New Look Makeup Review

*Please note this is the old New Look makeup collecion, they have rebranded their range since this post was published.

Today I am writing a post that I myself have been looking for lately but could never seem to find one.. A review of makeup items from the store New Look

I will be honest, I really wasn't expecting much from the products they stocked but I never hear any comments about any of the makeup so wasn't too sure, I decided to put it to the test myself and share my thoughts with you all. I did a poll on Twitter on whether or not this would be a post you'd like to see and the response was all for it.

All the makeup is super affordable, ranging from £1.99 to £12.99 and the selection is pretty good too. Covering everything you need for a full face of makeup aswell as nail polishes, perfumes and makeup accessories.  

I did pick up quite a few things, some products were better than others but overall I have been impressed so lets get chatting about what I got..

I think this has to be the best product made by New Look and it is a very close dupe to my favourite lipstick of all time, MAC Mehr but slightly more purple toned in colour but on the lips it looks identical and texture is very similar too.

This is a gorgeous mauve pink, it is matte but not so drying and feels comfortable to wear. I usually wear a lip balm underneath to make it abit more comfortable, exactly like I do with the Mac one and it lasts the same amount of time, around 4 hours maybe more.

For £3.99 this is a bargain and worth so much more!


This is something I really didn't have high hopes for but it actually turned out really nice on the skin. The colour selection is pretty pants and the lightest shade was a tad too dark but when I use my Bodyshop Lightening Drops I can make it work so that's not much of an issue.

This lasts a good amount of time, around 3 hours before my oily skin starts to peak through which is pretty normal with foundations for me. It gives a nice semi matte finish on my skin and does a nice job of bluring imperfections with a little help from some primer.

Nice affordable foundation but I do wish more shades for more skin tones would be released.

Pure Colour Liquid Concealer - Ivory £3.99

I find this concealer so pretty, it's so light on the skin and blends out really nicely. It isn't very high coverage but it does do a fab job of covering little blemishes and redness. If you have good skin with no imperfections then this would be a great concealer for you.

I tend to use this alongside a higher coverage concealer and doesn't make it turn cakey or crease easily.

Again the colour selection isn't great but the lightest colour matched me perfectly. I picked mine up in the sale for just £2 and that is an incredible price!

Pure Colour Clear Illuminating Primer - £6.99

I was so excited for this primer, hoping it was going to be really dewy and sit nicely under makeup. It is a sheer, milky white consistancy but sadly I didn't see much glow to the skin once applied, nor did I see any difference with my foundation and how long it lasted.

This felt more like a moisturiser and it did set down nicely without being too tacky or thick, it just didn't do much for my skin. Maybe if you are more dry this would work better for you.

Pure Colour Matte Liquid Lipstick - Sweet Rose £3.99

Tbh I'm not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks but I was lured in by this gorgeous coral toned pink shade in Sweet Rose, it isn't the same as the matte lipstick I mentioned above, it's deffo more pinky toned.

It is well pigmented and didn't apply patchy but the formula felt very drying, even with a lip balm underneath it was just way too uncomfortable to wear and mine ended up crumbling away and fading within 1 hour which is a huge shame.

I do love the wand on this liquid lipstick though, it is flat and slanted which makes application much easier and quicker. These lipsticks also comes in 5 shades.

Pure Colour Contour Pallet - £5.99

Alongside the matte lipstick mentioned before I think this has to be my favourite product by New Look. Honestly the BEST contour kit I have ever used, yes even better than Anastasia Beverly Hills and other popular brands on the market that I've tried.

The pallet comes with 3 shades that all suit my fair skin perfectly, especially the lightest cool toned contour shade. Never looks muddy on my skin and all the powders are high in pigment, a light handed is needed for sure.

They all blend so easily and never look patchy no matter how much I apply. The banana shade is brilliant for brightening under the eye area and other parts of the face you want to highlight. For £5.99 this is amazing, cannot believe how incredible this is.

Comes with a huge mirror too which is a bonus and the size of the pans are very generous! Ideal for taking travelling too with its sturdy plastic casing.

Pure Colour Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon - Mink 23 £3.99

Okay so I have to say, I am not 100% sure what the name of this lip crayon is, there is no name on the packaging which is very annoying but from looking on the website, I THINK this is the shade Mink. If I am wrong then I do apologise.

These velvet matte lip crayons are very close dupes for the Nars Velvet Matte Pencils. Same in texture, same in look and same in lasting power.

This feels very comfortable to wear on the lips, creamy and smooth and lasts hours on my lips even without priming or a lip liner. The colour is so pretty for everyday wear being a peachy brown colour, not something I typically reach for but I am loving it. 

Application is really easy with the chubby stick type tip and has to be sharpened. One of my favourite lip products to wear right now other than Sweet Rose.

Pure Colour Lip Liner - Mid Pink £1.99

Again this doesn't have the shade name on the packaging so I have no idea what colour this is, but I have a hunch that it's Mid Pink which matches the Sweet Rose lipstick.

I find the lip liners very similar to the Kylie Cosmetic ones tbh, very creamy and last hours on the lips and prolongs any lipstick I put on.

It can feel abit drying but nothing too crazy or uncomfortable. Really nice pink colour which looks very pretty on its own or paired with a nude lip!

Pure Colour Gel Nail Polish - Mid Pink £3.99 & Top Coat £2.99

New Look have some lovely shades of nail polish but of course I had to pick up a pink shade, there seems to be a theme going on in my makeup bag right now. 

Sadly I wasn't that impressed with the formula of this. I know it is a gelish effect but it is quite thick and took forever to dry, even when I use my usual quick dry drops it was still really tacky and ended up smudging twice.

Nothing worse than having to repaint your nails and sitting around waiting for paint to dry!

Once the polish was fully dried down I didn't notice much of a gelish look to my nails, just a standard polish and did chip within a couple of days depsite the claims of 7 day wear. Maybe with my usual Sally Hansen top coat this would last longer but alongside the New Look Base & Top coat it didn't last well at all.

The only positive I have is the colour is stunning! 

All in all I am so impressed with the Pure Colour collection. For the prices I can't quite believe the quality of some of the products. If you are on a budget or just want to try something new, New Look is certainly the road to head down.

Have anything from the New Look makeup range? Let me know your thoughts..

Thanks for reading