Colourpop Review - UK

Colourpop is a brand from Los Angeles and creates high quality lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, eyeliners and highlighters at super affordable prices! Those words are music to a girls ears right?! 

Sadly, Colourpop doesn't ship to the UK at the moment but you can order via a courier service or you can find some of their items on Depop, Ebay and other selling sites out there but prices can be higher than retail price but I think it is worth it. I purchased mine from Depop all under £10 each including postage. 

I have only tried their lip products so far and I am very impressed, I am super excited to build up my collection and purchase more products! 

Lippie Stix - Frida $5.00
Frida is a stunning light coral peach shade on me but on others I have seen it is more a light pink, it looks different on so many people depending on the pigmentation of your lips, and this is a satin finish. Usually I don't wear such light colours, I am more of a red or mauve pink kind of girl but this looked stunning with my pale skin and looked lovely ontop of a nude brown lipliner. The lasting time on these lippie stix are better than any other lipstick that I own, lasting around 2-5 hours before having to touch up. Plus it smells just like cake which is amazing!

Lippie Stix - Bichette $5
Bichette is becoming one of my all time favourite shades of red, it is a matte finish but feels creamy on the lips and still gives that matte finish. This is a beautiful deep red shade on many but in natural daylight it looks a more reddish pink on my lips, still so beautiful and isn't like any other colour I own. I applied this with no lipliner and it didn't bleed and was so easy to get a precise outline thanks to the lipsticks shape.

Lippie Stix - Blood $5
Blood is very similar to Brichette but is much more a vampy dark red, again it is matte but creamy on the lips. I don't think I will get much wear out of this since it is so similar to other lipsticks I own, still such a gorgeous shade to wear, especially in the fall.

Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick - Avenue $6
This is my first ever liquid lipstick and I am on the fence. I loved the colour when I researched swatches online but on me it is a very deep red, abit too dark for my pale skin but would look gorgeous on any skin tone if you like this type of colour. I am a matte lip girl but this was SO matte, hence the name 'Ultra Matte.' It applied quite liquidy but dried in seconds, it did look abit patchy but I did expect that since it is such a dark colour so I had to layer on abit more. This did last a long time on the lips around 5 hours before becoming patchy but after an hour or 2 the inside part of my lips did fade away. I was aware I was wearing it, didn't feel super comfortable to begin with but I slowly got used to it. The lipstick didn't crumble throughout the day either which many liquid lipsticks can do. I think this would best be worn with a lip balm applied before hand.

Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick - Bumble $6
Bumble is a beautiful deep dusty pink shade, nothing like I already own. Like Avenue it was quite drying so I tried it with a lip balm underneath and it made such a difference! It was way more comfortable to wear but it did fade quicker this way and also took abit longer to dry to that matte finish. I am not convinced with liquid lipsticks, I much prefer a normal matte lipstick but this is such a beautiful colour so I will carry on wearing it.

Overall I am very happy with my recent purchases, Colourpop offer a wide range of shades and formulas so it caters to everyones preferences!

I would love to know your favourite Colourpop items and recommendations on what to purchase next!

Thanks for reading,