Look Incredible July Unboxing

Today's post is the usual monthly unboxing of Look Incredible. A great subscription box that offers full size high street and high end products at a affordable price. Only £18.99 (excluding postage) or you can get the deluxe box which is £35. Both brilliant boxes and always has a value over £50. 

Look Incredible also have a rewards system where you collect points with every purchase or monthly subscription, you collect a few points when you make a purchase, like/follow Look Incredible on social media, refer friends and even when you create an account you earn 5 points to start with. Collect 2100 points and receive a £10 discount or collect 3100 points and get a £20 discount. I love it when brands offer these types of rewards to their customers. 

The box was abit hit or miss for me this month tbh so lets get straight to it..

This is a treatment for your lashes to help boost growth and volume, something I could really do with! The clear gel accelerates lash growth with peptides and has a tiny little brush to get right on the lash line and roots. The conditioning mask is coated on a mascara wand for easy application. The formula is full of vitamin E, peptides and panthenol to nourish and hydrate the lashes.

Interested to see how this performs and if it makes any difference to my lashes.


I was so pleased to find suncreen in my box this month, now we are into Summer it is so important we all stay protected. Recently I had very bad sun stroke and ended up with sun blisters which wasn't pleasent. I was wearing SPF30 too so I clearly needed something stronger.

This is SPF50 and comes in a 150ml bottle which is a decent amount to last a few months I'd say. This is designed for sports people so it is clear in colour, waterproof and resistant to friction.

I have used this and it works so well! I didn't burn or even go slightly pink like I usually do. The formula isn't sticky and settles into the skin quickly.


So nice to see a a very luxury brand this month although the D'Armani lip glosses are from 2011 so they are a tad dated tbh and you can't really buy them anymore from the research I have done and I got mine in the shade 101 Beige. 

The shade I got is totally lacking in pigmentation when applied to the lips if I am honest, it just looks like glossy glitter. It isn't overly sticky but the taste and smell is just like plastic which I really dislike in this product. The only positive I found with this is that does look very glossy and wet which I know people love in a lipgloss.

I also think I might have a bit of an allergy to this. My lips were stinging so bad 20 seconds after I applied and they ended up very red and sore for hours after. I can't see if the product is out of date or anything but I didn't react well to this gloss at all.

Bit of a flop item unfortunately.

I am a lover of my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and slowly growing to like my Beauty Blender so I was excited to try something new. Makeup sponges are becoming so popular in the makeup world, so many brands are now releasing them so it is exciting to have this in my box to try.

The sponge is latex free, non-allergenic and odour free! When I first put this under water it was such a strange feeling and consistancy, nothing like the Real Techniques or Beauty Blender. It became very bouncy and spongey but it did hold alot of water so did take a while to ring it out before I used it.

But once I did try it I was a complete Nanshy convert. It applied my foundation so easily, quickly thanks to the large round shape and seamlessly aswell! Took less time than the other 2 sponges I use but the only down side is it did soak up alot of the product so more was needed for a full face of makeup which is abit pants. 

Really enjoying using this in my makeup routine.

*queue big sigh* I am so over these Ciate nail sets tbh, and the other nail art type polishes and shocking colours that keeps being included. I never use them and not practical for day to day wear. A normal, everyday shade would be fab in future!

This time it is a pink neon nail set that glows under UV light when the black light top coat is applied and with added glitter if you prefer, yes that could be nice for summer holidays, partying away in Ibiza clubs but for someone that doesn't go abroad and likes to keep it simple, it is pretty pants and I know this is going to sit in my draw gathering dust like the rest of the nail products I have received.(sorry to be so negative.

If you love crazy nail art or just love bright colours then I am sure this would be a perfect product for you. Maybe I will do a giveaway of the nail products I have got in previous boxes? Let me know in the comments below if this is something you'd like to see.

Overall this months total value is £87.93. You can't complain with that and also Look Incredible has included some discount codes which I would like to share with you all if you are interested..

For 10% off the entire fragrance range at Lookincredible.co.uk use code: LIF10

For 10% off previous beauty box products use code: PBBPC10

Are you subscribed to Look Incredible? What were your favourite products this month?

Thanks for reading