Makeup Setting Spray Collection

Only recently I have enjoyed using face mists and setting sprays. I always thought it was all abit of a fad tbh but I have grown to like them and can see a difference in my makeup end result throughout the day. I am slowly building up a little collection and here is what I have so far..

I have owned this for agesss and it is still over half full. I love using this face mist when I have tired looking skin before applying my makeup and as a finisher aswell. It makes my skin look more awake and brightened aswell as hydrated. It also smells of oranges which I love. Yet again The Bodyshop never fails to disappoint. 

I got this in the travel size just to try out when I first started using setting sprays, this bottle is 30ml which I think is a decent amount. I use it often and still have quite abit left. This makes my makeup last ages for me, whether it is humid or have rain full blown whacking me in the face it always seems to be intact. Great size to just throw in your bag. This is also paraben and oil free which works well for my skin type. The full size bottle is 118ml for £22. 

The best drugstore setting spray by far! It is a 100ml bottle for £5, that is such a great deal! The thing I love most about this is how it actually sprays, it is a nice soft spritz which doesn't just hit in one part of your face like others I have tried tend to do. Keeps my makeup in place all day, in all weathers like the UD one. If you don't want to spend the money on the higher end setting sprays in the market then I would recommend giving Makeup Revolution a look, along with all their other great and affordable products. (Their eyeshadow pallets are to die for!)

MAC Prep and Prime Fix + - £17
I have a love hate relationship with this setting spray. It is great to help reduce cakiness of your makeup if you overdo it on the powder but when it comes to prolonging my makeup I don't feel it does this well on my skin. I have combination skin and when I use this on top of my finished makeup, after a couple of hours my skin looks really oily, especially on the cheek area and causes my makeup to break up very quickly. And when used as a base I don't feel it makes my foundation look any different and can sometimes be hard to blend out product on top. Was quite disappointed considering everyone raves about it so much but it is good to have in your collection to spray on your eye brushes when applying eyeshadow to intensify the colour abit more. 

Monu Rosewood Reviving Mist - £11.95
This spray is basically a spa in a bottle. The scent is so beautiful being citrusy with rosewood and more great essential oils infused. I use this most when I am feeling stressed out because the scent is so calming but it also gives a lovely glow to my skin and makes my makeup last longer than some of the other setting mists. I got mine in a beauty box subscription so it is only a sample size but I will certainly be purchasing the full size once I have finished my current one. 

What are favourite setting sprays and if you have combination skin then I am interested to know what you prefer, or if you think they are worth it at all.

Thanks for reading,