July Favourites | 2017

I can't believe I am sat here talking about my July favourites, JULY! We are over half the year already and almost finished with Summer (not that the UK has had much of a Summer so far) and it's insane how quickly it's going by. It will soon be Autumn and we will all be showering ourselves with snuggly jumpers, cinnamon scented candles and spiced lattes from Starbucks and I am so excited! 

Over the past couple of months I have found some great beauty gems and also some rubbish ones but for the most part I have been so pleased with new products I have purchased, and trust me I have been on a heavy spending spree since my birthday and doing more hours at work, a girl has to treat herself right? I was considering doing a big beauty haul post but that would be wayyyy too long and nobody probably cares so here is just a selection of some of my favs that I would highly recommend to you all. 

Morphe 9N Naturally Blushed Pallet

I have been on the hunt for some new blushers for a little while now, I don't wear it often but sometimes I like to have a nice flush of colour to my cheeks so I wanted to get myself a pallet rather than singles because obviously it's better value for money and it's nice to have options. 

I can't remember where I heard about this Morphe 9N pallet but it looked perfect and pretty affordable but it must be a really popular choice because it is quite hard to come by, everytime I have looked for it I could never find it instock anywhere. Beauty Bay is the cheapest place that sells it online retailing for £17.50.

Just on the off chance of browsing Beauty Bay I came across the pallet and it was in stock, naturally I added that to my basket pretty damn quickly and man I am so pleased to finally own it. This has everything you need for any look, on any day, any time of the year. 

There is 5 matte shades and 4 shimmers, all neutral and perfect for my fair complexion. In the pallet there is a couple of darker shades that just won't work for my skintone but the variety will definitley work for all skin tones. The shades are really pigmented, you only need the tiniest amount on your brush. (I learned the hard way and had to go about my day looking like a clown.) So a soft hand is the best option, unless you like that look of course. I prefer using a strippling brush or a really fluffy brush to help blend seamlessly.

If this interests you then I would recommend checking back on Beauty Bay every day to see if it is restocked, they are pretty good with restocking but if you don't mind paying abit more and postage costs then I believe Beauty Chamber & Cocktail Cosmetics currently have it available.

I'm sure all of you have heard about this foundation from all the Youtubers & bloggers and how full coverage and amazing it is, holy grail status! I personally have a love, hate relationship with this foundation but for the most part I really do like this product.

I agree that this is full coverage, but only just and I have to apply ALOT of product just to get there, alot more than I have seen others use in tutorials and reviews but I have pretty blemished and scarred skin that I need to cover so it doesn't surpise me.

The formula is so creamy and a dream to blend, my favourite way is using the Real Techniques buffing brush for a flawless finish. Beauty sponges don't seem to work well at all with this so a brush is the best option for sure.

I got mine in the shade Porcelain and it is the perfect shade match, no other foundation I have ever tried is as close to my skin tone as this and even better, it doesn't oxidise! A girls dream! There is 26 shades in the range so you are surely able to find a suitable match for your skin tone. The finish is abit more radiant than I am used to, I love a good matte foundation but this looks gorgeous on the skin, not greasy or oily at all but I do have to set it with a powder, usually the Laura Mercier translucent powder or the Cover FX setting powder since it is so creamy.

The only reason I have a slight dislike for the foundation is the very high price of £42 for very little product (7.3g) and I don't find this is very long wearing despite Hourglass claiming it has 12 hour waterproof wear, I get around 3 hours max before it starts to break up and looks awful on me no matter what primer I use. But I still class it as a favourite because I love the finish it gives my skin and how well it matches my skin. 

Jeffree Star is a brand I haven't tried a whole lot from, only a liquid lipstick in collaboration with Manny MUA and the highlighter from that collab also, I really liked both so I was interested in trying more, his traditional lipsticks always appealed to me but the colour selection he has isn't up my alley at all.

Recently Jeffree released his new Summer chrome collection and finally he has a couple of shades that stood out to me, I opted for Thick as Thieves which is a reddish brown, this would look beautiful on all skin tones.

I like the formula, it is matte which is my favourite to use but I do find his formula abit more drying compared to a MAC or Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. I always use a lip balm under a matte lippie because I can't stand that tugging feeing when applying lipsticks so the dryness doesn't bother me too much. Pigmentation is amazing and has a pleasant sweet scent too.

