March Beauty Haul

Throughout March I put myself on a spending ban so I had some money to spend when I venture off to London for a couple of days in April but that ban didn't last long once I went shopping in Leicester with a friend of mine.

I figured I was going to buy some of these items in London anyway so it didn't really matter. I did have quite a big splurge so I will jump right into what I got.

First thing we did was make a visit to Boots where they now have a NYX stand which I was soooo excited about! That was pretty much the main reason why I went to Leicester. I have to say it was pretty busy and there wasn't much left to choose from and also they lacked testers aswell which was pretty annoying but we did go back later on in the day and there was nobody there and more things were stocked up so I managed to pick up a few things..

I already have this powder but in loose powder form, it is a great powder which sets my foundation nicely without feeling too heavy on the skin and helps blur out imperfections so I wanted to have the pressed version for my makeup bag.

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite lipsticks for the spring/summer time. It is a matte finish but feels slightly creamy and considering it is a drugstore product it lasts so long before fading. Such a lovely deeper pink shade for the warmer seasons. It is all I have been reaching for since I purchased it.

When I swatched this in store it was a lovely dark nude/pink colour but on the lips it came off alot more baby pink which isn't the type of lipsticks I like, this colour doesn't suit me at all and it didn't last an hour before giving me that white ring you get on the inner part of your lips. It is a creamy finish which does dry ever so slightly but the colour selection wasn't grear and I wasn't impressed and regret this purchase.

Left - Nyx Matte Tea Rose. Right - Nyx Suede Tea & Cookies

I am obsessed with this brush, it is perfect for bronzing and soft contouring! It is very soft and blends product nicely. Originally I was going to buy the Real Techniques Bold Metals 100 Powder Brush but it is a tad pricey then I came across this one which looks pretty similar with it being large, fluffy and abit thin too. I will still be purchasing that one just to see if it is a dupe but it does remind me alot of it. This will be making my March favourites for sure!

A lovely standard blending eyeshadow brush. Very soft and works great for blending out product in the crease.

A great primer that helps smooth out the skin and blurs out pores slightly. The consistancy is like a moisturiser but feels like velvet on the skin. Sits really nice under makeup and does seem to make my foundation last longer.

Does exactly as it says, it fills in those pesty pores which is what I need for my skin. This primer has taken over my old faithful Bodyshop instablur primer. I find it does a much better job. It is a more velvet texture rather than a silicone based one that feels more lightweight on the skin. Works really well when paired with the Angel Veil primer.

After having a good look through Boots we then moved onto some of the larger stores and hit the MAC counter, I only picked up one thing and resisted the urge to buy more. 

I've been after a new face powder for a while now, I don't feel the ones from the highstreet are doing much for me anymore so opted for a more highend one. I was originally matched as a NC20, which turned out to be way too yellow for my skin so had to go back and exchange it for NC15, not great service MAC! This is a lovely powder that gives medium/full coverage without feeling heavy on the skin and helps blur out imperfections. 

On the way home it's only right to pop into Lush right? I am going to Lush Oxford Street in a couple of weeks so I wasn't intending on getting much, I was hoping to get my hands on some Easter stuff but sadly there was nothing left eggcept..a few humpty dumpties.. ;)

I was abit gutted that this was the only thing I could pick up from the Easter range. This is a rather generous sized bath bomb, I'm not sure if you can use him more than once due to his size so if you know then please let me know in the comments below :) Smells sweet and citrusy, just what I like and also has a fried egg inside which I am interested to see.

My all time fav lip scrub, I lost my old one and pretty sure it was out of date aswell so I had to repurchase. Smells amazing, tastes amazing and gets rid of all the dead skin while leaving my lips feeling silky smooth. 

An old faithful that I always have to pick up when I make an order or pop into store. Has a citrus scent which leaves your bath a nice blue/pink colour depending on which colour you choose to get. This lasts me about 2/3 baths. 

I love this bubble bar, it is so cute and colourful aswell as reusable so will last quite a few baths depending on how much bubbles you want. Smells kind of sweet but not overpowering like snow fairy can be and also hints of citrus in there, it isn't something I have smelt before from Lush, it is quite unique.

As you can tell I went a little mad when shopping but it's nice to treat yourself every now and then. ;) 

I am sure I will be back with another haul in April after my trip to London!

Thanks for reading,