July Favourites

It's that time of the month again, and no not THAT time of the month! The fun time where I get to share everything I have been loving this month..

The Bodyshop Honey Bronzer 01 -£13

I've had my eye on this bronzer for so long, so many people rave about how good it is and how well it suits fair skin. Finally I jumped the gun and picked it up.

What people have been saying is right, it is so pretty on fair skin and blends really nicely. I love that it's a matte bronzer, looks way more flattering on my skintone. It isn't overly pigmented so it's hard to over do it, just gives a perfect sun kissed look.

I got mine in the lightest shade and doesn't make my face look muddy in any way or patchy. I have this one patch on my left cheek that never picks up any pigment but this bronzer seems to do the trick nicely!

I mentioned this contour pallet in my New Look Makeup Review and it is the only thing I have been using to contour since I picked it up. It's pigmented, affordable and great quality! Check out my review to find out more.

I got this as a birthday gift back in June from my best mate Kayla from Kayla Chats and it is the perfect product to use on brows like mine! I am pretty pants at doing my own brows so anything to help me along in the process I am all for, and this pencil certainly does the trick.

It is very similar to the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil but I find this is abit more creamy and easier to work with. I have very sparse eyebrows and this just fills it all in quickly and effortless. I can never go wrong when using this in my routine.

Great colour choice match, well done Kayla ;) 

This was another gift I received for my birthday last month from my dad, this was featured on my Perfume Wishlist post back in March so I was very pleased to get this and already I have nearly finished the bottle! (cries) 

I wear this pretty much everyday and I can't get enough! The scent lasts days on me and I am always getting compliments and questions on what I am wearing. 

The scent can be over powering so you only need one spray or 2 at most. A little goes such a long way. I will have to purchase a bigger sized bottle real soon, I can't be without!

For months now I have been on the hunt for a really good lip balm to take on the go that is actually going to make my lips feel hydrated and smooth and HURRAH I've finally found one!

At the start of July when I was on a day out in Bath, Somerset I came across a little chemist that stocked Bioderma products and I have been keen to try out some products so this lip balm was one of the things I picked up. I haven't heard any reviews on it myself and it was pretty cheap so why not.

It's not too thick nor is it really thin so does nothing, the balm leaves my lips feeling really smooth, hydrated and plump. It isn't really sticky in texture and doesn't fade away into nothing within minutes either. I use this so often under really matte lipsticks aswell which helps make it feel much more comfortable and last longer.

There is a very very faint scent of fruits in this but it isn't noticable at all once it is on the lips & is clear in colour. I love that it is in stick packaging, makes it so easy to chuck in my pocket at work and top up on the go.
Unfortunately I haven't got a picture of this because silly me has now lost it! It's disappeared of the face of the earth :'(!!

So recently I have been pretty unhappy with my body image and my weight so finally I got off my arse and started to make a change, along with the gym I started going to Zumba classes on a Monday morning with my cousin Melissa and I am loving every minute of it!

I have a great instructor, Brenda who is literally the best motivator in the world. She really knows how to get you moving and sweat your ass off! All the songs in the class are current and keeps your spirits high!

After every class I have been feeling so good and I am starting to see a difference in myself already. So pleased I made the decision to join in the month of July. If you have any Zumba classes nearby I would highly recommend going along and taking part, it's so much fun and you meet some great people too!

I hope you all had a great month! Let know some of your favourites from July.

Thanks for reading