Kylie Cosmetics Mini Matte Kit - Birthday Collection

Yet again Kylie Jenner has sent the world crazy with her latest cosmetic releases to celebrate her 19th birthday..The limited edition birthday collection.

If you read my review on the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Posie K then you would know that I really like her liquid lipsticks so I kinda knew what to expect in terms of formula.

She came out with a whole new 8 piece range in new gold packaging to honour her special day and of course we all went mental to get our hands on it! 

The birthday collection included:

  • Matte lip kit - Leo
  • Mini matte kit (x6 - 0.65ml) 
  • Rose gold creme gel eyeshadow
  • Copper creme gel eyeshadow
  • Kyliner kit - Dark bronze (eye pencil, creme gel and brush)
  • Makeup bag
  • Metal lipstick in shade Lord
  • Lipgloss is shade 'Poppin 

As you could probably guess, everything was super hard to get your hands on and everything sold out within minutes just like her matte lip kits. It was like gold dust!! Kylie restocked numerous times and had her last restock on the 10th August which was the date of her birthday.

The only thing I wanted from the collection was the mini mattes, the collection had a few shades I've wanted to try from her older lip kit releases and also her newest shades Kristen and Leo which look really pretty. I love that they are mini so I can try before I buy. I was very lucky and managed to get mine on the second to last restock, it was so tense I even had my friend Kayla helping me to get them!

The mini kit has 6 shades, some are her older shades with a couple newbies in there too, all have 0.65ml of product compared to the full size matte lips which are 3.25ml. 

The shades in the kit are:

I apologise for the poor quality of all my swatches/lip swatches! I am a messy gal lol!

The kits I have most been wanting to try since I got Posie K a few months back is Koko K and Candy K. They both look like the perfect pink shade for me so I was excited that she included those in this mini kit, recently she launched Kristen which is her middle name & also her mums name and that looks like a lovely berry shade for Autumn that is coming up, the same with her newest launch for her brithday, Leo.

The mini kit is 36 USD which converted is roughly around £27.50 and postage is 14.95 USD, converted that is £11.43. Altogether I paid £38.96 but I also got international card payment fees which were £2.57. And worst of all I got a horrible custom fee to pay which was £13.47.

So overall I ended up paying £55 which isn't too bad I suppose but I was expecting the liptsicks to be a tad bigger tbh so was abit disappointed in that sense.

Candy K

Candy K is a lovely everyday nude shade, one I have been wearing alot. Very pigmented and didn't apply uneven. Kylies liquid lips last a good 3 hours or more before flaking away (nothing ever lasts on my lips) and I always apply a lip balm before application to stop my lips drying out too much, I did this with each lipstick in this kit so I could fairly compare. 

I do find the formula is quite drying on their own and flake alot quicker when a balm isn't used.

The mini mattes don't come with the matching lip liners either but I am sure they would last much longer with one used, I found this was the case when I tested out Posie K.

Dolce K

This is a shade I really wasn't that bothered about. I never wear deep colours like this but I have actually fell in love with Dolce K! I think it suits me nicely, not what I was expecting. I reckon it looks alot like Mac Velvet Teddy or Whirl, or am I totally wrong with that? Ha.

This is super pigmented, and with it being a dark shade I was expecting it to be patchy but it wasn't in the slightest. The lasting time is the same with each lipstick so I won't keep repeating myself.

I can't wait for Autumn to roll in so I can start wearing this more, perfect shade for fall! 


Exposed is very orange toned on me, almost a rust kind of colour and sadly I hate it, I don't think it suits my complexion at all and I find it looks very different on me compared to others. I wish I could pull it off but I just can't, not flattering for me.

I can't fault the pigment like the rest and like all the liquid lipsticks it smells amazing, just like cake!

I will be passing this on to someone else that would give it more love than I would. 

Koko K

Koko K was the shade I was most excited for, I was going to buy the full size lip kit but then I saw that this was in the mini kit, perfect chance to try it first before committing!

After all the hype and build up I was pretty disappointed. it's just way too pale for me, again looking different to other swatches I've seen online. In person it looks alot lighter than it does in the photo, If it actually looked like the picture above I would like it more.

This is another one I will be passing on.


Kristen has become my all time favourite colour right now! The shade is absolutely stunning, I feel it would be the perfect shade to transition from Summer to Autumn.

A really nice pinkish red, full of pigment and I can't stop wearing it! I will 100% be buying the full size as soon as this one is finished, yes I will brave the custom fees just to get my hands on this again!

This would look stunning on every skintone! love love love!!


Leo is the biggest disappointment out of the whole kit. I never wear such dark colours so I wasn't phased by this new release but it is nice to try new things for research purposes of course.

I was shocked to find how patchy this was! I applied one coat and it looked a mess, applied a second and it was just taking off what was already on my lips. God forbid I put my lips together aswell, that made it all worse!

I don't know if the formula is different or the colour is just way too dark to pack a punch with pigment. I would personally recommend people staying clear of this one. You can get so many dupes for cheaper and better.


Overall I only liked 3 shades from the kit so I don't think this is worth it. Especially with all the fees and postage costs on top of the price. 

They do last on the lips well though and the colours are pretty but if you are from the UK or somewhere other than the US then I would say get something similar locally rather than paying out all this money for something you can get nearby.

Thanks for reading,