The Bloggers Hangout Event 25/6/2016

If you follow me on social media then I am sure you are aware that I recently visited my most favourite city, London. I spent the whole day there with my best friend Kayla who also has a blog.. Kayla Chats. We went to our very first blogger event and done abit of shopping aswell (you can't go to London and not shop!) But I will do a whole different post about the shopping and touristy side of things so keep an eye out for that one.

Be warned, this is a super long post so go grab a cuppa, a snack and make yourself comfortable!

The event was hosted by The Bloggers Hangout at The Strand Gallery. A lovely little gallery on John Adams Street not far from Trafalgar Square or the Embankment, perfect setting for the event although it was quite a tight squeeze at times and very hot. Next door was a very cute pub where me and Kayla had drinks before the event, again a very nice setting, atmosphere and location.

The event was full of lovely brands, some I was already aware of but most was new to me. They all had their own little set up where some had demos of their products, samples and all made wonderful and informative pitches for their products. There was a mixture of beauty, homeware and health. Of course I was most excited about the beauty side. 

The first booth we went to which instantly caught our eye with all their colourful stock was Sass & Belle. They are such a beautiful affordable homeware brand that sells so many cute bits and bobs for your home with tons of pretty prints which range from tropical paradise, coastal chic, colourful cactus and sooo much more. The display was so pleasing on the eye, so colourful and nicely set out to showcase their products..

Throughout the event, most brands offered everyone a goodie bag or sample of their product which made me feel so spoiled and I am very grateful! 

Sass & Belle had such a lovely bag for us which included:
  • tropical summer glass tumbler which comes in 4 designs (watermelon, pineapple, palm trees or flamingos)
  • note pad 
  • pen
  • parrot nail file
  • foldable shopping bag along 
  • summer 2016 look book. 

Next stop was a new brand to me, T-Tox a health brand that sells loose tea and matcha tea. I love green tea so was pretty excited to hear all the great benefits this tea has to offer. Matcha is something I have briefly heard of before but never really understood what it actually is or does.
One cup of Matcha tea has the same health benefits as 10 cups of green tea..How amazing is that?! I don't know about you but I cannot handle 10 cups of green tea a day so this is perfect! 
At the event they had some samples of their Matcha tea and also had some cakes with a Matcha icing..DELICIOUS! I really enjoyed that, a healthy cake..what could be better?

I sampled the Matcha recovery with coconut water which is £25 for 40g and I was surprised at how tasty and refreshing it was! You just add half a tea spoon to water, protein shakes or smoothies. The recovery tea has 6 health boosting powders in it which all have insane benefits..

  • Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 63%
  • Peppermint Powder - Helps upset stomachs 
  • Milk Thistle Powder - Antioxident and Anti-inflammatory, great detox for the liver.
  • Spirulina Powder - Lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, rich in vitmains A, B1, B2, B6, E and K and is high in protein.
  • Nettle Powder - Energy builder and antiseptic. 
  • Lavender Powder - Stress relieiver, relaxer, antisceptic, anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamins A, calcium and iron.      

After a little health kick from the T-Tox we went to the Dinki Belle stand, I have heard so much about Dinki Belle on social media lately so I have high hopes for this brand. For those who don't know, DB is a nail wrap brand which is becoming so popular in the beauty world, Dinki Belle has been featured in Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazine which is amazing.

There are so many designs to choose from all being very on trend and stylish with some really pretty colours and patterns! 

If you are like me and hate sitting around for ages after painting your nails and waiting for them to dry then this is the product for you! They are simply sticker nails. 

How to use:
  • Clean and buff nails
  • Select size to fit your nails 
  • Lift the wrap using the silver tab
  • Apply to the nail and smooth out wrinkles
  • Wrap around the nail and file away the excess in a downwards motion
It really is that simple. There is no damage to your nails and they last up to 14 days, I am always chipping my nails so quickly so I am interested to see how well these perform with my hands on job.

I chose the Red Desire design and retails for £6.99 which you can find on the Dinki Belle site HERE.

At the event there was also some demos going on, one being a manicure from the brand United Beauty. UB offer gelish nails which you can do in the comfort of your own home that is coming more and more popular since it ends up being cheaper than visiting the salon numerous times a month.

The best thing about this brand is you can use their gel touch top coat on top of any nail polish..Barry M, Essie, Revlon..Literally any normal polish you have will work. They also have a on the go LED lamp that you plug into a laptop or any USB port..GENIUS idea if you ask me! 

While we were waiting for my nails to cure we were chatting away and I found out that myself and United Beauty are based in the same town, Corby! What a small world! This makes me want to support the local business even more.

In the demo you get to pick your own colour out of a huge range! I opted for 'Festival' which is a lovely coral pastel orange shade. Perfect for the summer time.

Next was the brand I was the most excited about meeting, Pink Parcel. I am sure you have all seen my monthly unboxings of pink parcel and know how much I love and value them as a brand but for those who don't know Pink Parcel are a monthly subscription service that caters for your periods each month and they send you lots of goodies to make you feel better and also essential supplies like tampons and pads.

I think it is such a brilliant idea and Pink Parcel are so lovely that they are offering all my readers £5 off their first box when they sign up with the code 'PINK16'

The Pink Parcel team had a pick 'n' mix type set up, such a brilliant idea if you ask me and I feel totally spoiled for sure. The girls explained each product to us so we could make the right choice for our personal preference! 

The products I picked are as follows..

  • English Tea Shop Cranberry & Vanilla Tea
  • Jelly Pong Pong Eyeshadow Duo
  • Lottie London Nail Polish - 'Blogger Girl' (best name ever!)
  • Clean & Clear moisturiser
  • Double Trouble Fudge
  • New CID Lipstick (with built in light and mirror)
  • Jealous Jelly Sweets
  • RoC Dermatologic PURIF-AC Purifying Cleanser

The next brand we went to is a oral hygeine brand called Regenerate. This brand has been in the making for 10 years to create the best possible and only enamel builder on the market with its mineral content and micro hardness and we all know enamel erosion is a big problem..

probably didn't help that I was stood there with a cocktail in hand while listening to the brand explain what they are about! whoopsie!!

The toothpaste retails for £10 and the Boosting system is £30 so I was very shocked to receive both these in my goodie bag, very generous indeed! 

You can find Regenerate in Boots, Superdrug, Cult Beauty, Selfridges and many other places.

I have just started using these products so I will report back after a few weeks and let you know how I am getting on.

There was a couple of other brands there too but they didn't have many samples so I couldn't photograph much for you but I did pick up some leaflets and information to share with you..

  • Kathleen Great Britain - This is a luxurious, organic skincare brand made in the UK which includes serums and eye creams.
  • Fausts Potions - FP is a affordable health brand that sells nutritional supplements which is tailor made for people that like late nights, enjoy nights out and travelling to give you that extra health boost of vitamin C and B you need. They also have a on the go trailor which can be based at festivals and any event.
  • Cocktail Mania - This was such a cute little stall. There was a slushy machine which had alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. You tweet Cocktail Mania your order and they make it up for you. Such a cute idea and they taste amazing! You can also book them for all sorts of events.

Fausts Potions

PHEW that was a long one, I do apologise but there were so many amazing brands to get through and I wanted to tell you as much as I could. I had the BEST time and met some amazing bloggers aswell as the brands. I am so thankful for the opportunity and would like to thank the guys at The Bloggers Hangout for inviting me and allowing me to have a +1 aswell. 

I hope to attend many more in the future and I hope you guys reading this take a further look into the brands and fall in love with them for yourself!

Thanks for reading