Olaplex Number 3 Hair Treatment Review

Olaplex seems to be the new upcoming must have hair treatment in salons at the moment with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and more being keen users of the products to keep their often changing hair colour looking flawless and in tip top condition. 

Olaplex is a treatment salon professionals use to help maintain and restore chemically treated hair which is designed by actual scientists..(so they must know what they are talking about.) You can even use these products on hair extensions too!  

Olaplex products are free from silicons, sulphates, gluten, parabens, oils, aldehydes and much more. Aswell as being cruelty free!

There is 3 different Olaplex treatments available..

No.1 which is used by salon professionals who mix it with all colour, balayage or lighteners to reduce hair breakage and extend the life of your colour.

No.2 which is used by salon professionals after rinsing any highlights or colour from the hair.

No.3 which is a take home treatment for the client to use between chemical services.

I picked up my number 3 take home treatment from my local salon Salonista which retails for £32 and is to be used between chemical services to help strengthen and restore the damaged disulphide bonds within the hair which break down from frequent colouring and also from using heated tools on your hair which can damage your hair quite abit as you probably know. 

This is to be used once a week on towel dried hair before shampooing.

I thought this is just the thing I need since I do get my hair coloured quite frequently and notice it does look fairly dry and worn out sometimes so I was excited to give it a try and hope for great results..


So I have been using this treatment for around a month now and I have to say my hair looks and feels brand new already. Even managing it on a day to day basis is so much easier. 

I am not one that does much with my hair, the easier and quicker the better but usually everyday I have to straighten my hair because of the frizz, kinks and straw texture to it and use oils along side that to help keep it feeling silky soft and looking at least half decent.. It is such an effort and half the time I can't be bothered so just shove it up in a pony tail..

Since using the No.3 hair perfector which has the same ingredients as No.1 and No.2, I can get away with styling my hair every other day between washes and it still looking pretty much straight and in place which I never, ever thought would be possible with my hair. The frizz in my hair has reduced alot too..

This must mean my hair is slowly repairing itself? 

After each use my hair is always feeling incredibly weightless, silky and managable.

Those scientists really do know what they are talking about I must admit. 

I can't believe how well this stuff works, at first I was abit sceptical..'yeh yeh another hair treatment, they never work for me, they are always the same.' But honestly, it is like magic in a bottle. I would never praise something unless I truly mean it. It is nothing like I have tried before. Repurchases will be made and this will continue to be a vital part of my hair care routine. 


Apply to whole head from root to tip on towel dried hair BEFORE shampooing and comb through. Leave on for 10 minutes, but the longer the better..Leave on for 12 hours for very damaged hair. Wash out and shampoo and condition as usual. To be used once a week.

If like me you are often changing your hair colour or even have really damaged hair from using heat often then I would highly recommend checking in with your local salon to see if they stock Olaplex

It has made such a huge difference to my hair and can only imagine how amazing my hair will look and feel after using this in my hair routine regularly. I am so pleased my local salon introduced me to this product, it's made my routine so much easier and bearable.

Have you ever tried Olaplex? Let me know your experiences with it if so..

Thanks for reading