L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Review

Today is abit of a different post, as you know I usually talk about makeup and skincare but recently I have found my holy grail hair care products! And trust me, it has taken many, many years to find what works best for my bleach damaged hair. 

The Re-Balancing range is a fairly new launch from L'oreal which is targeted for people that have oily roots but dry ends. When I first seen this on TV I was like yes, yes, yes, me, me, me. Finally! Somebody has created something that targets both my oily roots and dry ends without feeling like I have a ton of product weighing down my hair.

Their range includes:

They also have the same range but for dandruff prone hair. 

First I will talk about the dry shampoo. Usually I go to the COlab Sheer & Invisible Dry Shampoo, that is my holy grail product for tackling my oily roots but wanted to see if this would top that one. 

Sadly I am abit unsure, it states on the bottle that it is invisible but I have found it does leave slight white marks which almost looks like dandruff, not cute! Although it smells amazing I don't feel it does its job very well. I have to spray quite alot to make it look like it's actually doing something. But I have to say, I love the way it sprays. It is very fine and light but maybe this is why I feel like it doesn't do much. I have to try it out abit more but so far I still prefer my COlab one.

Now onto the stars of the show..The shampoo and conditioner is like nothing I have ever tried before. It really does thoroughly clean my hair and both make my hair feel weightless and very hydrated. With any other shampoo and conditioners I have used it always makes my hair feel very heavy and dry when I am styling it. I seen a difference in the texture of my hair and the way it styles after the first use, I was amazed! No product has made my hair look and feel so good.

The Re-balancing range does such a good job of making my hair feel healthy, I would recommend this to anyone that has oily roots and dry ends. It has been a life saver for me, and makes styling my hair so much easier and quicker aswell with it tackling my frizz. Also it smells amazing and I can smell it on my hair for hours and hours after styling. BONUS!

I haven't got the pre shampoo hair treatment yet but I will be going to pick that up very soon, it is supposed to be used before you shampoo your hair and soaks up all the oils so it makes your hair and scalp feel even more clean. Very excited to give it a try!

Thanks for reading,