June Favourites

Ahh it was so tough picking my favourites this month, I have been loving so many things but most have been discovered right at the end of June so I can't really include it in this post. But I did finally manage to narrow down some loves of the month of June!

This pallet is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen and it is the only thing I have been using this month. Whether it is a smokey eye or just a little a something blended in the crease it is perfect for everyday use. 

So pigmented, beaut colours and has a lovely blush pink, velvet outter packaging. I picked mine up on Cult Beauty but it is sold on other retail sites.

I did a whole post reviewing it which you can find HERE

*If anybody is interested in purchasing this pallet or anything from Cult Beauty then please do via my Cult Beauty banner on the right hand side.

I am so pleased to finally have this brow gel in my collection and I am surprised it has taken me so long to try it! The Gimme brow originally came in 2 shades but now Benefit have added a medium shade aswell as repackaging the tube to match the new brow collection they have recently released. 

This makes my brows look so full and the brown tint helps fill in those gaps I have in my brows. So nice to use on top of brow products or on its own to add a slight tint to the brow which is what I need since I have quite light and sparse brows.

To find out more please check out my Benefit Brow Collection post.

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I am pretty sure this is a new release here in the UK, it is a cream contour and highlight stick in one. First impressions I was abit sceptical, I thought it was going to be way too messy and the 2 shades would end up blending together alot but that wasn't the case.

Both sides are so creamy and blendable, this never looks patchy on me and suits my fair skin very well but lately I have been blending the contour and highlight together to achieve a more grey toned contour which is what I prefer.

Looks very natural on the skin and you can build it up or tone it down to your bronzed preference. 

For months and months I have been trying to get my hands on this but it is SO popular and was always sold out, thankfully I was lucky and managed to get the last one on display in my local Body Shop a few weeks ago. 

These are shade adjusting drops which helps lighten any foundation, genuis idea! There is a few high end brands that do white foundation and adjusting drops but none on the high street so I was happy to see this in stores and online!

I am a pretty fair girl and struggle to find any foundation to match my skin tone..Why are all foundations so orange toned?! 

I just drop a couple of drops into my foundation with the pipette and mix together to achieve a lighter shade. This works so well! It doesn't interfere with the foundation and doesn't change the formula or coverage which is great!

I do find it is quite hard to get product out with the pipette though, maybe I got a bad one or maybe the product is just too thick, it doesn't deposit the product well at all but I guess this is a good thing so I know how much to build up the colour.

Now I have never ever been a fan of coffee, I have tried normal coffee a couple of times and find it so gross, I just can't stomach it but my cousin Melissa has now introduced and got me a tad addicted to Mocha coffees which is pretty much hot chocolate and coffee mixed together.

It is soo tasty and lately I have been lacking energy more than I have before and this has really helped. Now I can't go a day without having atleast 1 mug full and whenever I am in cafes/costa/starbucks etc this is what I order rather than just a hot chocolate. 

Yummy stuff indeed and super quick and easy to make..just add boiling water. Simple!

So that was my monthly favourites, I am really enjoying all these products and I hope you enjoyed this post. It was my birthday in June and I got some great bits that I am still testing out which I am sure will be mentioned in my July favs. 

What have been your favourites of June?!

Thanks for reading