Testing Bourjois Makeup

Today is an exciting one because I will be reviewing a bunch of Bourjois makeup which was kindly gifted to me in a VoxBox by Influenster to test out as part of the Bourjois Kissmass campaign. 

I have tried a couple of products from Bourjois in the past, from what I remember I quite liked what I tested so I had high hopes for what I was gifted this time round. The box included a foundation and concealer from their healthy mix range, mascara, 3 velvet rouge lipsticks, eyeshadow quad and a pot blush.

Sadly some products didn't work too well for my skin type but there were others that I loved & would highly recommend to you, keep reading to find out my thoughts on each.

First thing that caught my eye in the box was the healthy mix foundation, I used to be really keen on the healthy mix serum foundation back in the day which was more of a light - medium coverage but since then my skin has became more spot/scar prone and oily so that formula really wouldn't suit me nowadays. Regardless I still had high hopes for this one even though the dreaded word 'radiant' is used to describe the foundation.

The coverage is medium but buildable and the shade match was perfect, (I received mine in the lightest shade, 51 light vanilla. There is only 9 shades to choose from.) The formula is infused with vitamins C, E and B5 which gives the skin that anti fatigued look, I have to say it did do a great job of evening out my complexion. 

It feels really hydrating and does give you radiant skin like the claims suggest but for my oily skin it just wasn't suited for me, at first it looked gorgeous after I set it down with a loose powder, sadly after a few hours my skin was like an oil slick, patchy and I could really feel it sitting on my skin, not pleasant at all. If they made a matte version then I would be all for this. For all you dry girls, this would be perfect! 

To go along with the foundation is the healthy mix concealer, again infused with vitamin C, E & B5 but only comes in 3 shades, utter pants! Usually I need a full coverage concealer to hide all my imperfections, especially if I am using a more medium coverage foundation, this as expected did nothing for me but made my skin look even more dewy and the shade match was way too dark and yellow for my skin, I could never use this on its own the colour is that bad. Again, if you have dry skin with hardly any imperfections then I think this will be well suited for you. But for me, it's a big no no. 

I'm not one to gravitate towards little eyeshadow quads, I much prefer a decent size pallet with 8 or more shades but this little quad would be ideal for people that travel often and like to keep luggage light and need something quick and easy to use, or it would be great for beginners jumping into the world of makeup. These pallets come in 8 colour varieties too. 

I used all 4 colours on my eyes, the 3 main colours are pigmented and blended really nicely together in the crease (the burgundy shade is gorgeous), both deep shades build up well for a more intense colour aswell. I did have some trouble with the glitter shade located in the middle of the pallet, I applied that to the center of my lid for some glitz. Long story short, it has AWFUL chunky fall out which ended up in my eye and causing quite a bad irritation. 

It did look really pretty and sparkly on the eyes with a purple shift but I really don't recommend using it unless you have a glitter glue primer. By the end of the day I had no glitter left on my lids but instead all over my face and in my eye. I never use primers on my eyelids and have never felt the need to use one, I must have good eyelids or something but for this particular shade, big mistake by skipping that step. 

I probably won't reach for this pallet often but I do like the colour selections Bourjois has to offer, I believe this particular pallet is a new edition to the smoky story range. I would love to see a bigger pallet by them but maybe skip on the glitters?

Mascaras are very hit and miss with me but also something I am not too fussed about at the same time. Aslong as it gives my lashes a curl and doesn't transfer then it is good enough for me, this glamour push up sadly was abit meh and underwhelming.

I found the formula to be too wet for my liking which was making the application a nightmare but it never made my lashes turn into really clumpy spiders legs, a good thing I suppose unless you like that sort of look. 

I love that it was very black in colour with no transfer, so many I try end up being more grey toned which does no favours for my cool toned lashes. I never ended up with panda eyes or flakey bits all over my cheeks so that's a plus.

I didn't see much lift in my lashes nor did they look seperated, I love my eyelashes to look long, thick and natural but this kinda just made a few lashes stick together and still looked fairly flat, no curl or length in sight.

I wish I had better things to say about this but it was just a flop in my opinion.


I am so excited to finally have my hands on some of the new Rouge Velvet lipsticks, I have had my eye on a few colours for a while but never got round to picking any up and now I've tried them, I NEED more! 

The formula is exactly like the name says, velvety smooth which dries down to a matte finish. Bourjois claims 24 hour wear but tbh I don't quite believe any claim like that, I won't be wearing makeup for that long to test out anyway. The collection comes in 12 shades and I am lucky enough to now own 3 of them, all very vampy and perfect for christmas time. Shades 10, 11 and 12. 

10 Magni Fig - Deep plum
11 Berry Formidable - Burgundy red
12 Brunette - Reddish brown  

Before I applied any of the colours to my lips I done some swatches on my arm and I was blown away by how smooth and creamy they were. One very light swipe is all I needed for a fully opaque swatch. 

The tip of the lipstick has a slight curve to it and that really helped with application, it hugged my lips perfectly for easy application. I have lopsided lips and always struggle with the cupids bow area but thanks to the tear drop shape of the lipstick, it was super easy with no corrections to be made, even with the colour being deep and typically harder to work with. Of course lipliners would make a more crisp outline but I honestly don't think it is difficult to achieve the same look without one.

The formula does dry down fully matte without feeling uncomfortable or drying. Typically I have to use a lip balm under every lipstick I use but I find the formula of these to be so comfortable that a balm isn't necessary. Longevity of all the lipsticks are pretty good, lasting around 4/5 hours before any fading was noticed.

I will 100% be taking a trip to Boots to pick up some of the more neutral shades Bourjois has to offer! Highly recommend if you love a matte lip.  

I love how compact this little blusher is, so easy to pop in your bag on the go with a handy mirror built in the component and a little brush inside too, although I find the brush abit pants and too scratchy for my liking, a nice fluffy brush is what I prefer to lightly apply my blusher.

The baked formula is really nice and feels smooth on the skin when I applied it but the colour wasn't my favourite, I felt like it didn't suit my skintone and it kinda just blended away into nothing so I had to layer alot. 

I prefer a matte mauve shade sweeped across my cheeks rather than a baby pink glitter like this one (the photo makes it look much nicer & doesn't pick up the glitter but trust me it's there.) If that is something you like then this will be right up your street, but for me I didn't really see anything on my skin but a whole lot of sparkle. Intrigued to try more colours from this range though since the formula is lovely. 

There is a floral scent in the powder, not like an overpowering old lady perfume though so don't panic, personally I don't mind it. I wasn't able to smell it once applied to the skin but when I open the pot the scent can seem abit too much, just be mindful of that incase you are really sensitive to scents.

So that was everything I got in my Influenster VoxBox.  Although I didn't love everything included I enjoyed testing new products and exploring Bourjois as a brand abit more. Big thanks to Influenster for choosing me to be a part of your campaign. 

Thanks for reading,


*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


My top 3 lippies for Autumn

It's offically October which means I can fully dive into all the autumnal comforts of thick blankets, snuggly jumpers, salted caramel hot chocolates, dark nails and of course deeper lippies. 

I know makeup has no rules and you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want but I find it quite difficult to enjoy wearing the more deeper tones in Summer/Spring. I prefer to leave those looks until the Autumn/Winter months, but I do have 1 exception which I will talk about. 

In todays post I will be sharing some of my favourites that I always go back to at this time of year which tends to be mauves and reds. I will be talking about how well they last, what finishes they are and swatches on my lips and on my arm so you can really see the colours well on pale skin. 

First on the list is my all time favourite lipstick EVER, and that is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade Bond Girl. This is the only lipstick where I would bend my rules and wear all year round! I've spoke about this so many times here on my blog so I apologise for repeating!

CT matte lipsticks have the best formula for me with MAC coming close second but I find her lippies to be so comfortable and not drying on the lips at all but a friend of mine says they dry her lips alot so it is a personal preference with these matte revolutions. 

Bond Girl is a gorgeous muted berry shade, it is so flattering on me and I can wear it during the day for work if applied lightly or at night to glam up a look with it being more layered. By far my go to shade for the colder months (every month lets be real) and it most likely will stay that way for a long time to come. 

A repurchase is needed ASAP, I've used it so much it's nearly gone. It's THAT good. 

Next up is a lipstick that I have had in my collection for years now, also the first MAC lipstick I ever purchased and still it's one of my favourite vampy reds to wear when I'm feeling abit fancy and that is the MAC Viva Glam 1

A deep matte red that was created in 1994, the year I was born so it is 23 years old, to raise funds for HIV/AIDS. I've seen soo many people wearing this and it honestly looks flattering on each and every one of them. 

Lasts a great amount of time on the lips, doesn't feel overly dry but I do prefer to wear a EOS lipbalm underneath just to make it feel more comfortable but that is a personal thing. Has that typical MAC vanilla scent that we all love, even years on mine still has that sweet scent.

Sometimes when it is really cold and gloomy outside I love to whack on a deep red to really stand out and brighten up my day along with simple makeup and black eyeliner so this MAC shade is always what I gravitate to first.  Can't go wrong with this one & I can't wait to start wearing it again, a huge staple in my collection. 

You can still get your hands on this at a number of retailers like Debenhams, John Lewis, Look Fantastic along with some other places. 

Third on my list of favourites is a liquid lipstick collaboration with an American brand, Ofra and a Youtuber I watch, Manny MUA. Manny created 3 liquid lip shades with Ofra, I purchased the whole set but I fell head over heals for the shade Charmed which is a really nice mauve pink but looks a little more light against my pale skin tone compared to swatches, it also looks quite similar to CT Bond Girl in photos but in person it's more deep compared to Bond Girl. 

I purchased the set directly from the Ofra USA site in May 2016 but since then they are now available at Beauty Bay! They often have sales on their items aswell so I would deffo recommend taking a look to see what else they have to offer, they have many different liquid lipsticks to offer too.

Ofra liquid lipsticks by far has the best formula I have tried in terms of a liquid, usually I'm not much of a fan because I find them too dry but these are really nice. 

They are moussey, pigmented and comfortable. By far the most long wearing on my lips without cracking or flaking away with the gorgeous scent of cake too. I have done a whole review on the set, if you would like to give it a read, you can do here.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite Autumnal lip shades are so I can take a look at some new options to try :D

Thanks for reading,