The packaging is in a bullet shape and has a pink tinted chrome look with his usual pink logo and stars and I really love the way it looks but honestly it feels so light and abit cheap, doesn't feel like a £16 lipstick but again that doesn't bother me too much. I can see myself using this lip colour alot when Autumn comes around, the perfect shade for those cooler months.

Honestly, I have no idea how I ended up with this Urban Decay Optical Illusion primer, it's only a deluxe sample but I don't remember ever asking for it so that's a big mystery to me. it just appeared on my vanity one day so I started using it and thank god I did, I love this!

The consistancy is like a mousse, very light pink/white in colour and it dries to a powder, matte finish. This primer really does a fantastic job of blurring my skin, making it look smooth and poreless with added ingredients of rosehip and argan oil, good ingredients for the skin. I get why it's called optical illusion, it makes my skin look like somebody elses, it's magic!

I don't see any difference in the longevity of my makeup but when applying my base I can really see the change in my skin, perfect for someone like me that has problematic skin with those horrible pores and textured skin. I don't think i've ever used a primer that changes the appearance of my skin as well as this one does. 

Very pleased to have found this, the full size bottle has been added to my buy list :D

Before primer & after application

I am sooo excited to finally own the Take the Day Off balm! I see so many people rave about it and have always wanted to try it for myself and I was very lucky to receive 2 for my birthday!

I love that it has no scent, makes it perfect for sensitive skin and all skin types too. It is abit pricey retailing for £23 but honestly it lasts so long, for me it does anyway. I got mine back in June, I use it everyday and night and only just a dent is forming in the balm. 

For me it removes makeup so quickly once it turns into an oil after I massage it in my fingers. It doesn't leave any residue, doesn't break me out and makes my skin feel baby soft and clean. 

Not much to say but I am enjoying this being part of my skincare regime. 

At the start of June I made a massive Sephora order and took full advantage of the travel size section on the website. I could of spent a fortune, believe me! The brand selection was so good.. Too Faced, Kat Von D, Tarte, Sephoras own brand, Marc Jacobs, to name a few. Perfect to try before you buy and most things are cheaper or not available to buy in the UK as a mini, safe to say I couldn't restrict myself. 

My favourite product from my whole order is this Kevyn Aucoin Duo that includes the best selling sculpting powder in medium and highlight in the shade candlelight. 

I've had my eye on the sculpting powder for so long, but never fancied paying the high price. So finding it in a travel size duo for £20 got me pretty excited when both full size powders are £35 each here in the UK. It takes me ages to go through products so I know it's going to last me ages and be worth the £££.

Both are absolutely stunning, the contour powder has the perfect undertone so it doesn't appear muddy or orange on my pale skin and the highlight doesn't give me a weird coloured streak or anything on my cheekbones, it is a lovely muted champagne shade that blends into the skin for a soft glow but easily buildable if you prefer a blinding highlight & I don't see any glitter or shimmer throughout the powder either which I prefer in my highlights.

The pigmentation in both powders are insane!! You only need the tiniest amount to achieve your sculpted look and they blend really nicely on the skin. Gorgeous formula for a powder, if only all contour products were as lovely as this is!

Hope you enjoyed todays post. 
Let me know in the comments some of your favourites from July..

Thanks for reading

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Current Wishlist | 2017

I can't quite believe we are half way into the year already! Time is going by way too quickly, which means I am getting older far too quickly aswell (sobs). It's June which means it is my birthday month, I don't enjoy the growing up bit but I do enjoy the celebration that comes along with it :D!

I don't know about you but I love those blog posts were people talk about what they are lusting over, I'm so nosey and can't help myself to know what people are interested in, it's also good inspo for myself too. 

My wishlist always dramatically grows once I spy peoples wishlists though so I thought I would do a more updated post, similar to my Christmas wishlist I did last year of just a few things I am pining over right now..  

I'm pretty sure this was on my last wishlist post I did for Christmas and again it has made it's way onto this one too. Everytime I see Manny MUA on Youtube use this in his makeup tutorials to apply his brush, although it is technically a contour brush, I always tell myself I need it but for some reason it always slips my mind whenever I am ordering from Beauty Bay. 

