Spectrum Brushes Attention Seeker Set Review

Ok so if you are all on the Instagram hype then I am pretty sure you have seen these brushes all over your feeds! They are gorgeous, colourful, unique and fit for a mermaid! If not then you must be hiding under a rock but you can take a look at their Instagram here, give them a follow too ;)!

**Please note these were kindly gifted to me by Spectrum Collections and I am so grateful to the team for picking me to review these for them. 

I had a choice of what I wanted to review so I chose the 10 piece essential set. The set includes everything you need to create a full face of makeup so this was ideal for me, I have also had my eye on this set for a while too so I was very excited indeed to have the choice! Spectrum you absolute babes!

Firstly I will just tell you abit about the brand then I will go on to tell you my thoughts of the brushes. 

Spectrum Collections says,

"Bold, beautiful makeup brushes for total mer-babes" 

They are totally right. I love that they have cute little sayings that make you smile. 

"No unicorns were harmed in the making of Spectrum Brushes" is also a favourite of mine! So cute. 

Spectrum are PETA registered, cruelty free and vegan. (FAB!) All brushes are made with synthetic hair which make them so soft and I mean SOFT! It's like rubbing a teddy bear on your face, not even joking. Never felt anything so soft which did make me worry abit when it came to the face brushes, like they weren't going to pick up liquid very well or blend nicely but I will talk more about that later. 

The brushes have been used by many stars from TOWIE, Coronation Street, Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea and many more so they must be pretty bomb right?!

Spectrum obviously sell brushes but that's not all, they also stock makeup bags, sponges, brush rolls and brush cleaners. Everything you need to take care of your pretty brushes!

The essential set includes 10 brushes for face and eyes and they are put into 3 ranges.. 

The A range for application (A01)
The B range for buffing & blending (B01)
The C range for contouring (C01)

B01 Flat Top Buffer

'In The Buff'

This is the brush I was talking about when I was saying how soft they are and how I thought it wouldn't blend liquids well, ohh how I was wrong.. This flat top blends out my foundation so nicely and evenly, I always stick to my Morphe Brushes or complexion sponges when it comes to foundation but since I received these I haven't looked backed, they are THAT good.

My foundation blends so easily and looks flawless everytime. Doesn't leave any streaks on my face, neither does it make my base look patchy. The bristles don't soak up tons of product either which I was surprised at since it is so soft.

I love the design of these brushes with the blue and purple almost ombre style synthetic bristles and pink handles. Very girly and cute, but sturdy aswell. 

This brush retails for £8.99.

A01 Large Domed Powder

'Brush Up'

I think this has to be my favourite brush out of the set. It is very large and fluffy so is perfect to set my face with any kind of powder. Gives an even finish and doesn't interfere with my base at all, I have had some bad experiences with brushes doing that in the past. 

This brush is also good to bronze up the cheeks and temples, not contouring of course but to add a nice bronzey colour to the whole face quickly. 

This brush retails for £8.99.

A05 Small Angled Brush 

'Blush Crush'

This is a great all rounder brush in my opinion. As advertised on the website this is supposed to be a blush brush but I find this is perfect for contouring, highlight, setting the under eye area and of course blush. I just love when 1 brush does multiple jobs don't you? 

Again like every brush in the set, it is really soft and applies product to the face evenly. It does pick up powder products well but not too much which I personally love because I do have a heavy hand sometimes and can end up turning into abit of a clown, not cute!

This brush retails for £6.99 

A06 Large Fluffy Shader

'Shady Lady'

I haven't used this brush that much yet but again it is soft and wide to cover the whole lid but slightly dense so it is great to pack on colour to the lids. This can be used with both powder and cream powders and creates a flawless finish everytime. 

This brush retails for £4.99.

B03 Buffing Concealer

'Under Cover'

A great brush to buff out concealer with its flat top shape. This isn't too dense or too soft so blends out cream concealers or colour correctors really nicely. Not much to say about this one, really nice brush to have in your collection.

This brush retails for £4.99

BO6 Tall Tapered Blender

'Blending Friend'

Now this has become my go to crease brush! This is the perfect shape and density to blend out product in the crease, it doesn't leave the colour looking patchy or harsh and just creates that perfect smokey eye no matter what shade is used, dark or neutral. Works really nicely to build up colour too. love love love!

This brush retails for £4.99.

BO4 Small Angled Blender

'Eye Spy'

This is very similar to the Tall Tapered Brush expect it is angled and the hairs are abit shorter. I use this most to again buff out shadow in the crease but more precisely. 

I tend to focus this more on the outter corner because it is the perfect shape and angle to shade out the corners for a more smokey or indepth look. It's hard to make any mistakes with this!

This brush retails for £4.99.

A17 Angled Brow

'Brow Love'

I have never really used brow brushes before, I usually stick to pencil brow products but recently I got the new Ka-BROW cream eyeliner from Benefit so a new eyebrow brush was a must, the one that came with the product isn't that great tbh.

I love that this isn't too big or small and is really simple to use. I never make any mistakes when I use this. The angled firm bristles make it really easy to be precise and create those perfect fleeky brows. Works nicely with both powder and cream products. 

This brush retails for £4.99.

A15 Lip Liner

'Get Your Pout Out'

I haven't had the chance to try this out as a lip liner yet but I have been using this to carve out my eyebrows for a more clean look. It does the job perfectly. It isn't so big that it just makes a mess of everything but not to small where it does nothing. 

Firm, tapered bristles but again soft to the touch. I can see this working really well to overline the lips a little bit too which we all know is the 'in style' look right now. 

This brush retails for £3.99 

A09 Angled Eyeliner

'The Fine Line'

This brush is just the cutest, it is so tiny so makes eyeliner much easier than other brushes I have used, I think the angled ferrule helps with this aswell though, I feel like I have much more control (I am pretty rubbish at eyeliner). It isn't super soft neither is it really firm, the perfect inbetween so application isn't a struggle.

Would recommend this to people that struggle with cream eyeliner.

This brush retails for £4.99.

Overall I am so pleased with the brushes I chose. I honestly haven't been using any other tools in my makeup routine and don't think I will be for a while! The brushes also came in a cute little pink plastic pouch so they are perfect for travelling too. 

I would HIGHLY recommend Spectrum brushes to everyone and that's such a big thing for me to say since I am such a hugh lover of Morphe Brushes. There are loads of collections to chose from aswell as some other amazing sets..I have my eye on that Marbleous set. You all know my obsession with marble!

Thank you again Spectrum Collections for allowing me to write this review for you, it was a pleasure testing these out and you are such an amazing brand to work with!

Please do check out their site and don't forget to follow them on social media for all updates and offers. (Will leave links below) 
You can buy all brushes seperately and they do ship internationally! 
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Thanks for reading