British Hair | Haircare review

It's that time again where I talk about how amazing and generous the owner at my go to hair salon is.. No matter what I can always trust the salon, Salonista Corby to provide and recommend the best products to suit my hair. Seriously, Stacey has never steared me wrong and I am forever grateful! If it wasn't for her my hair would probably be in ruins from damage since I get it coloured SO often. 

**These products were kindly gifted to me by the salon to try out and share my thoughts with you guys, all opinions are genuine and my own. 

This time round Stacey introduced me to a new brand, British Hair. Just like her previous recommendations: Olaplex, Innoluxe and Milkshake I have totally fell in love with everything I was gifted to try. (spoiler!)

Before I get onto the products I will start off with a little info about the brand..

British Hair is a vegan, cruelty free hair care brand that was founded by Simon Ostler & co-founded by Chris Watson who have both been in the industry for over 25 years and is used in professional salons and can also be purchased by consumers via their website 

They have patented something called Botani-Q complex and if I'm honest I don't completely understand what the complex is but from what I can see it is a mixture of different ingredients including:

Coconut Alkanes - A silicone alternative from coconut oil that leaves hair full of shine and gives a weightless feel.

Moringa Seed Extract -  Has botanical peptides from seeds of a Moringa tree that strenghtens hair and protects against heat and UV.

Quinoa - Repairs deep within the hair.

These ingredients create the perfect mix for well looked after, salon like hair in the comfort of your own home.

Now lets get onto the review of each product. I have been trying everything for about a month, probably abit longer now and I haven't been using any other haircare product alongside these. British Hair is the only thing touching my hair so I can give a fair opinion on each item..

This is pretty much a heat protecting cream that you use on towel dried hair. Like most products from British Hair this has the Botani-Q complex so it is great for protecting against heat, controlling frizz, keeps hair smooth and strong + more. I completely agree with all these claims.

I have the frizziest hair once blow dried, I'm talking Cher style! I find since using this creme along with the serum my hair has settled down alot and is far more easy to manage and maintain. 

The scent is like coconuts which I am obsessed with, makes me want to fly away to a tropical island (I can wish) but I do have one thing I hate about this product and it is the pump. You get very little product out with each pump, I literally have to do about 5/6+ pumps just to coat the bottoms of my hair so I think I will be going through this pretty quickly. I don't know if this is just a fault with my bottle or not but I'm not loving it.

The packaging in general is really nice with the union jack style to represent Britain, this is repetitive with every product.

I have been enjoying having this in my hair routine and it is way cheaper than some of the items I previously used so this is a big plus and will continue to purchase. 

Tbh I didn't really have any expectations for this shampoo, they all seem to be the same to me with the exception from my number 1 fav, Silver Shine by Milkshake, that stuff is fab if you have bleached hair like me.

After a few washes I have noticed my hair looking more tame with the added coconut scent leaving my hair smelling good enough to eat, not that I'd recommend doing that though. My hair does feel a tad more clean for longer compared to other cheaper brands I have used and the pro of more hydrated, healthy locks.

It's paraben and sulphate free, something I like to see in hair care products personally. Like most products from BH this has the Botani-Q complex ingredients but also aloe leaf juice to protect from moisture loss & wheat proteins for strength. All ingredients that my damaged, coloured hair craves.

The only down side I've found is that it doesn't lather up well, I know this means nothing but personally I love to feel my hair all soapy, makes me think it's being properly cleaned, I know that isn't the case but I do enjoy the feeling. Only a small con but the product itself suprised me and I am enjoying using it in my routine.

Ahh this is such a lovely mask, especially when it's used overnight. Like the shampoo, and most British Hair products it really helps control my frizzy mane. 

It is thick in consistency with the same coconut scent and Botani-Q complex benefits with added shea butter that helps massively with detangling and preventing breakage & vitamin B5 for added shine and hydration too. I find all these ingredients work so well with my hair type and I can see a big difference.

Whether it is used only for a few minutes (recommended up to 10 minutes) or overnight, the feeling of silky soft hair lasts for days after

If you're in the market for a new hair mask, check this one out.

Out of everything I have tried this is my favourite product, I use it every single day, multiple times a day! I can't put the stuff down and already have used half a bottle. gulp!

A little goes a very long way with this stuff, but I tend to go abit overboard but even so my hair doesn't look a greasy mess or feeling heavy when I do. 

Can be used on dry or wet hair, I tend to use a couple of drops on damp hair along with the Glory Creme then continue to blow dry, add abit more once dry before straightening and again to finish. I also apply it before bed and wake up with tangle free, shiny soft hair. Abit excessive but it works so well that I just can't help myself. 

This one doesn't have on the bottle about Botani-Q complex like the rest of the products but looking at the information online it seems to have some of the same ingredients like the coconut alkanes so I assume it does have those benefits.  Some other ingredients added include, macadamia seed oil, jojoba seed oil and meadowfoam seed oil.. All that protects hair against heat, adds shine and smoothness to the hair.

What I love most about the serum is the heat protection & humidity control it has, as you can probably tell by now since I repeat too much (sorry), my hair is prone to frizz and as soon as the heat hits me, my hair is a poofy state that can't be controlled but I've finally found something that does the trick. It gives a gorgeous shine to the hair when dry aswell without looking oily. 

Again, it does have a slight coconut scent but with this I do find there is a slightly more perfumed scent to it aswell, not too sure what it is but my god is smells beautiful.  

If I could have bucket loads of the stuff that would be great!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little review and maybe urged you to try some products yourself, if you have damged hair and looking for something nourishing with great ingredients that is also vegan and cruelty free then this brand is for you.

Thank you Stacey once again for gifting me these to try, you are the best! 

Thanks for reading