It is part of the Elite collection which I personally love so I know the quality will be top notch and it looks sooo soft, perfect for blush AND bronzer.

2. Morphe M433 brush

This is another brush that was included in my previous wishlist. Again, no idea why I still haven't added it to my collection. 

Supposedly this is a dupe for the MAC 217 eye blending brush, I've always wanted to have that in my collection but paying £21 for a brush? No thank you.  I've heard so many people sing their praises for the Morphe version so I'd rather test the cheaper alternative first.

3. Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder - Light

Recently I purchased the Laura Mercier Transulcent Powder, everyone was going on about how amazing it is, especially for oily skin so I went out and got it, and love it! But apparently that powder is now a thing of the past. 

So many influencers are now saying that the Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder is even better by a land slide, typical that that had to happen a week after I purchased Laura's one. 

They say the Cover FX version isn't cakey, not heavy, prolongs your makeup and controls oil even better than the Laura Mercier powder. So naturally, I popped it right onto my wishlist to try out.

4. Lancome La Vie est Belle Perfume

Perfumes are always on my wishlists, you can never have enough and I always tend to go through mine pretty quickly, espeically if I get the smallest 30ml size. 

La Vie est Belle by Lancome is one of my absolute favourite perfumes, along with the Gorgio Armani Si that I currently own.  I went through my last bottle within months though so I have been without for quite a while and I am missing it tons!

This is one of few scents that lasts for days on me, even after I shower and wash my clothes, it really sticks. I get so many compliments whenever I wear it, such a flattering scent. I can't describe scents well but it is sweet and kinda floral at the same time. Very girly and perfect for everyday wear. 

5. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm 

Again, this has found its way onto my wishlist because of Manny MUA. He swears by it and I am seeing more and more people fall in love with this makeup remover. 

I use the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish everyday and I swear by it, it removes my makeup effortlessly and doesn't react badly with my skin but I am dying to try this balm from Clinique since the reviews are pretty good on the internet. 

Once again being sucked into the hype but I have never used a balm formula for makeup removal before so I am eager to try it out and see if I prefer it over Liz Earle although I do prefer the price tag of the Cleanse & Polish, Clinique is abit pricey for me but if it works well I would purchase it alonside my Liz Earle option.

6. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector - Moonstone

I remember being in London a year or two ago with my best friend Kayla, we went into Space NK somewhere near Covent Garden I think and I swatched the Becca highlighter in Moonstone, this was my first experience looking at Becca products and I was highly impressed.

The foruma felt so silky smooth and the muted champagne colour looked perfect for my pale skin, ever since that day I have had this on my wishlist but again it is pretty pricey just for a highlight. But saying that, as soon as Jaclyn Hill released her Champagne Pop collaboration with Becca Cosmetics I was very quick to purchase and I loved it so I know I will love the formula of Moonstone. 

I am going to London again for the weekend just after my birthday so I think I will have to give myself a little birthday treat and finally add this to my collection.

7. Vans Old Skool Trainers - Black Size 1

These trainers are the most recent addition to my list, and it is thanks to Lauren from Novella Afterglow. If you don't already follow her on Instagram then you really should. Find her here. Her feed is so aesthetically pleasing and full of chic and vintage imagery that gives me serious envious vibes. 

Recently she has been away on holiday and posting some lovely outfit posts, in which she is wearing these Old Skool Vans, and now I am lusting pretty badly over them. I feel bad that I love these so much, I feel like I am copying her haha but it's okay because she's family right? :P 

I love my Converse & classic Vans but I have been on the hunt for something by either brand but abit different and still stylish to wear in London since I will be doing alot of walking, sandals are not the way too go even though it may be hot and I think these would be perfect. 

I personally love the black version with the white stripe since they would go with pretty much any outfit and I can wear them to work also.  I have such small feet though, yes I am a childs size 1 and I am finding it difficult to find this exact style and colour in my size. If you know of any sites that do them that has decent stock then do let me know below!

So that is just a handful of things I have had my eye on lately, believe me there is so much more but I have a whole Pinterest board to hoard and lust over, we all do that right? 

Let me know in the comments some of the things you have on your wishlist, maybe we have the same loves or you could enable me to add a whole load more :D

Thanks for reading,