Battle of the Concealers

Out of all the beauty items I own I would have to say concealers are my most favourite product to purchase and use. Today I will be talking through the ones I own and whether I think they are worth the purchase or not.

Rimmel Wake Me Up £5.49
This is a fairly new edition to my collection but I have used it quite alot and I have to say I am not 100% sure on this concealer. I got mine in the shade Ivory but it comes out very warm toned on the skin. As the name states this product is supposed to give you a more awake look by illuminating the under eye area and is high coverage so it's great to cover blemishes but for me I don't agree with the illuminating part. I personally do not see any difference in the brightness of my skin or makes me look more awake but the coverage is pretty good. It is very easy to blend and I love the packaging. But for me this overall wasn't great, I don't think I will be repurchasing purely because it is very orange for the lightest shade they have.

Maybelline Eraser Eye £7.99
I love this concealer but I never reach for it as much as I should, I use mine in the shade light and just like the rimmel concealer this aswell is very orange. I wish we could get lighter shades here in the UK because light is our darkest shade and is still pretty dark on me but I can still JUST get away with it. This product has anti ageing properties and helps erase dark circles, puffiness and fine lines which I totally agree with. I also reach for this when I don't get much sleep and have those massive bags under my eyes and I see a huge difference and whenever I use this it always makes my skin look flawless and lasts a pretty ling time before I need to touch up my makeup. My most favourite quality about this concealer is the applicator, I have never seen a concealer with a sponge tip like this one and I love it! Makes application super easy and precise with the formula being easily blendable.

Collection Lasting Perfection £4.19
I am sure everybody and their mother has heard of this concealer and raves about it, for good reason too! This concealer is my all time favourite and I don't think anything will take its place anytime soon. I use mine in the lightest shade 1 fair which comes out with pink undertones. It is super blendable, high coverage but feels like you have nothing on your skin and it really does last a good amount of time. It states it lasts for 16 hours but I don't wear makeup for that long so I can't say whether that is true or not. I really like the doe-foot applicator but the actual packaging isn't great, it is plastic and the writing rubs off very easily and quickly. The colour selection sucks aswell with it only coming in 4 shades but that is the only bad thing I have to say about the product considering its affordable price tag.

Mac Pro Longwear £17.50
This concealer is perfect for anybody that likes to have a more brighter look under the eyes, I use mine in the shade NW15 and it brightens my tired skin really well. The colour selection is pretty good as it comes in 16 shades for cool and warm tones. This has a lightweight and runny consistancy which dries to a matte finish and gives that medium to full coverage which works great for covering my scarring and blemishes. This concealer lasts the longest on my skin out of all the ones I have tried, even in humid climates. The only downside to this is the packaging, I am not a fan of the glass bottle since it could easily smash, escpecially when travelling and also the pump which makes it hard to determine how much you need so you end up wasting the product if too much comes out, if this came with a doe-foot applicator it would be the perfect concealer. 

Maybelline Fit Me £5.99
Another really nice concealer which I find myself using quite alot everyday instead of my collection one. The shade I use is 15 fair which comes out even more orange than the rimmel and maybelline eraser, I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who is fair or very light since this would look way too warm on your skin unless you mix with a lighter concealer which is what I do. But saying that it is a really nice light, gel consistancy and gives you good coverage but doesn't completely cover any imperfections. I find it is best to blend out with a small brush rather than a Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Complexion Sponge so it doesn't sheer it out as much. This makes my skin look awake and healthy conpared to other ones I have tried like the Rimmel Wake Me Up. Like the others, has a doe-foot applicator in a plastic tube and again doesn't have the best colour selection for fair skin or deeper skin tones.

Nars Radiant Creamy £22
This concealer is on the higher end side and is loved by many in the beauty world. I personally have a love, hate relationship with this product. When I first used it I really wasn't impressed. I found it really thick and heavy rather than creamy. It is hard to apply despite its easy doe-foot applicator and a struggle to blend out if I used my usual concealer buffing brush. Now I use a damp Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and find it much easier to blend out and makes it feel more lightweight. I don't use this everyday because it is so heavy on my skin, only on really bad skin days. The biggest downside to this is that it creases very quickly on me even though Nars claims it is crease proof so I have to set it with a powder immediately after I apply. Has a nice range of shades, I use mine in the lightest shade Chantilly which is alot lighter compared to the others, great for highlighting the face if you have a darker skintone but for me it matches to my skin pretty well. As for the radiant part I don't find it does make my skin anymore radiant but I love the fact it is paraben free, alcohol free and fragrance free so it is better for your skin compared to other concealers on the market. For the price I really was not impressed and I don't think I will be repurchasing since you can get better for cheaper at the drugstore.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage £17.50
I see so much hype about this on the internet so I decided to jump on the hype aswell and see what all the fuss was about and my god I now understand why everybody loves this product. I first got mine in the shade light neautral but was way too dark for my pale complexion so I got fair neautral instead and was the perfect match for me. It is super creamy, very easily blended and has high coverage, everything Urban Decay claims about this concealer is true. Once applied it dries to a demi-matte finish and feels like there is nothing on your skin so it makes it feel very comfortable throughout the day. I love the applicator, it is a doe-foot applicator but it has 2 flat sides so it makes application so much easier and precise. Comes in 8 shades but I have to say the colour selection isn't great for those with deeper skintones and I found it quite hard to decide which colour would be right for me. I think this may be a close contender as my all time favourite concealer running closely behine my collection one. I will 100% be repurchasing. Big thumbs up from me.

So that is my thoughts on all the concealers I have, if anybody has any other recommendations then please let me know, I am always in the market to try more. :)


Thanks for reading