Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color Review

Every brand seems to be jumping on the liquid lipstick band wagon lately and Revlon is no exception. They have recently came out with some new releases to their collection which includes mascara, matte liquid lipsticks as well as coming out with a pump for their Colorstay foundation. (finally)

After seeing these being released I was so excited to pick them up, you don't usually find many affordable liquid lipsticks on the market right now, although that is slowly changing. There is so many mixed reviews going about on these lip products so I wanted to make my mind up for myself and give them a try..

I have to say when I first swatched these in store I really wasn't impressed..The colour selection covers the nudes, pinks and a couple of deeper shades aswell but I wasn't thrilled with any of the colours other than one I picked up which is Devotion and also the formula was not matte in the slightest, even after half an hour of them being on my hand they hadn't dried down to a matte finish and were still really creamy and smeared all over the place so I didn't have high hopes for these at all.

Despite my disappointing first impression I decided to pick up the one I liked best just to test it out and hope it will be better on the lips and I will admit I am surprised to find it was much better than expected.

I got mine in the shade Devotion, this seemed like the only colour I would actually wear although I do like the look of Passion for the Autumn/Winter seasons but since we are getting into Summer I thought a neutral pink would be a good choice..

Revlon claim these are matte lipsticks but I wouldn't agree and I think many others think the same from what I've seen and heard. If they were described as 'creamy matte' then they would get away with it but they are certianly not 100% matte which tbh I quite like, I prefer this to a really dry matte formula but the name isn't accurate. 

This is more of a satin matte finish but you can make it appear more dried down if you blot your lips after application and also by dabbing some powder onto your lips which is a great trick to use on any creamy product to create a matte lip.

It seemed to be quite long wearing on my lips aswell which I was shocked at since very little lasts long on me, especially high street products.
I did have to reapply a little bit on the centre of my lips after a couple of hours after eating but that doesn't bother me and it didn't flake away or look patchy etc after I put it on. 

Since it isn't so dry and matte it felt really comfortable to wear, I hardly noticed I had anything on at all. It is really pigmented aswell, I only needed one coat to get full opacity and didn't come off patchy but I feel the darker shades may be different.
The colour is a stunning deep mauve pink when swatched as seen above but on the lips the colour seems more of a dusty rose shade which I think looks stunning and I really enjoy wearing this kind of colour nowadays when usually I go for a red or darker lip. 

If you are sensitve to scents in products then I would be cautious of this one, it has a very strong scent of sweet fruit and vanilla in it which I personally love but it is really over powering at first although it doesn't last on the lips once applied so it isn't unbareable or anything.

Apart from the gorgeous shade of pink, I love the packaging with its frosted curved glass look making it appear quite sleek and expensive even though it's the opposite.

In the end, my first impression has definetly changed..I love this product, love the colour, love the brand and love the formula.

Just goes to show, don't judge everything on a simple swatch you make in store, you may grow to love it once used properly.

Let me know if you have tried these and what your thoughts are on them..

Thanks for reading.