Poundland Makeup Review

Todays post is going to be one I have been excited to do and thought my readers would be interested to hear about too and that is my thoughts on makeup from the poundshop! Yes you read that correctly, everything was just £1! A bargain babes dream! 

Now when I first thought about doing this I really didn't have very high expectations, for £1 how can any product actually be good quality? When I think of cheap makeup I think of really horrible chemical smelling, tacky, plasticy rubbish that wouldn't last 5 minutes on anyone. Mainly stuff you would buy a child to play around with but with makeup brands becoming more and more high quality at low prices I thought this would be a good test to do.

So in poundland they had a whole stand full of makeup by the brand Make Up Gallery, everything you need from foundation to nail polish, they had it all! I only picked out a handful of products because some things just weren't my kind of colours, like the lightest foundation/concealers were so orange so I couldn't give them a go. 

Below I will share my thoughts with each product and include swatches aswell so you can see what the pigmentation etc is like..

Of course the first thing that caught my eye was the highlighter which is possibly one of the most popular makeup items out there right now. They only had one shade which is a pinky pearl tone but still very pretty on all skin tones. 

In the pan this appears really glittery but on the skin it doesn't come off that way as much and it doesn't swatch on the hand very pigmented, abit patchy but it doesn't come off on the skin like that and gives a nice subtle glow to the skin, it doesn't blend into nothing which is good considering the price. 

The packaging is plastic and does feel abit cheap but that was expected but the product iteself isn't powdery, feels very soft to touch and it doesn't break easily either unlike the expensive Becca Cosemtics highlighters. (I have dropped it a few times, woops!) 

I am really enjoying this highlighter for those days where I don't want to wear so much makeup. Big thumbs up from me!

Looking at the bronzers I was hoping to pick up a matte one but they looked way too orange toned for my pale complexion so opted for the darkest shimmer bronzer which looked the best match for me weirdly considering I am like a ghost. 

I am really loving this bronzer right now, it isn't too dark or orange toned neither is it too light. No way could you contour with this but bronzing up the skin is perfect. 

There is shimmer throughout the product but honestly it doesn't show up so much on the skin, it kinda just looks like highlight has been put on top. This works really well with the highlighter mentioned above actually for that extra glow. 

This contains Vitamin E and has UVA and UVB filters which I think is amazing, not 100% if it's true or actually helps the skin but I like the idea of makeup have skincare ingredients. The product blends really easily but if too much is applied it can start to look abit muddy and patchy so a light hand is needed, it's quite pigmented anyway so you wouldn't need too much to achieve a sunkissed look to the skin.

The bronzer also lasts a good amount of time, even when the rest of my makeup had faded the bronzer is still going strong. For £1 I think this is a great item to have in your makeup bag. Another thumbs up!

All the shades of blushers looked soo pretty but I only picked up one just to test the formula, I often struggle to find a really nice pigmented, soft blush. I was really hoping this was going to be a good one, sadly I wasn't overly impressed. 

The colour is more like a barbie pink rather than a candyfloss, when I think of candyfloss I think of a more pale pink so I was a little let down in that sense. 

There is pigmentation within the blush but once applied to the cheeks it just seemed patchy, powdery and really unflattering on me. For some reason it appeared more bronzey looking on my skin rather than a pink which I find very strange, no idea why that is. 

Even though it is just £1 I wouldn't recommend purely because it doesn't apply well and it didn't last long either before fading to nothing. 

All the powders mentioned above have a very very slight perfume/floral scent, and I mean slight! You can't tell when applying it or anything, only when you really get close to the pan just incase anybody is senstive to scents and was wondering.

Now this is a product that you can instantly tell is cheap, the scent is really plastic and fake smelling and the packaging matches that but the product itself is quite nice.

There were a few colours, mainly pinky nude shades and I picked up this really nice berry red shade since we are now into Autumn, the perfect time for a dark lip!

The formula is pigmented and glossy, very new to me since I am more of a matte kinda girl but change is good right? And actually I quite like it. This shade has more of a purple tone to it rather than a pure red like I was expecting but still really pretty. Like the powders this also has Vitamin E infused into it.

I would say this does last a fair amount of time considering it's a glossy formula, for me this stayed put for around 3 hours before it started to fade and that was without a lip liner being used and it doesn't fade away in a horrible way either, kinda just leaves your lips with a nice red tint. 

This isn't transfer proof because the glossy formula but you can reapply over and over throughout the day and it doesn't look patchy, heavy or uneven which is one the reasons why I love this.

I quite like this and can see myself wearing it alot throughout Autumn and Winter. A 3rd thumbs up for this!

Sadly this is another really cheap looking and feeling product from Make Up Gallery. The packaging is bulky but so light, like there is nothing in the tube at all and tbh the formula makes it seem that way too.

Such a dry formula to the point where it pretty much does nothing except give my lashes a slight grey tint to them. I see no lengthening to my lashes or volume. The formula is so bad that it kinda just comes out in dry clumps with fibres sticking to it from the brush and it smells highly of chemicals too.

The description claims it is enriched with panthenol and keratin amino acids for added conditioning..in my opinion that's a load of rubbish! I see no sign that this mascara could anyway be conditioning or good for your lashes.

Although this is pants for the upper lashes, I have to admit I do like this on my lower lashes, because it is kinda dry it doesn't make my bottom lashes look like spider legs, smudge easily or looking really clumpy and messy like most mascaras do but that is the only good thing about this product. I wouldn't recommend.

Make Up Gallery Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick 

For some reason I can't find this eyeshadow stick, or any of the shadow sticks on the poundland site so I can't link it for you! Neither can I find out what the shade is called, there is no sign of a name on the packaging which is annoying.

The colour is a deep bronze with a hint of shimmer (very subtle.) These shadow sticks claim to be velvety soft, blendable, long lasting and waterproof. I agree that they are soft, creamy and easy to apply but once you start to blend the product it becomes patchy and even comes off completely in areas. 

The colour is pretty and I tried to leave this shadow as my base and just blend out the edges with a matte brown eyeshadow but again it just became patchy and transfered really easily aswell. 

Bit of a let down i'm affraid.

Overall I think this brand has some nice stuff, obviously I haven't tried everything but the majority of what I did try I liked, you can't go wrong for a pound. Like all brands out there, you can't love everything and it all comes down to your skin type and preferences!

If you are young and new to makeup or just really want cheap alternatives then I would say check out the poundshop. There is so much more to try that could work well for you that I haven't picked up.

If you have experienced makeup from the poundshop then do share what you loved or what you weren't impressed with, I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thanks for reading