct and will continue to use them. 

Have you tried Glasses Direct before? Or will you in the future? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading,