Morphe Brushes Review E3 E6 E8

Continuing from my previous post about the Morphe pallets, I will be reviewing the more well known products by Morphe, the brushes. I'm sure you have all seen these brushes floating around instagram and youtube quite alot and for good reason too. Affordable, vegan, and high quality so in other words, every girls dream. In my opinion Morphe Brushes are the best brushes on the market so obviously I had to share my thoughts with you all.

 The 3 items I am talking about are the Elite collection brushes. Specifically the E3, E6 and E8. I was very surprised to see these available in the UK because they are a limited edition collection. "cries". I found my brushes on Beauty chamber but you can get this collection on other sites too. The Elite collection is again, very affordable ranging from $3.99 - $22.99 compared to some of their other lines like the bold metals collection which ranges from $3.99 - $31.98. But still they do not lack in quality what so ever. 

Morphe brushes always have their brush number ingraved into the bottom end of the brush, with the Elite collection all the brushes will have the letter E for Elite followed by the brush number on the end of the handle so you know exactly what brush you are using and what collection it's from. This also makes it easy for you to find a specific brush on their website also. The bristles are synthetic hairs which I find better than natural bristles because they don't tend to soak up as much product so it's great for cream or liquid products like your foundation or concealer.

Now onto my thoughts on these 3 brushes. The 3 I use daily and cannot live without are the E3 precision pointed powder brush £15.95. E6 premium flat buffer brush £14.95 and the E8 detail contour brush £8.95.

First I will talk about the first brush I use in my routine, the E8 detail contour brush. I know this is supposed to be used for contour which I do occasionaly use it for that and it works great to blend out cream bronzer but when it comes to rules, there really isn't any when it comes to makeup. Do and use what you feel works best for you. I mainly use this brush to blend out my concealer under my eyes. I find this is the perfect size and shape to really get into the areas under my eyes and it blends out the concealer seamlessly, it really take no effort. This is the perfect brush for any beginner and I would definietely pay more than £9 it. The bristles aren't too hard but aren't too soft either so it's very easy to use.

Morphe E8 Detail Contour brush

The next brush I use in my routine is the E6 premium flat buffer brush, basically a flat top kabuki. Now this is quite a dense brush but very soft and also feels abit more heavier than the other 2 I have. I use this for my foundation and I can't fault it. I've tested this with cream, liquid, mousse and oil based foundations and with it being such a dense brush it makes application seamless and gives great coverage since it doesn't soak up all the product, a bonus for someone like me who has nasty blemishes that needs to be covered. Great all rounder and must have in any makeup lovers collection.

Morphe E6 Premium Flat Buffer brush

Lastly is probably my most widely used brush. The E3 precision pointed powder brush. I am obsessed with this brush, it is so soft with a tapered, tullip shape. I use this for blush, bronzer and face powder. It applies blusher and bronzer very evenly and has a pointed tip so you can achieve a effortless and subtle contoured look. The shape isn't too small so you can powder your whole face quickly and sets my undereye concealer pretty well due to it's shape. But still it isn't too big to apply a quick pop of colour to your cheeks without looking like a clown (yes we have all been there.) It is the most expensive brush out of the three, costing £15.95 but I think it's a fair price considering it has more than one use. I don't think I'd be able to do any makeup look without this brush. Very pleased I came across it and will be a favourite of mine for a long time I'm sure.

Morphe E3 Precision Pointed Powder brush

These are just 3 of many, many brushes Morphe has to offer, your choice is endless. My next purchases will be some eye brushes as i've heard incredible things, if they live up to the standards of these ones then I'm in for a treat. If you're in the market for some new brushes then I'd suggest to give these and all the others on offer a look. As some would say, cheap and cheerful :)

Thanks for reading