Lush Oxford Street Haul

Continuing from my previous London Beauty Haul post, this post will be dedicated to my big Lush haul from the Oxford Street store. 

I mainly purchased bath bombs and bubble bars which are my favourites from Lush and typically the only things I tend to purchase from them..

One of my favourite body lotions which I have just ran out of so a repurchase was necessary. This leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated but not too sticky either so I am not waiting around for hours for it all to sink into the skin.

It is full of all the great stuff your skin needs to stay nourished:
  • Fair trade Olive oil
  • Organic Jojoba oil
  • Moringa oil
  • Fair trade Shea butter
  • Ylang Ylang oil
  • Fair trade Colombian Cocoa butter
  • Fresh Aloe gel
  • Fair trade Vanilla Absolut
  • Rosewood Oil
Such amazing ingredients which make you smell amazing aswell.
For every Charity Pot purchased, Lush donate 100% of the money to small organisations which could use a helping hand. Even more reason to purchase!

This is my all time favourite Lush item so I had to pick up another one. It is a huge bubble bar which lasts 4-5 baths depending on how much bubbles you like to fill up your bath with. 

It is sweetly fragranced and packed with blackcurrant aromas too which turns your bath a lovely pink colour and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft, like many other Lush bath products do.  I will never get bored of this bubble bar and will continue to buy, I hope Lush never discontinue this product!

Another bubble bar but this is a much smaller one that lasts 2-3 baths. Whenever I use this my skin always feels like a babies butt and smelling incredible with its hint of grapefruit and lemon. 

Has good ingredients such as: 
  • Cocoa butter
  • Avocado butter
  • Virgin olive oil
  • and more. 

Leaves the water a nice pale blue colour.

Lava Lamp Bath Bomb - Oxford Street Exclusive £3.45

This is one I have never tried before and is only available to buy in the Oxford Street store. It is orange in colour with 3 purple spots which I suppose is like a lava lamp and also has quite a strong aroma of orange and citrus which I love.

I don't know much about this particular bath bomb but I am interested to see how this performs once plonked into the bath and what colour it makes the water.


This is another new addition to my collection, one I have never tried before. I thought this was a Oxford Street exclusive but I found it on the Lush website so I guess not.

If you don't like glittery things then I would stay clear of this one because it is PURE glitter. I usually try to stay away from glitter based products because it's such a pain in the ass when cleaning out the bath afterwards but the scent of this lured me in. 

This has a very strong scent of lemon which appears to be a favourite aroma of mine. I am interested to see how this is when crumbled into the bath and whether it leaves my skin feeling super smooth or not, I get the impression it is a very moisturising and uplifting product with it being packed of oils.

Another newbie to the Lush basket family and a different one to what I usually go for. This bath bomb is more of a woody/floral scent which gives off a calming vibe, hence the name 'yoga' bomb. 

I used this as soon as I got it and was expecting it to just turn the bath orange but once it broke apart I was surprised to see a mixture of bright colours leaking out of it..yellow, purple, blue and green creating a lovely rainbow wash in the water.

It looked very psychedelic, I loved it and need to get my hands on more.

I have used this bath bomb before and really liked it so had to pick up another one. This bomb is made up of five colours which all create a dark grey colour in the bath which makes me think alot of space with lusture running throughout the water.

I can't really describe the scent but I think I smell a hint of vanilla in there, this doesn't have a scent typical to Lush.

Another favourite of mine which originally came in the form of a bath bomb but sadly was discontinued. BOO YOU LUSH! But I suppose all is forgiven with this replacement. Still has the same spicy and citrusy scent as the bath bomb but with the added perk of bubbles! 

This lasts around 3-4 baths if broken up.

An old favourite of mine which I believe has been reformulated since the last one I owned. It is named a bubbleroon instead of a bubble bar (which is what it is) because it mimics the appearance of a macaroon treat.

This has a lovely sweet aroma and is packed full of moisturising oils. Another one that lasts 2-3 baths. 

I love this generous sized bubble bar for those down days because it has a lovely uplifting orange scent which creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

This is the same size as The Comforter bubble bar and lasts 4-5 baths. Turns your bath water a bright orange colour to match its sweet fragrance. An old classic that never gets old.

As you can probably tell, I love citrus and fruity scents so I am really happy with all my purchases. 

Lush really do make great products that pack a punch in colour and fragrance while incorporating amazing ingredients which do wonders for your skin.

Let me know your favourite Lush items!

Thanks for reading,