Zoella Sweet Inspirations Collection

As many of you probably know, Youtube star Zoella has her own beauty line which is exclusive to Superdrug and Feel Unique. Personally I have never been a huge fan of her previous Zoella Beauty releases, I thought they were too 'kiddish' for my liking if that makes any sense and tbh I wasn't keen on the scents either. Sorry for being a negative nelly but thats my own personal thoughts. This collection is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum!

On June 6th, Zoella released her new range 'Sweet Inspirations' in all Superdrug stores but the collection was available to buy online on the 27th May. Like the previous collections, the products are all bath & body related with a few makeup bags thrown in too. 

The Sweet Inspirations collection is inspired by sweet macaroons and a french patisserie which you can totally tell from the packaging which btw is GORGEOUS! Very Great Gatsby inspired.  Much more sophisticated packaging than the other products she has created, big thumbs up from moi!

My local Superdrug didn't stock many items tbh, so I only managed to pick up 3 things but luckily they are the 3 I wanted to try out the most..

The item I was most excited about was the Bath Latte which could quite easily be mistaken for a milk bottle so don't go leaving it around in the fridge! Would make a great prank for April fools day though right?!

It is a shower cream and can be used as bubble bath aswell, I love it when products have multiple uses!

The packaging is consistent with the whole range, looking very great gatsby and vintage with its pastel colours and 1920s decor pattern. You get 400ml in each bottle which I think is a great amount, has lasted me well so far but it can ooze out the bottle pretty quick if you aren't careful since it isn't a squeezy type of bottle like most shower products are.

The product itself is a creamy, milky consistancy, just like your standard bubble bath and smells like sweet almonds and vanilla with cacoa but it is quite a subtle scent. In the description online it says there is honey in it but personally I don't find any scent of that in the product but it certainly is sweet.

This body/bath milk creates loads of soft bubble in your bath and lathers up really soapy when used in the shower. It feels very moisturising and pleasent to use with it leaving your skin smooth to the touch and smelling sweet hours after use.


This body cream is soooo nice! Again, it has the sweet almond and vanilla scent but it is quite a thick consistancy which you would think would sit quite heavy on the skin and take a while for it to sink in but to my own surprise that wasn't the case.

  • Left my skin feeling smooth, hydrated and smelling beautiful. 
  • Sunk into the skin quickly
  • Didn't feel sticky or uncomfortable
  • Very pretty pastel pink, gold and white packaging 
  • 160ml


I am not usually a fan of body mists but the scent just lured me in! Sadly, the scent lasts 5 minutes on me then I can no longer smell it in the slightest which is a massive bummer! :(

The packaging is the same as Zoella's previous body mists but of course sticking to her vintage inspired theme. It is a 45ml bottle and I just love the gold details on the packaging, looks stunning and very chic!

If you aren't a fan of scents that you constantly have to top up throughout the day then I don't think you'll enjoy this product but it is pretty to have displayed on your vanity.

I'm not sure if I will be picking anything else from the collection but overall I am pretty impressed with this launch. It's different, unique and cute. I am sure Zoella will have huge success with this range!

Have you picked up anything from the Sweet Inspirations range? If so, what did you get and what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading