Lush Boxing Day Haul

If you are a lushie like me then you would know that Lush never do any sales, except on one special day of the year, boxing day. Literally the most hectic day of any lush fans life, it certianly was for me anyway. The sale is to sell off all their remaining christmas stock for half price, that included the big gift sets aswell. I only recently found out they did a boxing day sale from a fellow lushie on my Depop selling app and nearly had a heart attack, I can't believe I've never heard of this before. I heard many stories about how chaotic it is and how impossible it is to get through their busy site without it crashing every minute, I thought they were just exaggerating, but man was I wrong. I will briefly talk you through how I managed to get through it and what I managed to get my hands on.

It was boxing day morning and I was on refresh overload on the Lush website, it took me hours to get through to the homepage alone but all day I persisted and wouldn't give up. I only really like the bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush so I knew exactly what I wanted. I finally managed to add some things into my cart, but I did have to refresh about 6 or more times on every single new page since it constantly said error or offline. I panicked so I checked out with only a few products in my basket, I received my confirmation email staright away but I know some others didn't have such a quick response.

Later that day I tried again to order some more stuff, again it was crashing every 2 minutes, I even had to use my mums tablet along with my phone to try get onto site(desperate times I know.) I even got my cousin Melissa in on the action who is new to the Lush hype, if anybody was watching us I can imagine they thought we were complete nutters going through all this hassle just for a nice smelling/looking bath, and they are probably right ;). After 3 hours of constant refreshing, I was luckily enough to get the rest of my stuff added and ordered. 
For anyone who is going to try their luck this year in the boxing day sale, all I can say is REFRESH, even if it says you are in a queue, keep refreshing and keep at it! You will get through eventually. 

Now onto the fun part! 
Like I mentioned above, I'm mainly interested in the bath bombs and bubble bars so thats what I stuck with when I ordered. I did order 2 other non sale items aswell that I was running low on in my never ending stash, they are my favourites so I will include them also.
First I will start with my non sale items then proceed onto the sale bits I picked up.

Granny Takes A Dip: This is my all time favourite bubble bar, not long ago this came in the form of a bath bomb but sadly Lush discontinued it. This usually lasts me 3/4 baths if I break it up, creates lots of bubbles and has a spicey, cirtusy scent. £3.95
Granny takes a dip

Big Bang: Now this one is following very closey to GTAD as my top favourite. This bubble bar was an Oxford Street exclusive but recently made it available in all stores and online. Also lasts me 3/4 baths once broken up and has a zesty scent and turns the water a wonderful shade of blue. This smells like nothing I have smelt before, I really like it. £3.75 
Big bang

Santas Sack: I didn't realise I purchased this, I must of got abit excited and just clicked anything I could through the panic of the sale but a nice surprise when I opened my order. This is a kitchen item which means it is exclusive and limited edition. I've never really smelt anything similar to this but it does have a slight scent of spicy fruits. Looking forward to to giving this a try. £3.95
Santas Sack

Shoot for the stars: This bath bomb has a very similar scent to Honeybee. Sweet honey and a slight orange twist to it aswell. Transforms your bath into a deep blue colour with alot of silver lusture but nothing major, it's like you're in space. Original price £3.65, sale price around £1.80
Shoot for the stars

Father Christmas: Definetly my favourite christmas edition this year that I had to order 3. A bath bomb that is supposed to look like Santa.(I'm not too sure if it does?) Has a lovely sweet candy floss scent, just like the snow fairy shower gel or candy mountain bubble bar. Which happens to be my favourite scent from Lush. Fizzes white and also creates a small amount of bubbles from his hat and beard but then breaks apart to reveal a vibrant green centre.Original price £3.65, sale price around £1.80
Father Christmas

Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar: Now this is just a scent of christmas on a stick. Beautiful cinnamon scent which turns your bath orange. Lovely touch with it being on a cinnamon stick with a cute bow and bell. You just swish this in your bath to create lots of bubbles. This is a repurchase and my previous one lasted me 5 baths at least. Original price £5.95, sale price £2.98
Magic of christmas

Magic Wand reusable bubble bar: Another very similar scent to the Father Christmas bath bomb. Candy floss scent, creates a subtle pink colour and very soft bubbles. Has a touch of silver sparkle on the top but that disappeared the first time I used my previous wand, also decorated with a silver bow and bell, sadly the bell doesn't ring :( but still a nice touch. Original price £5.95, sale price £2.98
Magic wand

Cinders: The smallest bath bomb out of the lot, but still packs a punch. Strong cinnamon scent for such a small bath bomb. The top is coated with popping candy, but from the previous ones I've tried, I have never heard the sound of popping. I love this so much I had to buy 3 and wish I got more. A simple must have for your bath time at christmas. Original price £2.95, sale price £1.48

Dashing Santa: Not your typical fast dissolving bath bomb, takes a while to dissolve so I recommened taking a long, relaxing bath to fully appreciate it's goodness and it is quite a foamy bomb. Citrusy/orange scent with bergamot and manderin oil. (can you tell what scents I most like yet?) Not my favourite, it's a nice scent but I don't feel it does much for my skin unlike the others. Original price £2.95, sale price £1.48

Dashing Santa

So white: This may look like a plain white ball but it fizzes away and revelas a strong pink centre, leaving your bath a lovely pale pink colour and also has a strong apple scent to it aswell. Not what I was expecting at all. I did buy 2 but couldn't wait and used one immediately and I was quite impressed, left my skin feeling soft and the scent of apples stayed on my skin for ages after which I quite liked. Orginial price £3.65, sale price around £1.80
So white
Snow Fairy shower gel 100g: I have never tried snow fairy before but I hear it's everyones favourite, since candyfloss is my favourite Lush scent I figured it would almost certainly be one of my favourites aswell and decided to give it a go since it was on sale. It seems to have some glitters running through it with a beautiful pink colour. I got the smallest size but they also sell 250g, 500g and 1kg bottles. I'm excited to try this and hope the sweet scent lingers on the skin for a good while. Original price £3.95, sale price £1.95
Snow fairy 100g

So that's everything I was lucky enough to pick up from the sale, if I was in store I can imagine some elbow digs would of been going on. Overall I am pretty happy with all the products. I am such a huge lush lover that I don't think they can produce any bad products and the fact all their products are handmade, natural and vegan makes the experience even better.
Bring on christmas 2016 so the fun can begin again! 

Thanks for reading