Pink Parcel Unboxing - June

Another month means another Pink Parcel delivery, something I am really starting to look forward to each month! 

I am so excited to be attending The Blogger Hangout event in London this Saturday (25th June) where some of the Pink Parcel team will be attending also, really looking forward to meeting some members of the team that creates such a great box every month.

Pink Parcel have now reduced their price of the box to £10.50 INCLUDING POSTAGE, was £12.99 (how amazing is that?!) as well as making some other tweeks to the box like removing the 'For Down There' section, including less sanitary towels and adding more items to the 'For You' section. The customers made suggestions to improve and Pink Parcel listened. So lovely to see.

I opt for sanitary towels rather than tampons so as always I recieved the essentials I need, I am glad there isn't as many included anymore..I still have loads from last months box.

Along with that there is tons of little goodies to perk you up abit..

  • Joe & Sephs Popcorn with caramel and sea salt (they taste amazing!!)
  • The Teashed Emergancy tea (also amazing)
  • Bandzee hair ties
  • NPW Halo nail stickers and gems 
  • Imperial Candles scent wax melt 

  • Model co Power Lash Mascara (gives incredible volume with no clumps, love this!)
  • Bubble T Bath and Body Macaroon lip balm

  • Amphora Aromatics ooharr deep cleansing face mask
  • Amie morning dew matte finish moistiruser and morning clear facial wash

A great variety of products this month, as expected. My favourite has to be the popcorn and the mascara. This is not a box to miss!

Once again this is such a bargain box, even more so now the price has been reduced..

Thanks for reading