£4 Makeup Brush Set

Like myself, I am sure everybody loves a good bargain! Around 2/3 years ago I was in the market for some makeup brushes, I was on a tight budget and never seemed to find a set affordable enough for me so I ventured onto the bargain hunters heaven, Ebay. There were HUNDREDS of makeup brushes to choose from, mainly unbranded. I was only just starting to really get into makeup at this point so I wanted something basic to start of with, then I came across these unbranded sets which seem to be dupes for the Sigma brushes. They come in sets of 10 for only £4! For that price I couldn't resist.

When I received them I was very impressed with the quality, I was expecting them to be tough and prickly since the price but I was so wrong, they are SO soft. But make sure you wash your brushes before you use them! I didn't do that and ended up in A&E with a majorly bad reaction, my whole face was scarlett red for a week and had to take antobiotics to help, even today I suffer from texture issues and I believe it was because of the reaction. Since I washed them I have never had any problems. 

In the set you get 5 face brushes (I lost one) and 5 eye brushes. 

Face brushes:
The first brush is a round, slightly pointed brush which is used for blusher. I don't reach for this often but when I do I use it to contour slightly and sometimes blusher. Blends really nicely, quite dense but still soft. Dupe for the Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki.

Next you have an angled kabuki brush, I use this for liquid foundation and works well to get into those areas that a regular flat top can't due to its angled shape. Very soft and the brush doesn't shed either, in fact none of them do. Dupe for the Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki.

Another kabuki brush but this one is a flat top, this is usually my go to foundation brush if I am not using my other brushes. Does exactly the same as the angled brush mentioned above, blends out liquid foundations seamlessly and doesn't leave streaky marks. Dupe for the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki.

Next is a rounded buffing brush, this used to be my go to foundation brush but it is now starting to get abit grubby and hard to blend out product with the bristles sticking together abit once a liquid foundation touches it. Great size for buffing all over the face and I also liked to use this one to blend out cream bronzers or blushes. Dupe for the Sigma F82 Round Kabuki.

Eye Brushes:
I only really use 3 of these eye brushes and the first is the angled fluffy blending brush. I use this to blend out my shadow, mainly in the crease. It is abit bigger than your usual blending brush but does the job well for me and again is super soft. Dupe for the Sigma P84 Precision Angled.

The second brush is the same as the first except it isn't angled, I use this to apply product into my crease, all over the lid and blend throughout the crease aswell. I pretty much use this for everything and works wonders. This is usually the only brush I ever use on my eyes. Dupe for the Sigma P82 Precision Round.

Next in line is the pencil brush athough this a tiny bit too big to blend out product on the lower lash line compared to other brushes I use but I mainly use this to pack on shadows on the outer corner of my eye making a precise application with its pointed tip. Dupe for the Sigma P86 Precision Tapered.

Quite honestlty I don't really know what the next 2 are supposed to be used for. One is an angled flat top eye brush and the other is just flat on top. I only use the angled flat top but it is very rare that I do, but I use this to apply concealer if that concealer is in a pot rather than a doe-foot applicator. I guess you can pack on shadow onto the lid with these brushes but I personally haven't tried that. But for £4 it is no harm to have it in the set. Brush on the left is a dupe for the Sigma P80 Precision Flat and the brush on the right is a dupe for the Sigma P88 Precision Flat Angled

If you are a makeup beginner then I would recommend checking out these brushes, or even if you aren't a beginner but want a good alternative to more expensive brands. I think these are great brushes for any collection. There are so many sellers on Ebay that sell these sets for different prices, some even under £4! They also have sets in different colours so it is worth having a browse to see what is on offer.

Thanks for reading,