My hair journey featuring Salonista Salon

For years and years I have always changed my hair style and colour, to the point where my hair stopped growing, it was uneven and in awful, over processed condition. I literally couldn't do anything with it and just looked a mess all the time so I ended up spending a fortune over the years getting extensions attached to my hair to give me the length and look I wanted and needed..(big mistake)

I thought there was no going back until I discovered a salon local to me who were highly praised throughout the community, Salonista. Which is a double award winning salon owned by a lovely and bubbly lady, Stacey Gadke

I first came across the business on their Facebook page when so many people were sharing and talking about them. Their page is where they share images of all their work, any available appointments/cancellations, products that are available to purchase and also announce any offers they may have. After seeing the standard of their work I knew I had to book in and get my hair sorted once and for all. 

The Salonista team is made up of 11 girls which vary between hair stylists, apprenticeship girls and beauticians. I have yet to have any beauty treatments done but they are all such lovely, professional and funny girls which make the experience in the chair so much more enjoyable and relaxed. Something I've never personally experienced before in other salons if I'm honest.

Stacey Gadke & Melissa O'Neill

The amazing stylist I always go to is Melissa O'Neill who has been hairdressing for a year and a half but has had a passion for hair since a young age. She does anything from hair ups for weddings or nights out to cuts and colour and is always up for a challenge to widen her experience. The standard of her work is unbelievable and she understands my hair really well so knows exactly how to handle it..and believe me sometimes it's a struggle.. 

She has her own Facebook page which you can find HERE aswell as finding her on the Salonista page. 

Listed below is contact details for the salon and also all the places you can find the ladies on social media if anybody is interested in finding out more or making a booking with one of the ladies..

2a Meeting Lane
Old Village
NN17 1AT
Phone: 01536 269530
Mobile: 07739121461 

Salonista Facebook
Salonista Twitter
Salonista Instagram
Salonista Juniors Page
Melissa's Page

I first visited Salonista in August 2015 to get my hair ombred and cut, which you all know is a massive hair craze right now. I opted for a standard blonde ombré but these days I am seeing so many other creative colours which look great but sadly I am not brave enough for, but the girls are always up for a creative challenge and always do a great job

I have never been one for getting my hair cut often, I know that's bad and probably another reason why it never grew but I never trusted anyone to cut my hair, I've never had a good experience with it so never bothered. But now I have full trust in Melissa and I get regular trims every 6-8 weeks and my hair has grew SO much in the past year. 

My hair 1 month before my first visit to Salonista - June 2015

Final result of ombre August 2015

When I first got my ombre I was so worried it wasn't going to suit me and end up looking abit patchy and blocky but that wasn't the case what so ever. Melissa made my hair look very blended and natural looking aswell as sun kissed which was perfect for the warmer months..(We all love to go lighter in the Summer right?) She really did an amazing job and I was getting so many compliments. 

My hair has never felt so healthy and soft despite being bleached, I am so pleased I finally went for it and made a change for the better. 

I then saw a new craze pop up which was still ombre but instead of blonde it was ROSE GOLD! How can you not love rose gold so the idea of having it throughout my hair made me very excited. I asked Melissa if it was possible and she was all for it! 3 months on from having my blonde ombré I booked in to get the rose gold done. I wasn't sure on how it would turn out but again Melissa worked her magic and it looked stunning in the end. 

Again, really nicely blended and it actually looked rose gold..not ginger like I was expecting. Although it did fade pretty quickly but I still loved the way it looked despite that. Melissa was also very happy with the progress of my hair, it had grown a fair bit in 3 months and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace today aswell as being really strong and healthy

Transition to rose gold ombre November 2015

I was still having regular trims but I loved the way the rose gold had faded so I didn't get it coloured again..until today, 5 months later. This time I wanted to go a lot more blonde, using inspiration from Youtuber Alix at ICovetThee. I went for a much more lighter look on the ends and had foils added from the roots to achieve a lighter look throughout my whole head since it was quite dark on the top from my roots, making sure it all blended in nicely. I also had a toner put on to try help neutralise the warmth throughout my hair for a more ashy colour. 

Full head of foils added..
Toner added to the whole head

The toner worked wonders at kicking out the warmth in my hair, the end result looks so pretty and I am so happy with how it turned out. Much more healthy looking and brighter just like I wanted. I cannot thank Melissa enough for the time and effort she puts in to make my hair as great as it is.

So the end result is absolutely beautiful if I do say so myself..

The whole look has been blended so well, there is no longer any warm tones throughout thanks to the toner which was added at the basin and still feels really smooth and healthy. I have had loads of compliments on my look already, even a guy passing me mentioned how nice it was which totally made my day! I am proud to say it was Melissa's handy work. I also think the lightness of my hair makes my eyes look so much blue..Or am I totally wrong? Ha.

Overall I am extremly happy with the final result and of course the quality service and competitive rates. I can 100% see why they are double award winners..truly deserved and more.  

I would highly recommend the Salonista ladies for all your hair and beauty needs! They are also a unisex and child friendly business. :)

Salonista also offer a huge range of products you can purchase in store including:

- Milkshake haircare
- GHD products
- HD Brow makeup
- Easilocks Human Hair Extensions
- Olaplex

And the range is forever growing.

On this visit I got the Olaplex number 3 treatment to use at home which is a hair treatment to be used prior to washing your hair that repairs the broken down bonds in your hair from over processing and colouring.. basically It's a hair perfector for chemically treated hair. It's becoming quite a big thing in the celebrity world, for example..Kim Kardashian used this when she went platinum blonde and back again, helping her hair stay in perfect condition, like the name suggests. Very interested to see how this performs on my hair.  

A blog post reviewing this will follow shortly!

If you would like to know more about Olaplex then you can do HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved writing it.

Get in touch with any of the ladies at the salon if you have any questions, I am sure they will be happy to help any way they can. :)

Thanks for reading.