Skincare Must Haves: In Depth Review

I haven't done a skincare post since I started my blog all the way back in 2014. I have always struggled with spots, scarring and textured skin but never seemed to find anything that helped, only making things worse. Finally after many trial and errors I have found some products that have improved my skin or hasn't made it any worse. 

Cleansers, exfoliators and masks:

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser for all skin types £15
I first got this when I went to a Kiehls event in London with a friend of mine who won a competition to meet 2 Youtubers at their Regent Street store. They had their staff give everybody a skin consultation but everything that was recommended for my oily skin from the Candeluna range sadly completely ruined my skin and made me very sensitive which I never suffer from. I was wary of using any more Kiehls products after this but I went ahead and gave this one a shot and works really well for my skin. It doesn't break me out or strip my skin like the other products seemed to do. It is a gel like consistancy which doesn't foam up. I use this every morning and some times in the evening aswell once I take my makeup off for a double cleanse and I feel it really does remove every bit of dirt left over. My skin feels super soft once I use this, I don't find this reduces my current spots or anything but it certainly stops more appearing. This cleanser is full of the good stuff your skin needs like Vitamin E, Avacado Oil, Almond Oil and more! I only have the smaller 30ml size but will definitley be purchasing the full size

Naobay Moisturizing Peeling £17
I got this gentle exfoliator in one of my Glossybox subscription boxes last year and never really gave it a chance until mid/late 2015. Naobay, which stands for Natural and Organic Beauty and You is a Spanish brand. As you can tell from the name they only create natural and organic products, even their packaging is organic. They are also a cruelty free and paraben free brand so I was quite excited to try this once I did some more research on their company. For me, this is magic in a bottle. If I am ever having a bad skin day I will use this instead of my Kiehls cleanser and it fixes my skin like a dream. It reduces all redness and inflammation on my skin from the breakouts and leaves my skin feeling like a babies butt and looking more radiant. To me this has a very citrusy but earthy scent to it which I love and is a runny, liquid consistancy with a nude brown colour with fine little exfoliates through it. It is very gentle on the skin but still buffs away all those dead skin cells leaving you feel cleansed and refreshed. This peel is infused with shea butter oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and acai palm tree along with other great ingredients, all the good stuff for healthy and soft skin. I am planning on purchasing more from NAOBAY since this is a true stand out product for my problematic skin.

The Bodyshop Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Purifying Scrub Mask £11
The bodyshop is always my go to place to buy any skincare bits I am after, you can never go wrong with their fair trade items that cater to any skin type or problem for a reasonable price. I have been in the market for a good face mask for a while and came across this one on their website which I have never seen before. Once I read abit about it, It sounded like the exact type of product I would need. A little goes a very long way so I can see this 100ml tub lasting me ages, so worth the money just from that alone. I use this when I am having a really bad breakout because it is a very deep cleansing mask and draws out every trace of dirt, and it is also an exfoliator too which leaves your skin feeling as if you have just moisturised. I would say it is fairly harsh on the skin, I would not recommend this for anyone with senstive or dry skin. The tub does state it is more catered for normal/oily skin. Once applied you can feel that tingly/stinging sensation but it isn't anything unbearable, it's not a painful feeling but if you don't like that type of thing then I would avoid this mask and take a look at some of their other ones on offer. I am not too sure on what the scent of this is like, I can only describe it as a fresh smell but very strong, not many people are keen on the scent but I personally don't mind it. A great mask to help calm down my skin when needed.

Day Creams:

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream £8.99 
Recently I have been looking into Manuka Honey after hearing many people talk about how it's a holy grail skincare item so I wanted to put this to the test and see if those claims were true. Now I wouldn't say this is a 'holy grail' item that every person should have because it will solve every problem, far from it but I have seen a massive improvement in my skin since I started using this everyday. This cream and other Manuka Honey products is safe to use on dry skin, sun exposed skin, sensitive skin, irritated skin and allergic skin due to its bioactive organic ingredients. It is quite a thick cream but doesn't feel heavy or greasy but it does need to be worked into the skin but once it dries down it leaves your skin feeling very smooth and helps your makeup apply smoothly aswell. When I first smelt this I was put off but after a while I got used to it, It's a strange scent to describe but you can smell a slight hint of honey in it. When I use this I notice that my scars from previous blemishes have reduced a little bit aswell as new breakouts feeling more calm, I think this is because its anti inflammatory properties and also because Manuka Honey is known for skin regeneration by repairing cellular damage which lessens scarring. A very hydrating cream which can help a number of skin concerns and more!

