Mini August Drugstore Haul

I feel like I haven't done a beauty haul in a while but lets be honest, it's probably only been a couple of weeks! I can't help myself, I'm sorry.

I recently went shopping and picked up some old faithfuls aswell as a new purchases that I have wanted to try for a while. I know alot of my readers like haul posts so lets take a look in my recent shopping bag!!

I love this Collection eyeliner, so many people love it too and for good reason!

When it comes to eyeliner thesedays I tend to use a black eyeshadow because it's easier and looks more natural but I did want a more intense eye one day and was looking in my collection and noticed I had NO eyeliner what so ever!! Should be a crime right?! 

I've owned numerous Collection Fast Stroke liners aswell as other brands but for some reason I now have none, no idea where they have all ran off too!

This liner is so black and easy to use. I always opt for the waterproof one so it lasts even longer, this really will stay put all day. Bargain buy at only £2.99!

This is a new purchase for me, S&G recently released two new shower jellys..Clean on me original pink scent and Sugar Crush sweet lime scent.

The original pink is my all time favourite scent from Soap & Glory, so when I found out these were being released I couldn't wait to run out and get mine! I am not much of a fan of the lime scents so I only picked up the pink one to try.

The shower jelly lathers up really nice and soapy, the scent is exactly the same to the original pink and stays on the skin for hours after washing. Very much enjoying this and following with my Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butter.

One of my favourite body butters to use and now in a special edition version!!

With it's typical original pink scent it now has diamond dust and pearlescent shimmer to give luminosity to your skin.. Obviously it is a very subtle shimmer, you won't come out looking like a disco ball or anything, although that could be pretty cool tbh. 

Every diamond edition comes with a code on the bottom which you enter in at where you can win prizes or even cash! Every tub has a prize of some sort..I won £1 off any S&G product and also was entered into a £5,000 draw. 

I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with this shower butter! If you don't like sickly sweet scents then this probably isn't one for you.

The scent is like sweet almond, pistachio and vanilla and has a thick whipped cream consistancy. This leaves the skin feeling so smooth, smelling amazing and works amazing when shaving too to prevent irritation and moisturiusers at the same time. 

It works as a shower gel and a moisturiser in one but I always use another shower gel alongside this. This is my second bottle and I can't get enough.

This is a new purchase for me, now I have gone even blonder I need to make sure my locks are in perfect condition and reduce fading as much as possible.

So many people rave and recommend the pro:voke silver shampoo and I wasn't expecting it to be so cheap. I haven't had my hair coloured blonde for long and haven't used these much either but I am looking forward to seeing if this does prolong your colour and help tone done any copper tones throughout my hair (not that I have any tbh.)

Thanks for reading,