Look Incredible Review - June Edition

A brand new month means a brand new Look Incredible box has been delivered to my door, each month seems to be getting better and better so I have been super excited to dive into my June box to see what is on offer this time round, and it didn't disappoint!

I am so happy to see some more well known brands featured in this months box which again are both on the higher end of the scale and some affordable products too along with some brands that have been featured in previous boxes aswell.

As you all probably know, I am a HUGE lover of The Body Shop. I don't think there has ever been a product I don't like from the brand. Super affordable and amazing quality so as you can imagine I was so excited to see this body clay in my box.

I believe the Spa of the World range is a fairly new release from The Body Shop. As the name suggests, it's all about creating that spa experience in the comfort of your own home. The tube is a generous, full size 200ml so should last a long time, although I am hoping it isn't going to dry out quick since it is clay.

This body clay is something unique and an item I have never tried out before in my bath and body routine so I was keen to give it a try. This Rhassoul clay is loved and inspired by moroccan women for its firming properties, it is mineral rich which absorbs excess water and oil so it makes the skin feel tight and more firm the more it dries.

It is to be used on your legs, arms and tummy. Simply wash off in the shower and you should see and feel the results of the firming effect. It smells lovely and relaxing also! Very excited to give this a go!

No7 is a very well known brand here in the UK but a brand I have never really experimented with before, I have been dying to give some products a go for a while so I was pretty excited to find this exceptional definition mascara in this months edition.

I love plastic wands so I knew I was going to like this. I have already tried this out a few times and I love it! The bristles are tiny so it grips onto every single lash easily. One side has very small, flat bristles and the other has larger spaced out bristles. 

The thing I love the most about this mascara is that it doesn't clump up, AT ALL! I can put on 10 layers of this and it still won't clump up or look disgusting but it still gives you long, lifted lashes. 

A beautiful product included this month, which is also my favourite item out of the whole box.

Velvet 59 has been featured in Look Incredible boxes before, the first item we got was a mascara which sadly I didn't like at all. 

This month we got a liquid lipstick which is highly popular in the beauty world right now. I got mine in the shade Pink Cadillac, a very pastel baby pink colour. I am not sure if everybody got the same shade or not.

This is a colour I would never wear so wasn't too excited to have this in my box although I am sure many of you would rock this colour perfectly! As for the actual product, unfortunately.. I hated it. I am so sad to say but I think Velvet 59 just isn't a good brand for me.

The formula is very thin and when applying to the lips it is super patchy. It does dry down to a matte finish but it's VERY drying and crumbles on me very quickly. This wasn't comfortable in the slightest. The product claims to have vitamin E and Sacha Inchi oil to lock in hydration but I don't see any benefits of this on myself.

For £17 I think this is a massive let down..there is many other brands which are cheaper and much better quality when it comes to liquid lipsticks. 

The only good thing about this product is the packaging. Very nice and sleek looking and the wand itself is nice with it having 2 flat sides so application is easier. 

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer - £16

Ah this product is so beautiful! This Stila liquid luminizer is pure gold in colour and leaves your cheeks looking lovely and glowing. It is fairly subtle when it is blended out compared to how the swatch below looks so don't get too frightened, I personally like this best so I can build it up to how I like it.

The highlighter doesn't apply patchy and feels really creamy on the skin. Stila claim that it has soft focus pigments to help diminish skin imperfections and reduce the appearance of fine lines and sun spots..I am not sure how true that really is but I like the sound of it!

It's perfect for the summer months to give a touch of radiance to your look. 
This can be used as a highlight, mixed in with your moisturiser/sun cream or foundation to give it abit more luminosity. 

I am a huge nail lover, mainly I stick to usual nail polish so I am not sure if I would get any use out of this, I may pass it on or include it in a giveaway or something but I love that Look Incredible have inluded Ciate in the box, a great nail brand who also sell some amazing makeup products now too. 

The set includes a pro formula paint pot, foil fix glue and 6 metalic foil sheets. 

The whole idea behind this is to create colourful nail art using foil..all you do is paint your nails with normal polish, apply the pro formula and fix glue and place a foil sheet on top then simply rip off like a plaster which then creates cool patterns. Inspired by Londons urban street art with its funky patterns and colours. 

If you love experimenting with nail art then this owuld be right up your street!

The contents of Junes box has a total value of £76.50 the box is £21.49 including postage each month, as always a great value for money.

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