Timeless Truth Sheet Mask Review

Timeless Truth is a skincare brand who have been featured in Vogue and mentioned in many other atricles too. I came across them while browsing through Instagram one day. I have seen sheet masks all over the place recently and have always wanted to give one a try to see why they are loved so much. 

TT were so lovely and sent me one of their masks to sample, I got the Green Tea Phenol Soothing Facial Fusion Mask which retails for £4.90 or get a pack of 5 for £23.50. 

This mask is perfect for me, with it being suited to acne prone and oily skin which is something I have been struggling with lately aswell as scarring. 

They have a huge range of sheet masks for different skin concerns and types, take a look at their webite www.ttmasks.co.uk to find out more.

The mask is a non woven material that is generously saturated with serum.. Green tea, Chamomille and Aloe Vera to help the skin against ageing, blemishes and refine the appearance of pores and fine lines aswell. 

When I first took the mask out the packet I was quite worried tbh, I thought it was going to be a struggle to apply it to my face since I do have quite a small one but that wasn't the case at all but I was still quite messy with application so it didn't look perfectly contoured to my face but it still did the job so no need to worry about being sloppy!

Not gonna lie, once it was on my face I couldn't stop giggling to myself. It was such a cold, slimey consistancy and I genuinely looked like a martian from outta space.(apologies for the awful selfie below!

You are meant to leave the mask on for 15 - 20 minutes but I kept mine on for around 25/30 minutes after cleansing my skin first. The longer the better I say so the serums can fully penetrate the skin and do some good!

Once you take the mask off you don't wash the excess product off your face! You simply rub it in and that's it. I did this just before bed and didn't use any other face products alongside the mask. 

Straight away my skin felt more plump and skintone looked much more even! When I woke up the next morning it looked even better. Still plump and even but with the added bonus of my scarring and stubborn spots being reduced quite abit thanks to all the amazing ingredients the mask is enriched with that helps new cell growth and along with other benefits which you can read all about on the site.

Make sure you keep the packet in the fridge aswell because the remaining product that is left in the sachet can be reused within a couple of days.

Overall this is a wonderful product by a lovely brand. Even if you don't have problem skin I would suggest giving these masks a try, we all deserve a pamper every now and then! 

I will be making a big order so I am fully stocked up for sure, stand out product that has helped my skin alot and I'm sure will help yours too!

Have you tried any Timeless Truth products? If so let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading,
Hannah Leanne