Depop - What is it and how to use.

So todays post is all about my most favourite way of buying and selling online. I will talk through each step and what to expect throughout the app. This could be a long one so grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy.

What is Depop?
If you love to sell and buy online like me then you need to know about this amazing app I discovered over a year ago. The best way I can describe Depop is Instagram meets Ebay. It is an app that you download onto your phone for free, either with Apple store or Google Play and you can sell anything you no longer wish to keep hold of anymore with no listing fees or grab a bargain on something you've had your eye on for a while but never wanted to splash the cash.

What I love most about the app is how easy it is to navigate. Everything is set out clearly, with your home page being a similar layout to instagram where you just scroll and look through the things the people you are following are selling. You have the profile section which is where you can access your personal profile or depop shop as some call it, notifications, private messages, sold items, purchased items and more. Of course you need a form of payment to use the app aswell, mainly paypal is used but you can use debit/credit cards also.

How to start selling:
It is so easy to start selling, even an alien can do it.
 Along the navigation bar on the bottom of the app there is 5 options, the one you want is the middle one that says 'sell.' When you click this it gives you 2 options, to take a picture or upload from your phones picture library. You can only add up to 4 pictures on each post you make so make sure the photos are clear and is showing exactly what you are selling(don't have lots of things surrounding the item as it can be confusing) and also show the condition, like if there is any marks etc then clearly photograph that so the potential buyer knows what to expect if purchased. 

Once you have chosen which photos you want to upload you can then go onto writing a description of what you are selling. When I make a listing I state how much I am selling the item for INCLUDING postage costs, you don't have to do this as there is a payment and postage section further along but I find this method easier for a buyer to understand. 

The app allows you to use hashtags, again like Instagram so anybody can find your item in the search/explore page, so if you are selling a handbag then use hastags like handbag, the brand, type of bag and anything that is related to the product. But DO NOT use any other hashtags that aren't related to the item because people do get angry when they see a parka coat in a search for MAC lipsticks, Depop can also suspend or remove your account if caught out aswell. 

Also, and this is very important.. It is against depop rules and is illegal aswell to list or sell ANY COUNTERFEIT ITEMS, that could be fake makeup, bags or anything else that isn't genuine from that brand. Your account will be removed and if somebody reports you it can also go to trading standards, I have known a number of users that has had this happen to them and is very serious so please refrain from doing so. Make your description simple but include all the information that a buyer would need, like sizes, colours, usage etc. 

Now the description is done, you now have to select a catergory your item falls under, there are 14 options from menswear to books and magazines and everything inbetween. The next step is price and delivey. All you do is enter the price you want to sell for, but do bare in mind that Depop take 10% off the sale price, so if you sell something for £15, Depop will take £1.50 and paypal also take a small fee too, but still try to make your item under RRP as this will attract more people. There is an instant payment switch that is always set to on, this just means anybody can click buy at anytime and buy your item and you will then receive notifications in the app and also via email that you have sold your item. 

The next section is delivery and shipping. You have 2 options with delivery, you can either post the item yourself via a local post office or courier service or if the buyer is local then you can meet them in person to drop it off and take payment and save on shipping fees. I personally prefer to ship using Royal Mail. You can send nationaly or worldwide, it's completely up to you but do remember to do your research on shipping fees and times if you are fine with shipping abroad. If you are using a postal service then you can put in your shipping price, I wouldn't suggest just plopping any old amount in this section because again this can put off potential buyers. Do some reserach on shipping charges for the weight of your items etc and you will be fine. But you can leave this section at £0 if you are offering free shipping or like me you include your shipping fees in your stated price.
Lastly you just click 'done' in the top right of the screen and you're done. Your item is now live on the app and you can continue to list as many items as you wish or you can browse through the app and start finding some hidden gems for bargain prices.

Starting to buy and save money:

If you are like me and love a good bargain then this app is going to be right up your alley. 
90% of the items throughout the app are going to be under the retail price of what they are selling. You can get high end makeup for a good discount if you look hard enough, which of course is where all my money tends to go. If you come across something you are interested in then of course you can message the seller asking some more questions or ask if they would lower the price a little bit more, there is no harm in this. If you don't ask you don't get right? But if they state in their post no offers then there price is set and they will not negotiate so do respect this. If you are happy to pay their stated price and instant payment is turned on then just click buy and all the information comes up, it shows your address that they will recieve to send off your item so make sure this is up to date and it will also state the price, shipping price (if there is one) and then the total amount you should pay. You have the option to pay with credit card or paypal, the choice is yours. Once you decide it will direct you to pay and then you are done. The seller will receive your notification and will ship out to you as soon as they can. Your purchase will be saved in your 'purchased' section in the profile area and once you receive your item you can then leave them feedback, good or bad feedback, 1 star to 5 stars but you must be honest as this will show on the sellers account. The seller will also leave you feedback. I currently have 251 5 star reviews from both selling and buying and over 4500 followers which I'm very proud of. I really like this aspect of the app.

But the app unfortunately does have it's downsides. I have been on this app for well over a year now and have met some lovely ladies who I talk to often, who have built a great reputation for themselfs like myself and I can't fault them at all but sadly there is a handful of people who ruin it for everyone and put off people from buying or trusting you as a seller. These people are scammers. I don't think you will ever come across a selling platform without having a few scammers lurking around, you get them on Ebay and Amazon but all you can do is be educated on the signs. I can try help you steer away from them or spot them.

If you find an item you are interested in for a low price or even a high price, that is a high end item like phones, computers, makeup etc  but the user has no reviews, only has pictures from online and only accepts forms of payment outside of the app then STAY AWAY! If it looks too good to be true then it probably is! 
This is the most common way to spot a scammer. 
They will take your money, block you, never send the item then carry on selling that same item you thought you purchased or they will remove their account completely.
 I always look at the sellers previous reviews, these reviews will give you an idea if they are genuine or not.

If you just search 'scammer' within the app then hundreds of scam accounts come up that other users have came across or have experiences with, quite handy to know who to look out for because some people do come back with new accounts pretending to be someone else after being kicked off by the Depop team.

It's upsetting that it happens so much on this app and I'm sad to have to tell you about it but I have to be honest and warn you so you stay safe within the app. I myself have been scammed, luckily I paid via the app so Depop did step in and investigate and refunded my money while removing the users account. But if you pay outside the app, like through Paypal Family and Friends then you are not covered by Depop or Paypal. You are out of pocket, you have no item and they continue to take advantage of people unless you or others report them to action fraud.  It's just a great shame that there is this downside. But that is my only bad word to say about the app. Just keep your wits about you, be smart and never pay outside the app. Even if they have tons of good reviews, it is easy for them to change and I have heard of some that have so just be careful and ask questions if you are unsure.

Dispite this issue I would still recommend using this app, It is a great way to earn money, grab great deals and meet lovely people along the way. Just be smart and have fun! (be warned, it is addictive :p)

If you have Depop yourself or planning on downloading then do follow me. I am always happy to help if anybody is stuck, just drop me a message
Username: @hannahleannex

Thanks for reading