May Pink Parcel Review

As you all probably know by now, I love a good beauty subscription service..I love the element of surpise each month and discovering new brands so when I first heard about Pink Parcel I was keen to take a closer look into the brand and see what they have to offer compared to other subscription boxes.
Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service for ladies that want that 'time of the month' to be less tedious and easier to bare with. A concept I've never came across before and I really love the idea behind the box.
The box is £9.95 including postage for your first box then £12.99 including postage after that. You can cancel at any time.
To sign up you enter the date your period is due and the box is sent out nearest to that time out of 3 dates available, you chose which date is best for you. You also get the option to chose whether you want tampons or pads in each box aswell as what brand you prefer. You can opt for a mixture of both if you prefer.
When I recieved my box in the mail I was stunned to find so many goodies and supplies included in the Pink Parcel this month. You get a huge stack of towels or tampons (depending on what your choice is) so you don't need to stock up. Not only that, but you get some sweet treats and beauty items to perk yourself up aswell. I really wasn't expecting to have so much in the box, great value for money.
I have to say, I love the packaging of the Pink Parcel with it looking so sleek, girly and it being clearly set out in sections:
- For you (goodie section)
- For Bedtime (night time towels or tampons)
- For later (daytime towels or tampons)
- For down there (freshening cloths)
- Cloth storing bag (towels or tampons for your handbag)
Very pleasing on the eye in my opinion. It made the unboxing much more exciting.

The contents of the box included familiar brands and also introduced me to some new ones, one of the reasons why I enjoy boxes like this. I love that they included a makeup brush aswell, I wasn't expecting to discover that in my box at all, especially from a brand I really love using. 

/ Simple Soothing Face Toner

/ Lottie London Concealer Makeup Brush

/ Badger Sleep Balm

/ True Brit London Nail Polish - Its a Monthly Thing

/ Cougar Beauty Perfect Pout Lip Gloss

/ Rococo Chocolates Honeycomb Mini Bee Bar

/ Fudge Kitchen White Chocolate & Raspberry Cube

/ The English Tea Shop Rooibos Chocolate & Vanilla
/ Always Sanitry Towels (night and day time)
/ Fab Little Bag (for tampon disposal)
/ Fem Fresh Freshening Cloths 

For the price I think you get so much, the Pink Parcel team pack so much in to each box every month to make your girly time that little bit better and it certainly has cheered me up this month. I personally think this is a brilliant idea, I am almost excited for my next period just so I can get my hands on the June edition. Never thought I would be saying that about periods!
If you want to make your time of the month that little bit easier then give Pink Parcel a look! I promise it's worth it!
Thanks for reading