Big Hair Do Event @ Salonista, Corby

On Wednesday 28th September I was kindly invited to the BIGGEST hair event of the year at the salon Salonista which is based in Corby, Northamptonshire with a team of 14 doing either hair or beauty. (Salonista is also expanding and opening a salon in Kettering.)

The event is called the 'Big Hair Do' which is the biggest hair party in the UK with 100 salons participating to showcase their skills, techniques and products to consumers.

L-R: Reagen (senior assistant), Melissa (manager & stylist), Becca, Stacey (owner & stylist), Jema (Kettering manager & stylist), Becky (Glam R Us assistant, Nicole (apprentice), Harper (senior assistant) , Lee-Anne (Glam R Us beautician)

The night benefits all the salons hosting and the clients that attend too (which is by invite only.) Every salon involved gets the chance to boost sales, show off their skills, increase client loyalty and also gets the salon known nationally through social media and with coverage in Layered and Creative Head magazine. The clients get the chance to experience treatments, learn new tricks to try at home, get expert advice, get stuck in on the social side and also a goodie bag is included too! (very generous!!)

I have to say I had a great time and the girls did an incredible job hosting! Everything flowed so effortlessly and everyone had a great laugh together. The salon was very busy and everyone was mingling nicely with hair chit chat and enjoying prosecco and nibbles while watching tutorials which were happening around the salon! There was also a professional photographer from BOX Photography capturing the night.

There was also a little corner with a back drop to take some selfies with the Salonista logo printed on and a instagram cut out board too which I think was a lovely touch to remember the night. Some people were too shy but I managed to get some pics which you will see later in the post. 

Demonstrations were done by stylist Melissa and trainee Reagen which consisted of curly blow drys, colour consultations and curling tutorials with straighteners and the rest of the team handing out refreshments, hosting the raffle to win some amazing Milkshake/GHD products and getting involved in chit chat in true hairdresser style.
Melissa demonstrating how to curl with GHD straighteners

Pro Blo CurlME tutorial by Reagen
Colour Consultation

The salon was super busy and one regular client,  Brenda said..

"I have really enjoyed the evening, especially watching the roller (curly blow dry) done by Reagen. 

Brenda at the time was learning how to curl her shoulder length bob by her regular stylist Melissa, the end result was stunning and really suited her.

Curling tutorial

Curly blow drys aren't something that suits to my style and tbh I am rubbish with hair and it looks too hard to achieve myself but it was very interesting to see how it's done using the Pro Blo CurlME which is a detachable hair brush and actually it didn't look too difficult.

Simply wrap sections of wet hair round the barrels, blow dry then remove by lifting upwards to release the hair. Simple as that, anybody could do it at home and the results were lovely giving bouncy, volumizing curls without the use of straighteners or curling wands so less heat damage to the hair! 

There is different sized barrells you can attach to the handle to achieve your desired curl..

Small barrel 34mm -  For tight curls 
Medium barrel 45mm - For bouncy looser curls with added volume
Large Barrel 55mm - For loads of bounce and a flick at the end of the curls

Sadly I can't seem to find any pictures of the end result (silly Hannah) but if you research images of the Pro Blo you will see the results for yourself.    

At the end of the night, every guest was given a Big Hair Do canvas goodie bag which contained the following..

Honestly I can't say enough good things about Salonista as a business and as people. They all are the nicest bunch of ladies that always work their fingers to the bone, make you laugh and have a great time everytime you step foot through the door. 

Thank you so much Stacey for the invite to enjoy the night with you and I know everybody else that attended had the best time too and learnt alot! Amazing things are coming up and I am so excited for you, you deserve every bit of it! 
And a big thanks to Layered Online & Creative Head for organising a fab nationwide event! 

You can see the list of all the salons invloved here.  
Recognise any local to you?

Thanks for reading!