October Favourites

Hello everybody! I feel like I haven't blogged in so long so I thought I'd sit down and write up my October favourites for you and I can't lie, I am sat here with Home Alone on aswell..It's November, bonfire night has passed and I'm in the Christmas spirit. Don't judge. I can't be the only one that has almost finished their Christmas shopping aswell right?:D

October was a good month, my youngest sister Olivia turned 4 where the whole family came together for a meal which was lovely and I discovered some great products along the way too so let's jump into it..

Now it is nearing to Christmas I had to pick up my all time favourite candle for this time of year. The home inspirations brand which is sold in Asda and Tesco is by Yankee Candle. I am pretty sure it is the same as regular Yankee Candles just cheaper to buy.

There is a huge range you can choose from which alternates with the seasons. For Autumn/Winter I am obsessed with this Merry Cherry scent and of course anything cinnamon scented too. It has a very warm berry scent which fills the whole room even when the candle isn't lit. But not in a horrible, sickly way if you know what I mean.

You can get these candles in different sizes.. votive size, medium and large. (This one is large.) Everytime I get a wiff of the scent it puts a smile on my face, this candle will be a constant repurchase for the rest of the year just like last year. 

Now for my favourite nail colour, possibly of all time! This OPI nail polish is from the 2016 Washington DC collection. I was on the hunt high and low for a dupe of this at a more affordable price but I just couldn't find anything similar anywhere, it looks so unique to me. 

After seeing Jordynn from Colourpop was wearing this colour on Snapchat I had to get my hands on it and my mum was so lovely and got it for me, THANKS MUM!

It is the perfect autumnal shade, kind of a reddish, burnt orange colour (yes my colour describing skills are on point!) I wear this pretty much every single day now, it lasts so long on the nails before chipping and gives a nice glossy finish too. 

This is probably no surprise to you if you follow me on social media, I rave about this hair product SO much and I honestly can't go about my hair routine without it.

If you have blonde hair that you get bleached often then this is the stuff you need! Ever since I started including this into my hair routine I have noticed a huge difference in the way my hair looks, feels and how easy it is to maintain now. 

I did a whole post reviewing this at the start of October which you can read HERE.

I am such a huge fan of the Milk_shake hair products since being introduced to them by my local hair salon, Salonista. I believe you can buy some Milk_shake products online but mainly you can purchase through salons that stock the brand. 

I have bleached blonde hair and if you do too then you know the struggle of having those horrible copper tones throughout your hair. Well say goodbye to that problem with this shampoo! 

Not only does this help dull down the yellow tones it also lightens your hair which is exactly what I wanted, parts of my hair almost has a silver hint to it, I think it looks really pretty with the rest of the tones in my hair. I use this once or twice a week to maintain my hair.

It has a milk proteins in it, tbh I don't really know what that means..Maybe strengthens the hair? I don't know, and also has a blueberry scent which is lovely. It does come out violet which does make you look like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the shower which is kinda funny. (Don't worry it doesn't stain.)

I would highly recommend this stuff if you want to achieve a lighter look and help correct any yellow tones between salon visits. Check with your local salon to see if they stock Milk_shake.

I'm sure you have all seen the hype on social media about the RCMA powder, I believe it was Kathleen Lights on Youtube that started this craze and I can deffo see why. 

This is just a normal translucent loose powder but compared to the other types I have tried this makes my skin look flawless and never cakes up on the face. All loose powders I have tried, especially the NYX one has made my skin feel overly dry and really uncomfortable on the skin, the RCMA doesn't give off that feeling what so ever.

It is great for baking and sets my base nicely and keeps it locked in all day. You get 3oz in a tub which is HUGE amount compared to 0.21oz you get with the NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder with only a small price difference. There is no filler or pigments in the powder so it's great for flash photography. 

The one thing I hate about this is the packaging, it is so messy and I end up wasting quite abit of product. I wish the packaging was more like the NYX or Laura Mercier Powders. Other than that, I can't fault this powder.

I hope you all had a great October like I did..
Let me know some of your favourites of the month below.

Thanks for reading