Top 3 Fragrances

I personally have never been one for obsessing over perfumes or body sprays, I always just stick to one scent and be quite happy but recently I am becoming abit of a collector and always find myself leaning towards to the perfume counters more than the makeup stands. It is quite an expensive interest to have I admit but still a worthy one, we all want to smell good right?

I have narrowed down my top 3 scents that I own that I wear on a daily basis or on special occasions but my perfume wishlist is forever growing!

This is my all time favourite scent! When I first smelt this in The Body Shop it took me back to my childhood, I don't know why but it instantly reminds me of something from when I was little. Maybe a relative wore a similar scent or something but it was intoxicating. Anything with jasmine infused I am completely obsessed with. It is such a warming scent with rich sandalwood, jasmine and violet leaf. 100ml bottle and I have nearly finished it, it has lasted me a very, very long time and I wear it near enough every day. The scent doesn't last as long as a perfume but it still lasts throughout the day if kept topped up. I love the packaging but I believe they have now rebranded but still looks gorgeous.


This particular perfume is always my night time scent, or special occasion scent. I have the tiniest amount left which saddens me greatly :'(!! I can't remember where I first caught a wiff of this but my god it is beautiful. Again, this is jasmine and sandalwood infused which is probably why I love it so much with hints of fruitiness but floral notes aswell. This is the only perfume that lasts a hell of a long time on my skin. If I spray it on my scarf, I will still smell it days later. Such a lovely, feminine and grown up scent.

Fragrance Notes:
Top Notes: Mirabelle Plum
Heart Notes: Bouquet of white flowers highlighted by Jasmine
Base Notes: Woody tones of Sandalwood


Such an oldie but a goodie. This one has been my favourite everyday perfume for a long time now. There seems to be a theme going on because this also has jasmine and has abit of a fresh, woody scent to it. Lasts a long time and I love the gold packaging.  

Fragance notes:
  • Top Note Neroli Bitter orange Raspberry
  • Heart Note Orange flower Jasmine Sambac
  • Base Note Patchouli Honey