My driving lesson experience

This is a different post from my usual beauty chats, I am try to branch out my blog abit more and I did a poll on Twitter asking if you guys would like to see a post all about my driving lesson experiences and the response was amazing!! 

This is gonna be a pretty long one so grab a cup of tea and get yourself comfy!!

Learning to drive can be one of the scariest things to do, I know I was terrified and I know there is thousands in the same boat so I thought I would share my I got on, how I controlled my nerves and everything between.

I first started my manual driving lessons when I was 18 back when I was living down South. I can remember my first few lessons like it was yesterday, I was a panicky mess and couldn't think of any thing worse than sitting in the driving seat.

Once I got in the car I felt abit more calm, my instructor helped me feel more at ease and gave me some tips on how to manage my nerves for my next lesson and these actually worked! He told me to have a mars bar, banana, and a sugary cup of tea before each lesson and also to BREATHE, the sugar is supposed to help your brain and help you focus or something like that. This became a ritual for me before each lesson, it really did help.

I did quite a few lessons but I ended up stopping for some reason, it was so long ago I can't actually remember why I didn't carry on, it could of been from finance issues, driving lessons can be very costly. It's always a great idea to ask for driving lessons for birthday presents etc if you haven't got a job to fund the lessons.

In 2013 I moved back to my hometown and started learning again, I decided to go for a lady instructor this time so I felt more comfortable, I did about 15 hours with her and hated every minute of it. 

I am a very anxious person, especially when it comes to new things and tbh can be abit sensitive and I cannot tell you the amount of times I was crying at the wheel, how embarrassing! 

Not because my driving was bad, I was always told I was doing well but I did stuggle with gears and the clutch often & unfortunately I didn't have a very nice instructor. She was always shouting at me, pressuring me and made me feel very uneasy. Not an atmosphere you want to be in when you are at the steering wheel trying to focus. I dreaded every lesson and sometimes I even messaged her to cancel lessons because I couldn't face being with her.

I later heard similar things from other people, never just pick someone from a book and hope for the best! Picking the right instructor is very important, do your research and ask for recommendations from friends and family to see who is best for you and shop around for a price you can afford.
Needless to say I quit my lessons again. 

I didn't start learning again for a little while but when I did I decided to learn in a VW Polo automatic car rather than a manual. The rules of the road is exactly the same, the way you drive is exactly the same except there is no gears and no clutch to worry about. It's basically a big go kart. (Just don't drive like you are in a game of Mario Karts! That could be abit dangerous!! haha.)

I did get the micky taken out of me alot for learning automatic but honestly I got on so much better this way than a manual. I could still get from A to B so I don't see why it is so looked down on. Do what is best and comfortable for you!!

I can't tell you how at ease I felt with my new driving instructor, Martin Ashford. He was way more professional than the other 2 I had and seemed way more clued up on driving and the theory side of things.

Martin gave me a pupils record book which was full of theory questions, appointment and payment record chart, receipts and check lists for each driving sector. (safety checks, signal use, moving away and stopping, use of speed, roundabout use, reversing etc etc.) Very useful for myself and the instructor so we could keep track of my progress.

Every lesson he would ask me theory questions and make sure I am fully aware of what is expected of me before we drove off and made sure I was feeling okay. Preparing me for my theory test that was coming up. I had already passed my theory test but the certifcate expires within 2 years if you don't pass your driving test so I had to retake it. I passed both times.

Being in an automatic car made me focus on what I was actually doing on the road alot more and I felt more relaxed and settled with what I was doing. I was excited for my next lesson each time. Completely different to my previous experiences.

Within a year of automatic lessons I had taken around 45 hours worth of lessons which was around £850 and passed first time on the 10th June 2014 with 5 faults. I was so overwhelmed and couldn't wait to tell everybody the good news. I was so nervous, I did notice myself make mistakes and was expecting to fail. But you just need to keep your cool and carry on. Don't let the examiner see you are panicking and show you are in control. 

Overall I did enjoy learning to drive, it is the best feeling at the end and being told you passed but there is no shame in failing! Sometimes nerves take control but there is always chances to retake and achieve your goal, you will get there eventually. If your instructor tells you that you are ready to book your driving test but you don't feel like you are quite ready, just say!! That's what I did and I am so pleased I spoke up, I think I would of failed if I took my test when my instructor told me too. Go at your own pace

Before every lesson I did my ritual that I mentioned before so maybe that could work for you too. Or find something else that helps you relax if you prefer.

If you are looking to start driving then I would recommend taking a look at where you can find everything you could possible need! Great company that is dedicated to helping you achieve your goal with a wide range of training materials to get you ready for your theory test. (You cannot take your driving test without a valid theory test certificate.)

Listed below is a just some things you can find on the site but there is SO much more to discover!

  • Booking your theory test
  • Mock theory tests
  • Highway code information
  • Booking driving lessons
  • Finding a instructor nearby
  • Driving test tips
  • Driving courses (intensive, semi intensive, refresher)
  • Test centres

I would love to hear your own experiences with driving, I am sure not everyone has had good ones. Or if you are thinking about learning but not too sure then let me know what is stopping you! Always interested to hear peoples thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this post and sorry it was so long!

Thanks for reading,