May Favourites

Hey again! I am abit behind with my May favourites this month, usually I am on the ball and post within the first couple of days of the month but I have had so much scheduled for ages I lost track of what I was doing ha!

Anyway, May was an exciting month for discovering new products which I am sure you will all hear about in some upcoming posts. But for now here is some things I have been using religiously in the month of May..

Band of Shimmering Leaves Pandora Ring - RRP £60

I've had this ring since christmas which was a gift from my mum, it's a beautiful slim ring with a joined shimmering leaves pattern, like the name suggests. I used to wear this stacked along with another Pandora ring but lately I am really liking the way it looks on its own, not only is this a favourite for May but a favourite for every month!

Very pretty and dainty. 


You will have seen me talk about this foundation in my latest new on the high street so I won't go into too much detail. This foundation has a beautiful matte finish which doesn't feel heavy or cakey on the skin, the consistancy is very watery which I wasn't expecting from a matte foundation but it does 100% dry down matte and helps blur out pores even without a primer.

This has been pretty much the only foundation I have been wearing on a daily basis since I got it, brilliant product!

This blusher is so beautiful and pigmented that I can't quite believe it's only £1.99! I never really use Natural Collection products, I always think their quality sometimes lacks because the price is SO cheap with everything ranging from £1.99 to 2.99. But with the Blushed Cheeks line that isn't the case at all.

I got mine in the shade Sugar Plum which is the exact shade I have been looking for. It is a mauvey rose colour which gives the cheeks a lovely flush of colour. This looks so pretty on top of glowy makeup since it is a matte formula so gives abit more depth to any look. It's really easy to blend on the skin aswell.

Another product that I have pretty much been using alone all month.

Olaplex No.3 Treatment - RRP 32

This hair treatment is the BEST thing since sliced bread! 

Olaplex is a salon based product you have added to your colour treatment to prevent further damage and restore your hair to its beautiful self. 

I have a full review on the product so please check it out.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Stacey at Salonista for introducing me to this product and also a HUGE thank you to Olaplex USA for sharing my post on their social media accounts, the response I have had is unbelievable with over 17,000 views on this one post and counting! Thank you all for the support and lovely feedback.

Find my full review on the Olaplex No.3 Treatment HERE.

( If you wouldn't mind sparing 2 minutes, please vote for Salonista as Best Hair Salon in the Muddy Stilettos Awards Northants. That would be so amazing of you to help!! ;) )

Happy Place Cosmetics Green Tea Face Scrub - RRP £14

I have been using this face scrub for a couple of months now and I have been LOVING IT! This scrub is packed full of green tea, wheatgrass, spirulina and chlorella which is amazing for your skin and jam packed of antioxidants

I have oily, blemish prone skin and find this helps massively when I am having really bad skin days.

I do find this is quite a harsh scrub on the skin so I do have to be gentle when rubbing it in but it leaves my skin feeling baby smooth and clean and I only use this once a week. 

Happy Place Cosmetics is a Instagram run company which is run by a lovely lady, Kirstie who is also a lover of all things beauty like myself. They sell products from face scrubs, makeup brush cleansers, soaps, candles and SO much more!

Everything is handmade, vegan, cruelty free and organic. You can only buy in bundles of 3 or more which is actually worth it and she now has monthly skincare boxes which I think is a fab idea! 

June is my birthday month and I am very excited to be going to London for my first ever blogger event so I am sure you will be seeing plenty of exciting things throughout June so make sure you are following me on social media for all the gossip and sneak peeks! (links in sidebar) 

Thanks for reading