Benefit Wow Your Brow Range

In the month of June, Benefit Cosmetics will be launching a whole new range of brow products, some are new and some have been repackaged to fit the new theme. SO EXCITING!!

There is TONS of products which are all being released on June 23rd/24th (save the date!) but they had a pre sale for 24 hours at the start of June on most of the collection so I managed to pick up a couple of items I have been dying to try.

All the products now come in 6 shades, yes that's right 6!! Usually you get light/medium/dark which lets be honest is abit pants! Nobody has the same hair colour or skin tones so it was very refreshing to see the Benefit team listen to the customers and make some important changes! 

On the Benefit website you can search for your 'brow dilemma' and this will help you choose which product is best for you. I have very sparse and gappy brows so it was recommended to me that I use the Goof Proof Brow Pencil but sadly that wasn't available in the pre sale.

BUT the following week Elle magazine had a deluxe sample of the Goof Proof Brow Pencil free with every issue throughout June, HURRAY! But they only had 2 shades available..shade 2 and shade 6 and it was a lucky dip on what you get. I was lucky and got shade 2, I would normally be a shade 3 but a 2 is fine aswell.

I picked up 2 products on the pre sale, the ka-BROW eyebrow cream gel colour and the Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel which now comes in a medium shade!

The first item I couldn't wait to try was the ka-BROW cream gel colour. I am not experienced with cream products for my brows AT ALL! I am a total novice but I thought this would be the perfect chance to mix it up abit and possibly make my brow routine abit easier and maybe even quicker. 

The Ka-BROW is a new product from Benefit and comes in a little pot with a little slanted brow brush which comes off from the top, you can clip it back into the lid on the opposite end so it is longer and easier to use, very handy indeed. The product comes in 6 colours, I got mine in the shade 3 which is pretty much perfect for me since I like my brows to look slightly darker. 

The formula is very creamy in the pot but it dries VERY quick so I do have to work with it super quickly, not ideal when I don't really know how to use cream products very well but it sticks to the brows perfectly and keeps them in place. You don't even need a brow gel to set them.

It is really nice to apply and I am sure I will love it even more once I get used to it but for the moment I use this on top of a pencil brow product, either the goof proof or soap and glorys archery brow to give it a more defined look. You can definitly build this up to be more intense if you like that kind of look or keep it as natural as you like.

The next item I got was the ever so popular, cult favourite Gimme Brow Volumizing Gel. This isn't a new product but it has been repackaged to fit the new theme and they have also released a new medium shade! Before it was only available in light or dark. I got mine in the new medium shade. 

I haven't tried the gimme brow at all before but it has been something on my wishlist for a while but the shades never matched so never got round to getting it so I was very pleased to pick this one up. 

The brush is so tiny and the gel has little microfibres to make your brow hairs look much more volumized and full. The consistancy is quite liquidy so I do have to wipe of some of the product otherwise way too much deposits onto my brows and ends up looking way too messy for my liking but that doesn't bother me.

I use this on top of any brow product to add abit more colour and lock the hairs in place and it does a really good job of this. It doesn't smudge and is waterproof..yes I got caught in a heavy storm, my makeup didn't last but my eyebrows certainly did!

Not only do I use this along side other products but I have been loving this on its own when I have a no makeup day. It coats every hair and gives a lovely tint to my light and sparse brows so I don't look pretty much bald. 

Wonderful product!

Lastly is the Goof Proof Pencil from the June edition of Elle magazine and it really does live up to its name. This is another new release from Benefit, looking very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer with its thick, slanted tip.

The product itself is quite waxy but yet creamy for easy application. It is very hard to go over board with this, the colour I got is number 2 which is a touch too light but when I use the Gimme Brow or Ka-BROW gel on top that problem is easily solved. 

You only get a deluxe sample with the magazine but you still get SO much product. The full size has a spoolie on the opposite end but tbh I don't need it since I have so many so I was quite happy with my sample. 

The tip is in a style which is becoming more popular and is certainly quick and easy to use. I can do my brows in 2 minutes using this but I mainly draw the outline of my  brows with a smaller pencil from Soap and Glory but Benefit also have one very similar, the precisely, my brow pencil then fill in the rest with the Goof Proof Pencil and follow up with the Gimme Brow which is a stunning combination!
This is the perfect product for you if you aren't so confident with brows or just starting out since it does live up to its goof proof claims. If you are someone with sprase brows like me then again you will love this and I would highly recommend getting your free copy of Elle to try before getting the full size!

I am so pleased with all my purchases and I am sure the rest of the collection is just as incredible. I think I will be picking up some more bits on the 26th so I can really have 'eyebrows on fleek'!

Have you picked up anything from the pre sale release? Let me know below what you got and what you think!

Thanks for reading