The Bodyshop Hemp Face Protector £8
This is the perfect moisturiser to have if you suffer from very dry skin. Don't think this is cannabis in a tub because its not, it certainly doesn't have that smell to it either. Hemp seed oil is known to have a variety of health benefits and is also great for keeping the skin healthy. I use this if I have any dry patches and it soothes and softens them within half an hour. For me this also sits very nicely under makeup and keeps me hydrated throughout the day aswell. Whenever I use this I do see a difference in my skin, the nasty texture I have is reduced tons and redness is so much more calm. This would be great to use if you suffer from eczma, I have been informed aswell by the consulters in The Bodyshop that this can be used on children who suffer from rashes etc and will cause them no harm what so ever. Sometimes I apply a thick layer of this onto my face before bed and use it as a night time mask, when I wake up my skin feels new and refreshed.

Night Creams, Masks and Serums:

The Bodyshop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil £15
Usually I hate serums or oils because its greasy texture but I have grown to love this Vitamin E oil from The Bodyshop, it isn't as greasy as I was expecting and does sink in pretty well. I put a few drops into my hands using the dropper and apply this to my face by pressing it into my skin rather than rubbing. I do this after I have cleansed at night and before I apply my moisturiser. When I wake up my skin feels smooth, replenished and even abit more radiant aswell which I was shocked to see since my skin is fairly dull. Great for all types.

Origins High Potency Night-a-Mins Renewal Cream £35
Origins is another natural, organic and cruelty free brand. I find these types of brands to work best for my skin. Now I think this has to be my all time favourite skincare product I own, whenever I put this on overnight I see a massive difference in my skin. My face looks moisturised, plump and refreshed when I use this along with the Vitamin E serum. This is a lovely thick cream that has a wonderful orange scent and is enriched with Vitamins C, E and H along with minerals and moisture rich replenishers. I like that this cream also comes in an oil free version, once I finish this one I think I will give that one a go since I have oily skin. This night-a-mins is suited for combination/dry skin. The only downside to this is that it the jar doesn't last that long and it is quite a pricey item to keep repurchasing but since it is so amazing I still will be buying again.

The Bodyshop Aloe Protective Restoring Mask £14 
When I went through that awful sensitive skin phase after the Kiehls situation I turned to this to help bring my skin back to life and it did that perfectly thanks to the Aloe Vera which soothes skin. This mask is alcohol free, colour free and fragrance free so it was perfect for my sensitive and painful skin. After using this every night and some times during the day for a week my skin was back to normal and was feeling very fresh and hydrated. I still use this a couple of times a week just to help replenish my skin abit more but mainly during the day when I haven't got any plans to leave the house or put makeup on. I think this would be a great mask for any skin type although it does suggest it's for sensitive skin. Also would be a good cream to have in the summer if you ever have sunburn since it has that calming Aloe properties.

The Bodyshop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask £24 
I first heard about this mask from Zoella on Youtube, she was reviewing it and saying how incredible and different it was to any other product. After hearing this I had to try even though I wasn't too happy about the price tag but I figured it would be worth it..and it was. When Zoella was talking about how differenct this was, she wasn't joking. It literally is a gel bouncy mask! You can put your finger in it and it will just spring back into its original shape, you get a little scoop with the mask so you can easily get the product out, I can imagine it would be quite hard if you tried to use your fingers. The scent is so lovely and refreshing, there is no other way to describe it, just very crisp and fresh. A little goes a long way and it does feel abit sticky on your face but it does sink in nicely and dries well which feels like nothing is there. The sleeping mask has Edelweiss stem cells which helps with anti-aging, I don't see the benefits of this since I am only 21 but I can say it makes my skin feel very plump and new when I wake up and it helps reduce redness although I don't see any difference with the texture of my skin or any spot reducing either. But still a lovely mask that I've enjoyed using but I don't think I will repurchase this once it's finished.


Bio Oil £8.99
I'm sure everybody has heard about Bio Oil, an oil that helps reduce the appearnce of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin and helps dehydrated skin aswell. I use this for the scars on my face from previous spots. Over the past year/year and a half I have noticed that I am always getting face scars after every single spot I get, even if I don't touch it. I'm not sure why my skin has suddenly become so prone to scaring but using this oil everyday has helped huge amounts. I apply this on a clean face, directly on the scars after a hot shower or bath when the skin is soft and right before I go to bed so it can work its magic overnight and I have really seen a difference. Mainly on the more fresh scars but even on some old patches I can see the redness has reduced alot.

Anatomicals Zap Zap Zap Spot Treatment £4.45
I first got this in a Glossybox subscription last year and have loved and repurchsed many times since. I like this for quick touch ups throughout the day if I have no makeup on. Has a day and night formula which includes hazel and tee tree. Works really well at reducing redness and inflammation. Very similar to other tea tree spot treatment sticks, this just happens to be the one I go for.

So that's everything I tend to reach for the most at the moment. My skin is doing pretty well right now and it is all thanks to these items along with drinking plenty of water and green tea. I am always on the market to try new skincare things but for now I will stick to what I know since it isn't doing me any harm. Although I am still on the hunt for the perfect daytime moisturiser so if you have any suggestions then do let me know.

Thanks for reading