Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Bronzer Review

Dusty Girls is a new brand I discovered through The Bloggers Hangout who originate from Australia. All their products are farmed by MooGoo Skincare & is vegan and cruelty free, I love that more and more brands are heading in this direction, finally!

All their makeup are formulated with natural and healthy ingredients to make sure your skin can breathe, reduce clogged pores and stop irritation to the skin that can happen from chemiclas added into cosmetics.

Dusty Girls are a great brand for sensitive and acne prone skin with all the products having skincare ingredients in them to help problematic skin.

After browsing the site, the product I decided to pick up was the Sunshine Natural Mineral Bronzer that retails for £15. I love discovering new bronzers and after seeing that this has Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Macadamia Oil in it that all keep your skin moisturised and radiant so I was pretty excited to try this! I don't think I have ever came across a bronzer that has skincare properties in it!

At first I was slightly worried about the colour, in the pan it looks very warm and orange toned with shimmer throughout, on my pale skin that could look a tad clown like!

I then swatched it and the pigmentation was great but again I thought the colour wouldn't suit me. But once layered & blended onto the cheeks it looked very natural and gave a sunkissed glow to the skin.

It is really pigmented to touch but transfers onto the skin more subtle which is what I prefer with bronzers, the shimmer ever so slightly comes off on the cheeks but it gives a nice glow rather than a ton of sprakles slapped on the skin. This is easily builadable aswell if you prefer a deeper colour on the skin.

I think the packaging is really cute, very farm style and pleasing on the eye. The little box it comes with has directions on how to use the product and it did give me abit of a giggle..

"Go easy. Bronzer is designed to add subtle colour, not coverage. You want to look like a sunkissed goddess, not a kumquat."

Cute little touches like that make me happy!

Dusty Girls also included their kabuki brush that retails for £7.50, that was a lovely surprise. 

I am obsessed with this brush! It is soo soft but has a slight density to it and deposits the perfect amount of product onto the cheeks. 

Patchiness is never a problem when this brush is used and I've experienced no shedding with this either which is a big bonus!!

Kabuki brush with product

I am so happy I have discovered this brand and I can't wait to try more of their natural collection. If you are looking for something subtle but bronzey I would suggest giving this a look.

If you sign up to their newsletter you also get 15% off your first order, so get stuck in!

**This was gifted to me by Dusty Girls in exchange for an honest review

I hope you enjoyed this little review.

Thanks for reading