Bath Time Bed Time Review

Today I will be talking about an incredible brand and lady I met via Twitter last month, Bath Time Bed Time which is created by 26 year old Fran Marchant originally from South East London but now lives in the Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire area here in the UK with her husband and step daughter (she is SOOO cute!). Aswell as running her business, Fran has a full time job in finance at a consultancy, studying to be an accountant. She really is wonder woman!

As most people know I am a huge Lush fan so anyone else that comes out with bath products of a similar nature I am all for! Fran kindly sent me these items which I am so greatful for. This post is completely my decision, she did not ask me to do this. I simply love her products so much and wanted to share with the rest of you. 

Fran has her own blog which originally was all about bath, beauty and relaxation which is what she loves. This then inspired her to transform her blog into her BTBT business where you can purchase her products and catch up on her frequent posts about reviews, recommendations and also some information about herself aswell. Currently Fran only sells bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps but is hoping to expand into candles, essential oils and scrubs..I am VERY excited for this possibility!!

You can find her on these social media pages:


A like, follow, share or anything else to help get her name out there would mean the world to her!

Now lets get onto the products, I received 5 bath bombs and one bar of soap. I was so excited and ended up using 2 bath bombs straight away so I only have 3 left to share with you, whoops! 

The bath bombs retail for £3 each, bubble bars £4 each and the soap is also £4 each. Very affordable and competitve prices. The size of the bath bombs are a fairly good size comparing to the regular sized bath bombs you get at Lush and has essential oils added to give the scent to each product. All products are handmade, natural, organic and cruelty free.

Fran picked out her favourite products for me to try so here is what I was luckily enough to get.. Before I talk about my remaining items I have left I will describe my experience with the previous 2 I already used. I can't remember what the other 2 are called but when I left the bath my skin literally felt like a babies butt on both occasions! I didn't feel like I even had to moisturise which is crazy. The scent stayed on my skin for a good few hours which never usually happens with any bath product I use unless it is a very expensive product and of course left my bathroom smelling like heaven! I don't know exactly what is in these bath bombs that makes your skin so soft but seriously it is like magic! I have very high hopes for my remaining 3 which are..

Dewberry Bath Bomb
This is a beautiful scented bath bomb, if I am correct I believe Dewberry is a type of berry from the blackberry family. It has a very subtle berry scent to it and I think a hint of citrus aswell and I can imaging it will turn my bath a lovely light blue colour.

Very Berry Bath Bomb
This bomb is smaller than the other bath bombs, comparing to Lush Think Pink bath bomb. It has a nice subtle rose scent to it with a lovely baby pink colour topped with a rose petal decoration. Very cute and girly.

Fig & Casis Bath Bomb
This particular bath bomb is my favourite out of all the ones I received, I am putting off using it because I don't want to be without it haha. Has a lilac and white colour with a stunning scent but of course, I suck at describing scents which you can probably tell but seriously it smells so good! Kind of sweet and fruity. 

Lilac Soap
Now this is the star of the show for me. I am not one that obsesses over soaps and collects them etc like many do. Soap is soap to me..until I got my hands on this block of heaven. You get quite a large chunk measuring about 90-100 grams each, I broke mine into 3 chunks so it lasts alot longer. The scent is is a sweet aroma to me, I compare it to sherbet candy but I don't know if that's what it is but either way it is beautiful but if you aren't a fan of sweet scents then this probably isn't for you. It makes my hands incredibly soft and the smell lingers for ages. Even just having it sat in my room in the packet I can still smell it everytime I go in. Such a standout product that I would highly recommend. Fran also has other scents in honeycomb and rainbow. 

Fran has done so well building up her business despite being in full time work and having a family to look after.

I am really looking forward to seeing her business expand and watch her grow and of course try more of her products..especially the bubble bars which is my most favourite bath item ever! 

Congrats Fran, keep up the good work. 
You are smashing it!

Check out her website, follow her on social media, share her pages, say hello and make an order, you will not be disappointed ;)

Thanks for reading,