New on the High Street

As some of you may have noticed, the high street (drugstore) have been releasing some amazing products lately..From nail products, lip products, foundations and plenty more!

It's been pretty hard to restrain myself from buying everything since it all looks so good but I did give in a little and picked up a few new releases here in the UK to share with you all. Some which are highly praised by American Youtubers. 

The first thing I noticed pop up in stores is a couple of foundations which were only available in America that so many Youtube stars raved about. I was dying to get my hands on them and was thrilled to see these finally appear in the UK..

L'oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation - £9.99

I was pretty confused when I spotted this at Boots, in America this foundation is known as the L'oreal Lumi Cushion foundation..I can confirm that they are both the same product. I will never understand why companies rebrand for different countries but anyway.. 

This is a light but buildable coverage foundation which comes in a cushion compact, it is literally just a cushion which is soaked in foundation, something you don't find on the high street and is a very dewy and glowy formula. Not something I would usually reach for because my combination skin but I have seen oily people use this and love it so decided to give it a try.

First impressions was I hated it, it was too tacky on the skin and didn't give me the coverage I was looking for but I have grown to like it! I use this mainly on good skin days and always set it with a matte face powder and usually pair it with a silicone based primer aswell to stop it slipping all over my face

Even though I do set it, some of the glow does peer through and I personally really like that, means I don't have to go crazy with highlight. I find this lasts a good amount of time on the skin before I need to touch up with powder.

I got mine in the lightest shade, Porcelain but still if you are very fair this would be a bit too dark for you. The colour selection isn't amazing but at the high street I don't think there ever is a good selection for different skin tones.   

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation - £5.99

Next to hit the shelves is the Maybelline matte and poreless, I have been wanting this to hit the UK for soooooo long! It is everything I need in a foundation..matte and poreless.

Like the L'oreal foundation, they have rebranded the packaging for us UK folk.. I personally don't like the packaging being in a squeesy tube purely because I think the glass bottle that the US has looks much better but I suppose it is more practical being in a tube for product control.   

The foundation only comes in 6 shades, again pretty pants for variety and found it quite difficult to find the right shade for my pale skin but the lightest shade 102 Natural Ivory seemed okay, I could work with it but I will say it oxidises quite abit! I did look abit orange after a few hours.

I have used this with and without a primer and I must say I don't think you need a primer for this at all. My skin looked flawless, all my pores and fine lines appeared smaller and it lasted a long time on the skin. I am a pretty oily girl and after around 5/6 hours I did see some of the oils peak through the foundation but it wasn't excessive in the slightest, actually looked like I had a nice glow to the skin. The oils didn't cause the foundation to break up either. 

I was expecting this to be quite a moussey, thick consistancy like the L'Oreal matte foundation is but this foundation is actually really thin and watery. I really like that because it doesn't make the skin feel too heavy or look cakey at all.

I think I have found my new favourite foundation! 

L'oreal Infallible Sexy Balm - £4.99   

I am becoming more of a tinted lip balm gal now it is getting warmer so when I saw these chubby stick balms in my local Superdrug I couldn't resist picking up a couple to try. 

These balms claim to last up to 12 hours but I can't see any balm formula lasting that long but they do last a good few hours before fully fading. 

These aren't overly sheer or pigmented and creates a nice tint to the lips in a moisturising way. I got mine in the shades As If which is a your lips but better shade and a more red toned colour called Such a Babe. Beautiful colours for the Summer time which feel lightweight on the lips.

     Sexy Balm - As If
Sexy Balm - Such a Babe

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks - £6.99

I have seen these liquid lipsticks floating around recently but have only just seen them available in my town, I believe they are fairly new on the market.

Liquid lipsticks are becoming the hottest trend in the beauty world these days but the high street have taken their time jumping on the band wagon, there is very little available to buy on a budget but I can see that changing very quickly so I was excited to see Maybelline have released their own vivid matte lipsticks.

I got mine in the shade Nude Flush which is such a pretty rosy pink, as you probably know by now that is my favourite colour to wear. When you think of liquid lipsticks you always seem to associate it with a drying pure matte formula, well I do anyway but the consistancy of these isn't like that at all.

More of a velvet matte but it does dry completely matte, it isn't slippy on the lips or anything. So comfortable to wear and lasts hours before fading. Doesn't crumble or apply patchy, nicely pigmented and for £6.99 I think that is a bargain for such a great product! 


Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner Nail Polish - £3

I've never seen these before and got pretty excited pretty quickly when I spotted them in Superdrug, this collection is exclusive to Superdrug in the UK only.

We all know Kylie Jenner has her own cosmetic line now but I don't think these Sinful Colors nail polishes are part of the Kylie Cosmetics brand. Either way I had to give them a try. 

The stand was pretty empty but I managed to pick up the shade Kween which is a bright pink and also the step 2 top coat to go along with it. All the products are £3 each which I think is a bargain for a KJ product!

These nail products are supposed to give that 'gelish' effect which is a huge trend right now and I think they do exactly that. My nails looked very glossy and stayed chip resistant for 6 days which is pretty good since I have a job which requires manual handling. 

Very opaque, you only need one coat to get full opacity but I always do 2 coats just to make sure. It didn't apply patchy and the brush was the perfect size to coat my whole nail so application was really easy.

I hope Kylie releases more colours to this collection, they are really pretty and super affordable.

Barry M Illumination Strobing Cream - £4.49 

Barry M are well known for their amazing variety of nail polishes but they also have their own makeup range aswell, something I have never tried.

I was looking around the stand to see what is new and this stick highlighter caught my eye. I got mine in the shade Iced Bronze but they also have a more pinky toned one called Frosty Pink but that seemed way too subtle for my pale skin.  

The iced bronze shade is a lovely toned down champagne colour, looks so pretty and subtle on the cheekbones. They aren't glittery at all, just gives a nice sheen glow to the skin. Both shades swatched very smoothly and the one I picked up blended so easily and effortlessly so I am sure the Frosty Pink would be the same.


There's so much more releases that have recently hit our stores and all looks so pretty, no doubt I will be picking up a few more bits to try.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading