Kylie Lip Kit Review - Posie K

Unless you live under a rock, I am pretty sure you have all heard about the hype that is the Kylie Jenner Matte Lip Kits that have recently launched and seem to have taken over the beauty world.

At first I wasn't too phased about these and didn't feel the urge to buy them all because I heard so many mixed reviews and it was just way too stressful and hard to get hold of any with them all selling out within minutes. But as the months have gone on the temptation was eating away at me so in the end I gave in and managed to get hold of the one I wanted which is Posie K

The stress of buying off the website is real! I was like a mad hatter trying to add Posie K to my cart as quickly as possible. Pretty sure my blood pressure was through the roof which is ridiculous because she does restock frequently. So don't stress to much!!
The rest of the colours aren't totally up my street but now I am seeing more and more swatches I kinda want to get my hands on Candy K and possibly 22 in the future.

As you probably know these kits include a liquid lipstick AND a matching lip liner. I have heard SO many amazing things about the lipliners but very mixed reviews on the lipsticks but I always prefer to make up my own mind on products..

The lip kits are 29 dollars each which is £19.78 in the UK. I think that is a great price considering you are getting 2 products in one package. International postage is $14.95 and that converted is £10.19, again I think that is a good price to pay since it is being shipped from the states and takes 10-15 days to arrive. 

Custom charges are so hit and miss, I have seen people that have ordered them all and receive no fees to pay and others have..Luckily I had no fees to pay, THANK GOD!

The packaging on these are really nice, I like the design but they do feel abit flimsy and cheap but that doesn't reflect on the product itself.

Firstly the colour of Posie K is stunning. It's a lovely mauve, dusty rose shade but the liquid lipstick does look more purple toned on me compared to the lip liner but still very pretty. I will deffo be wearing the lip liner alone too. Posie K is a very popular and on trend shade right now. One of my favourites to wear these days.

Alot of people seem to say that swatches online aren't realistic to the real thing and I do agree but that all depends on the pigmentation of your own lips although I will say, don't go by the colour on the boxes because it looks nothing like it in person..

The formula is very thin and watery which can be abit messy, I have seen people say that it pours everywhere if you turn the tube upside down etc..I did try this and luckily mine didn't go everywhere. I think the thin formula (which is comparable to the Colourpop liquid lipsticks) makes the lipstick dry down to a matte finish alot quicker than a creamy formula would.

When I first applied this I was so shocked to see how quick it fully dried down and how comfortable it felt. Out of all the liquid lipsticks I own this is by far one of the best formulas to wear, it really does feel like nothing on the lips.

As for longevity, I find this lasted such a long period of time! I even had a cheeky 2 hour nap and it was still fully on when I woke up. It lasts so much longer with the lip liner applied all over the lips first compared to just applying the liquid lipstick without it..Pretty obvious but thought I would mention it anyway. I never experienced any crumbling or patchy spots and the shade is so pigmented, one coat was super opaque.

I absolutely love this colour, it is a great shade for all year round and for all skin tones. I hope I can get my hands on more..

Have you tried any of the Kylie lip kits or any other Kylie Cosmetics products? What are your favourites? 

Thanks for reading