L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

Hello everyone! 

It feels so weird being sat here again after so long. If you follow me on social media, especially Twitter then you would know I've taken a pretty long break from blogging, since November to be exact! My heart hasn't been in it lately and I've had so much more stuff to deal with which took priority but finally I am back with a new foundation review to share with you..

You've probably heard of the newest high street foundation on the block, the L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover foundation which offers FULL coverage with a natural, lightweight finish (right up my alley) & retailing for £9.99.

I first noticed this on Youtube with nearly all American beauty gurus raving about it, this hit the UK pretty fast after America which is a first but in different packaging which actually annoys the pants off me. I got mine in Superdrug but should now be available in all Boots stores too.

You get 35g of product in a squeazy tube and comes in a pathetic choice of 6 shades, seriously if you have fair skin or dark skin just walk away now, you have no chance of finding a match! 

I got mine in the shade 10 Porcelain which appears to be the second lightest shade, 9 Light Sand Nude is the lightest but with a name like that I struggle to see how that could be the fairest shade they have? Comparing them both in store there is very little difference tbh. Brands really need to up their shade range game, It's 2017 fgs.

Anyway, I have the biggest love hate relationship with this product. One minute I love it and works fab but after a couple of hours, I hate it and just want to remove it from my skin as soon as possible..

I have combination/oily skin with loads of blemishes and spots so a matte, full coverage foundation is a must for my routine, usually I stick with my Revlon Colorstay foundation which works amazingly for my skin type but after seeing so many good reviews I had to try this one out. 

I will say the coverage is incredible, so much better than my Revlon one which is a shock to me but it is a much thicker consistency, almost like a mousse. Comparable to the L'Oreal Infallible Matte foundation. (I struggle to see the difference between the 2 foundations?) The colour, not great.. It has a more pink undertone which doesn't suit me at all, a yellow or neutral undertone is what I prefer and it does oxidise quite abit after 5 minutes so keep that in mind.

Freshly applied with either a buffing brush or Beauty Blender I find this foundation looks stunning (I prefer a buffing brush to apply), very full coverage with it covering I'd say about 90% of my imperfections and blurs my pores nicely too without the cakey, heavy look on the skin. I have very pigmented scars and spots and nothing will ever fully cover them so I think the formula did pretty well considering. No tacky feeling, doesn't seem like you need to set it with a powder at all and feels lightweight. So far so good...

L'Oreal claims this is a long wearing, matte foundation. On the American packaging it claims 24 hour wear, no such promise on the UK packaging but on the sites it does state up to 24 hour wear.. I find this to be total crap! 
2 hours at most and it has broken up on my skin, looking patchy in places, oils peaking through and shows SO many dry spots on my skin that I didn't even know I had, not to mention the oxidising aswell. 

Freshly applied
Fully dried after 5 minutes

For an oily girl, I was disappointed. No matter what primer I used, even the ones that keep my foundation matte and flawless for hours didn't do the job. If you have dry skin I would stay well clear from this one, it will do you no favours. 
I have tried everything over the past couple of weeks to make this foundation stay looking great throughout the day.. Hydrating moisturisers, luminous primers on the dry areas and matte primers on the oily parts, setting sprays, with and without face powders. Nothing has done the job for me personally which is a massive shame because it does look so pretty when first applied. 

For some reason when I blend it out with a Beauty Blender it makes my skin look alot more dry aswell, strange considering this would usually sheer out a product and make it look abit more natural, but I prefer a buffing brush that makes it sink into the skin nicely and looks smoother.  Maybe the water in the sponge reacts badly with the ingredients? Who knows..

If you need a full coverage, matte foundation for only a small amount of time then I would 100% recommend this but if you need something more long wearing then I wouldn't say this is the one for you. I am so sad it didn't last well for me, after I first applied it to my skin I thought this would be my new favourite but no such luck.

Have you tried out the Total Cover foundation yet? Let me know your thoughts below. Also if you have any recommendations for full coverage foundations then please let me know!

Thanks for reading,