February Favourites | 2017

Hey all! I am back to share a quick beauty favourites post with you all from February but I have been using these products since around January & I have been playing around with more and more products so I have a hefty list of things I have been loving but I've decided to pick out my top 4 otherwise this post would end up a decade long and nobody wants that..

Thanks to Nikkie Tutorials on Youtube this has now become my all time favourite contour/bronzer brush. When she first showed it in one of her videos I was abit confused on why she was using a fan brush which is typically used for highlight as a bronzer brush but after seeing how effortless and quick it was I knew I had to have it. 

It has goat hair bristles which makes it so soft and fluffy, perfect size to contour with and blends out any powder product beautifully. If I want a really sculpted look to the skin or just a quick bronze all over this is the best brush to do the job.

Every other bronzer brush I own has well and truly taken a back seat for now. 
ps. Excuse the state of the brush, I've become so lazy with washing my makeup brushes!

I'm sure you all know this has had sooo much hype in the beauty community over the years and I finally jumped on the bandwagon to see what all the fuss was about. What made me bite the bullet and splurge £29 on a face powder was from the recommendation Nikkia Joy gave on Youtube when she classed this as one of the best powders for oily skin.. 

I love the way this silky, translucent powder makes my skin feel. Very lightweight/non cakey and it makes my skin look poreless and almost perfect, even on the reallyyy bad days! I find it does a really good job of blurring imperfections so they don't look so noticable to the eye which is my biggest insecurity. 

To apply I find this is best used with a damp beauty blender, I usually just bake my face with it for a few minutes then using the same sponge I will just press all the powder into the skin and it gives a beautiful air brushed finish to my skin.

Although so many people have said it is great for oily skin, I don't think it makes much difference on my oily skin personally. Compared to all my other powders I find this controls my oil pretty much the same but it does keep my makeup in place for a good amount of time.

Purely for the finish it gives the skin this is a big favourite of mine since discovering it.

I have really been enjoying oils on my skin right now, I always thought having an oily skin type means you shouldn't use oil based products so I would always stay clear but I have recently learnt that I was wrong. Using oils actually helps balance out the sebum which can correct oily skin. 

My absolute favourite is this Liz Earle concentrate. I got mine in a Christmas gift set from Boots and it's only a 10ml rollerball but 3 months later and it is still half full, a little goes a long way! 

This oil is supposed to plump the skin and give a more youthful appearance and I totally agree, when I wake up the next morning my skin looks smooth, radiant and healthy thanks to the lovely ingredients of argan oil, rosehip oil, lavender, neroli oil, vitamin E & chamomile. My skin is very thankful for this little night time treat and the lavender scent really helps to relax me and settle down for the night. 

For such a small amount of product I do find this to be very expensive costing £21 for 10ml but I do think it is worth every penny.

If you are like me and struggle with breakouts and spots under the skin then I would say this is the treatment for you! 

The drying lotion does exactly what the name suggests, it dries out those pesky spots from developing further with Salicylic Acid and Calamine helping the process along.

I find this does such a good job of reducing the size of my spots and the redness aswell, it doesn't irritate my skin but it shouldn't be used on broken skin..That really hurts! I use this mainly as a night time treatment.

Since this is a drying lotion I do see my skin becoming abit more dry on the areas used but if I use a really hydrating moisturiser along side it I find that solves the problem quite well. 

The solution shouldn't be shaked, the pink powder has to remain at the bottom with the clear liquid sitting on top, just dunk in a cotton bud to the bottom of the bottle so the tip is coated in the pink powder then remove and dot onto the problem areas. This can also be used under makeup aswell for a treatment while you're on the go.

Thanks for reading!